Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Tony Johnson from Yakutat, Alaska commented “Next” on a For Sale post I listed in the Facebook group of Alaska Buy ~ Sell ~ Trade. When I responded with, “Thanks for the post bump, Tony 🥰”…. mere moments later I was slammed with several verification methods. It seems to be the Alaskan local troll’s favorite way to get someone suspended from Facebook– is to claim that someone is not the real person behind the account, and that will immediately lock you out of the account, unlist your page from the website, and force you to verify in several different ways.

Facebook allows their system to be taken advantage of when it comes to what I call, “hate–reporting” which means that they hate you so much they they will do what is called “hate–f***ing the report button”. The troll happy individuals have a team sitting in a group chat ready to “hate–f*** the report button” as soon as you reply. You could reply with the nicest comment, as you have seen me just do via my testimony– and it does not matter. They will hate–report you anyways. It’s a trap, and a way for hate–groups to dodge any kind of accountability. However, when you can trace back on your actions– (via browser history or from memory), then you will know who the most probable person hate–reporting you is.

Alaskan Governor, Mike Dunleavy, is also “allegedly” guilty of “hate-reporting” via Twitter. He can’t take the heat from an opinionated and frustrated citizen whom approaches him at all. We had Mike Dunleavy elected because he seemed to properly represent Alaska, Alaskans, and the local government. Well, all he’s seemingly managed to do so far is piss off Alaskans everywhere with his “alleged” Koch bros allegiance, and proposal of ridiculously awful budget cuts. What’s even more interesting to note is the fact that Dunleavy hides himself and his tweets behind a protected Twitter account in the same fashion that he hides himself inside of the State Capitol building’s Governor’s office. (What a protected Twitter account means is that you can’t see any of the content he posts.)

Which leads me to an even more interesting point…. Donald Trump is not allowed to block anyone or hide his tweets because he is the President and some people might not be able to receive Presidential messages and statements, which the American Government says is something that everyone should have the right to. Well, if that’s true about The President…. then how come the rest of the Donald Trump hating goons in Government aren’t having to play by those same rules? (Mueller has either hidden or deleted his Twitter altogether.)

Since everyone posing as a Democrat these days all want equality, including being equal to the President…. then all Government employees should have to abide by those same rules. Do you agree? Look, we’ve taken a drastic detour from the original point, however, American Government could stand to be drastically reduced, along with many of the politicians currently in office whom are Republican in name only (RINO) or even Democrat in name only (DINO) should be removed immediately. But what could possibly make matters any more worse than all of these things and behaviors mentioned in this article? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.
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Monday, April 22, 2019

The state of our Political Ecosystem has hit the crapper, and with Trump caught up in the madness, you can assure yourself that heads will definitely roll. In fact, (the harassment) it’s so bad for Mr. Trump, that D.C. Legal Watchdog– Tom Fitton– of Judicial Watch– insinuates on Main Stream Media’s Judge Jeanine that the Donald should march [Read more…]


Monday, April 8, 2019


I’m not even sure how to start this one off, but it’s something you’re not going to believe a politician is doing while serving in office. The following video definitely gives you a backseat view into the limo of politics while driving the whip (assuming you’re the chauffeur and you’re sneaky enough to have installed a one-way tinted mirror, like the ones you see in the police questioning rooms).

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Sunday, April 7, 2019


Donald Trump being extorted…. Sure, why not? After all Michael Avenatti just got arrested for extorting the behemoth in the apparel industry– Nike. But, Donald Trump? Why– He’s one of the most powerful men in American culture. Why wouldn’t he be being extorted by outlaws, snakes and crooks– the worst of their kind? I’ve heard of a lot crazier happening. Heh, just look at all of the freakshow facts of the Obama tribe. That’s pretty much all there is to say about that one, other than I have been trying to tell you this entire time– BUT NONE OF YOU DING–DONGS SEEM TO WANT TO LISTEN TO ME. (DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW, YA FREAKIN YAHOOS?)
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Before this article is fired up, we want you to know that this merger was predicted by Craig Brittain for Senate. This is not a plug for him or his candidacy, this is just a fact. A fact that makes you wonder just how sloppy one company can be for almost anyone to come along that takes a look at the two companies and can clearly put one and one together and come up with an answer of one (yes, we know that one and one quals two– that’s the irony here).

“Who in the world is Craig Brittain and why does his prediction matter?”, some of you are asking. Well, that’s a difficult question to answer, however, we’re going to answer it anyways. Craig Brittain is a man who is campaigning for Senate, and has been stuffed down by media outlets and certain political figures. Some of these names are CBS, CSIndy local news, Barack Obama, John McCain, his butt–buddy Jeff Flake and much, much more. We’re convinced that the list of people that DO NOT attack Brittain and his campaign is far smaller than the list that do. Craig’s been called a conspiracy theorist for exposing the Parkland Douglas false flag incident, and much more. He’s been subjected to so many incidents that are falsely calling the facts he discovers “conspiracy theories”, that what ends up happening to him is (politically motivated) flat–out harassment (smear campaigns). His prediction matters, simply because the ones whom are performing these “acts of hate” don’t want you to hear him out. In fact, anyone with half a brain’s opinion is that this is sickening to witness– to say the least. Below is what was said when asked how he came to the prediction he came to.

Craig R Brittain: When the first Disney Fox deal that was an exchange of assets happened I tweeted that Fox was moving left…. That was over a year ago. (On 12/14/17)
Now they have muslim producers, Donna Brazile and they suspended Judge Jeanine. People initially said “Fox won’t change, it is just movies” now they see it happening. Fox News is corrupted by Disney.

Did you see Black Panther? Do you think that it sucked? We’re you disappointed with all the build up only letting us down with a movie that wasn’t all that great to begin with? Do you think that the actual movie could have been much better? Well, we definitely agree.

It seems like the only great thing about Black Panther was the special effects and the make-up visuals (We all know thatit definitely wasn’t the acting, nor the script), and Marvel being bought out by Disney is the main reason that this happened. Disney eventually comes along and ruins everything. Just ask any old-school Myspace user, and they’ll quickly tell you just how bad MySpace got after Fox News Corporation bought the social networking pioneer out.

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A year long investigation into the Las Vegas False Flag Event.