Friday, August 9, 2019

Governmental agency that handles US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement just performed one of their biggest busts ever, and netted a total of 680 arrests. The raids took place at seven different food processing plants in just Mississippi alone and consisted in small town busts where many things can easily go under the radar, unless you happen to be a local to one of these vicinities. Locals tend to notice mostly everything in a small town, and operations may seem to be going well, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the people surrounding said corrupt operations don’t notice. Both owners and employees of the companies in question are under fire and having to answer to authorities, and are seemingly not excited about the publicity they’re getting. (Then again, who would be?) ICE agents are said to be using a military facility to appropriate due processing following the heavyweight bust.

ICE has had a hard-earned history of not receiving very much support from government officials and citizens, however, have more recently reported that they are in fact now receiving the proper cooperation and support that they had been hoping for and dreaming of. With Donald Trump’s new appointed Director of Ice, the agency that’s actively battling immigration has seen lots of coverage and action lately. Human trafficking busts seemed to have had a major upswing since the new director was appointed, of which include an overwhelming slew of illegal immigration cases. While ICE has received a negative backlash for child family separation, the facts are that several of the said parents are not actually the kid’s parents at all. This fact has been largely overlooked. I’ll pose a very valid question I saw the other day to those who appear to be so wildly upset at the act of family separations whom live here in America legally: When a parent who has a kid with them breaks a law and goes to jail, do the police send the offender to jail with their kid? No, they are forced to separate them. What happens when you enter a country illegally and when you get caught, you falsely claim asylum? Well, what happens is that you end up getting arrested no matter what you claim, because the fact of the matter is that you skipped the line, crossed the border illegally, and that right there blatantly breaks a law no matter the magic words you attempt to utter.

Before the ICE raids actually began, New York’s US Senator and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (Charles Ellis Schumer), dropped the ball by announcing on his twitter timeline that the controversial ICE raids were set to begin and the result was that the scheduled raids were then postponed. In what appeared to be another effort at delaying the raids, the new start date was officially announced by a politician again, except this time it was President Donald Trump doing the announcing. Schumer was the first one to do this and he allegedly did this by performing a PR stunt where he sends a press release about the situation and then retweets the post to his followers whom happen to look to him for support and information on things like second amendment violating gun control agendas, illegal immigration raid derailing and also negative commentary that puts legal proceedings under scrutiny. But don’t allow me to limit you on the things he is best know for, because I encourage everyone to do their own research on Chucky. You could happen to find several instances where his governmental overreach is wildly offending to you and to those whom he puts directly into harm’s way by his rather unsavory choice of actions. Schumer is known for teaming up and associating with other choice distasteful politicians, namely Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who also have their own set of controversy surrounding them as well. It is suspected that Alexandria has plagiarized other up and coming politician hopefuls of their hard work at coming up with ideas for bills to be introduced as if she’s attempting to beat them to the punch and to promote her own name. This claim is still under careful review and will be updated soon. Til then, check out our post where we show you how Cortez got drunk and took to Instagram to live stream her inebriated opinions.