Thursday, February 14, 2019


The Capital has got a mystery on its hands and no one seems to have any of the answers– just yet.

Sheriff spoke to City Hall about a mysterious door he found that has No Trespassing signs posted all around it, claiming that it’s Government property. This is not the mystery. The mystery lies in where it might lead to, and what might be happening there. With wild rumors circulating, that facts are revealing to be entirely true, one must wonder if this is a doorway to hell for some, and a doorway to heaven for others (We’ll discuss that part in just a second).

Sometimes you figure stuff out and you don’t want to be right. No matter how much you wish all of it weren’t true, it turns out being exactly what you’d never think that it could never possibly be. Well, I figured out quite a bit of the Las Vegas “shooting” tragedy on my own with the clues and reports of lots and lots of very talented people. I did a lot of thinking over these facts, the people I knew and the things I had seen going on and turns out, I was right!

This investigation led me to the Alaskan State Capital, where I would spend lots of time in the woods hiking around and enjoying the nature surrounding. Well, I got this crazy–urge to start a vicious manhunt for the people I started suspecting were hiding somewhere in this town. Things got really ugly, I started calling people out who I suspected of being freemason–illuminati–satanists (they all run concurrent) on film and everything.

At one point, everywhere I went in this town was accompanied by my brand new body–worn–cam. But, before I had this camera…. I was suspecting people of stealing my blood and doing seances with it, so you know that I was on high–alert. The Terrorist Threat Color is Red at this point. People are dying mysteriously, women end up missing, people are found dead in the water. I can’t take this anymore and I start scouring the town for clues, relentlessly, and within the first five minutes– I find my first clue.

I’m headed down Egan Drive, and I take a left onto Glacier Highway once I reach mid–town…. and what do I see? A woman pushing a baby–stroller, on the side of the highway, headed towards a dead-end. I immediately think to myself to start asking this woman questions. She’s a parent, she should show concern over a missing woman, right? Well, she ‘no speaky the english’ all the sudden and I call her bluff and drive away. But, here’s where things get interesting, my friends.

I turn around near the dead–end and whip out my phone and start recording. Then, I start driving in her direction with my phone pointed in her direction and my other hand upon the wheel, and I am slowly approaching her at a normal backroads speed. This woman has now took off sprinting with this baby stroller texting someone, and has now made her way quite a ways in the other direction (to the point that I had felt as if I was having to drive forever just to catch back up with her just to pass her again). I conclude to myself that no one with a baby stroller is going to be basically running away for no reason when all I did was ask her a question about any info on a (past) local missing–persons case.


So I finally catch up to this woman who is basically running with a baby stroller and her phone in her hand, and I say, “Hey!!!!”, she looks over and I got her face on film (works every time). But then I see a girl that looks in–distress that’s right across the street, in the dirt–rock–lot as soon as you turn off Egan and onto Glacier Highway. Well, I’m not letting her get kidnapped by this psycho with a baby stroller, so I stop in the lot to ask if she’s okay. This girl tries immediately getting in my car like she’s trying to get away from someone and I am trying to move things out of the front seat and unlock the door, cuz now I’m curious what her story is.

I let her into my car and she sits in the passenger seat and shuts the door. And it’s basically like, just drive. So I start driving and telling her about the crazy girl with the stroller, but only after asking her if she normally gets into stranger’s vehicles without them even saying hello. She affirms that only some people get this special treatment– Well, lucky me, I guess I’m one of them. Keep in mind that I’m very nervous cuz a stranger is now in my car, and I am recording this entire interaction. Yes, the camera is still rolling.

She realizes I’m filming, and then says to let her out. After reviewing the film, she had said this twice, but I didn’t catch it the first time as my mind was racing (this was an extremely intense moment for me). I had never ever actually picked up what I’m under the impression was a hooker. Sure, hookers have gotten rides from me in an Uber before. However, I had never picked a girl up that expected what this girl was expecting. She was scared, nervous, complaining of a very horrible week, so I felt bad.

I let her out of the car at a safe stopping–zone in front of the local high school, down the street from where I had picked her up mid-way downtown. I was shaken from that whole experience, so I decide that she needs help and I call dispatch and I tell them what happened. Dispatch obliges, so I take off in search of even more clues. I kept remembering how this girl kept talking about Fritz Cove, and I’m not having that as a clue, so I head in the exact opposite direction.

I start booking it towards Thane after scouring downtown for a moment. For those not from here, Thane is a suburb all the way at a dead–end of town that hardly anybody goes to. This dead-end is it. This is what I have been looking for. This is the walk I haven’t taken yet. This is the long–hike, and I expect to not to make it back this time. I know that whatever is at the end of this wooded trail along the beach is big, and very–very bad.


I arm myself with the weapon the Las Vegas strangler used to kill Luis Francisco, my phone for proof, and only one bottle of water. This is it, this is what I’ve been looking for, and anyone trying to stop me is gonna be dealt with accordingly (these are my answers, and I’m willing to kill to get them). I even expected this to be a three day hike to and from, I had never been this far out before, especially not by myself. So, I hunt. But, not before putting on my Ghost mask.


I had walked on and on and on. Much further than anyone would usually walk. I get way out there and I’m crossing bridges that cross over quickly rushing streams. I push on. I keep walking, and by this time I’m getting tired, but my adrenaline is pumping so I keep on moving. I get so far in the woods that I am starting to go crazy, and talking to myself. I see no one for miles, I can hear not even an animal making a sound, but then I look up and see people crossing one of the next bridges.


This is it! Keep on walking, Sheriff! This is your biggest clue of all!!!! So, I say hi to the two love–birds from behind my mask, they pass, and I keep–on pushing. My energy and faith is renewed, so this pushes me all the way to darn near the very end of the trail– but not without senseless babbling to myself, and weird–moments of footage while recording my journey in the Wild Wild Woods of Alaska. I start to take into account the large power–lines that are mysteriously running from Downtown, to Thane, and now to out in the middle of nowhere Alaska? No–where Alaska? What? YEAH! NO–WHERE ALASKA. WHERE PEOPLE DON’T NORMALLY TRAVEL TO. Plus, I had made my way passed several ribbons tied to fallen tree limbs (and that means danger–ahead), and by now had passed a sign that says, “NOW LEAVING TONGASS NATIONAL FORESTRY BOUNDARIES”.


But this was still forest…. Why do the forest boundaries stop suddenly? No–man’s land? And, that’s when I reminded myself I had a weapon for protection and that I’d be able to face anything that I found challenging along the way. So, I essentially thought to myself, “Challenge Accepted”, and I kept pushing even further. I finally reach another stream, the power lines have disappeared up into the mountains, my water bottle is on its last sip, and suddenly– I have to pee. Plus, I had gone just a bit too far to find exactly what I was looking for (I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque). I decide that peeing is a great idea, so I take a couple steps up next to the stream and I start peeing. I look over at the stream water and notice that– as I pee into the dirt, it’s not the only thing yellow, bubbly, and offending to the sense of smell.


I get done relieving myself, zip up, and decide to get a closer look at the water there. Why, this looks like pee! Is the rest of the water in this stream strange looking like this? Why– yes, yes it is! That’s strange. I thought I was the only one out here again. Whatever this is is huge, right? But wait, there’s no way that this whole entire stream is full of piss. I lean over and put my face right up to the water and take myself a whiff, I have to be absolutely sure (because people in this town like to call me a liar). Upon smelling, I am immediately offended by the odor, and I’m thanking the heavens that I didn’t accidentally fall in– being that I was way out in the middle of nowhere like this without even a change of clothes. I take into account that whatever I’m after (which I am convinced is Bohemian Grove 2019 at this point) is at the very top of this stream.

I start playing leap–frog to safely cross this filthy–stream, seeing if I can make it up the side of the mountain and to the top. I start feeling like I’m some kind of tomb–raider, climbing impossible feats up the sides of fallen trees at a very unsafe incline, so I decide to stop and start filming. I document myself standing on this tree after pushing through bushes and branches galore, and the whole time I had not even realized how badly I was stung by devil’s club plants. The plant has thorns that make your wounds feel as if you had been stung by some kind of jellyfish, and I’ve got them lodged in me all over my hands and legs, deep within my skin. I make it to a clearing and decide that this is it, this is the end of my journey, I gotta stop. I laid on top of the tree next to the soft grass at this area that’s right next to an impassible rock, and I fall fast to asleep on this gigantic log like any Puma would.


I wake up moments later, and I realize that I’ve got to start heading home. I look at my empty water bottle after taking my last sip, and I take a look around at all the beauty before me.


But, when I’m done, I start getting this awful feeling. A feeling that still haunts me to this very day– that someone had tried to escape someone trying to hunt them, and that I had frantically taken the same path that only ended in a dead–end that forces you to go back they way you came. It’s almost–natural to take this path. This was a dead–end indeed, and the only way down was through lots and lots of devil’s club plants, that stung me even more the whole way down. I had learned my lesson about devil’s club plants at this point, but the pain would rage on for much more longer than I had hoped or anticipated for. At the time, they were just scratches from plants I had pushed through, little did I know the pain and discomfort that was to ensue (I must have made a rookie–mistake according to the locals out here).


I didn’t go all that way without skinny–dipping on the beach. I had to bathe myself in the water at this point, I had done the impossible in the wilderness, I needed a reward for all my troubles. Now, I get clothed and start heading back down the rocky beach for an easier walk back to my car that’s parked all the way back at the entrance of DuPont trail at the end–of–the–road in Thane, Alaska (suburb of the Capital). I get to a point to where I can’t walk the rocky beach anymore. I climb up and I’m now on the dirt and grass again…. But, what’s this? An old abandoned cabin? Out in the middle of the woods? This is strange. Is this where the human hunter camps after the–kill? I inspect this cabin, and I want to take photos, but my phone is dead now (and I have to get back home to upload the footage).


When I get home, I start working on the film, and compiling all of the video footage that I had took. I start doing house duties and notice that something is a–miss. I question the person involved, they freak out and leave for two hours after cussing me out and acting like I’m accusing them of murder (I had only asked about a stain on a pair of pants). This person leaves the house for 2 hours after promising to return with a black–light, only to return with two cops. The cops start questioning me about my sanity, and then decide to put hands on me, and they had me 51–50′d (thrown into the Mental Health Unit against my will). Upon being in Bartlett Regional Hospital MHU, I noticed lots of corruption and even more things than I could ever suspect this town of (but we will have to save that portion of this news for a separate article, because too many questionable things went on during this period of time).

What are we getting at here, Mr. Sheriff? Well, without going too far into it…. I eventually pieced together the fact that there is a group of biker miscreants in this town that like to rape and beat up women. In fact, this rape and abuse goes heavily undocumented. The victims end up having to leave town, sometimes leaving their children behind, just to save their own hides. And who could blame them? Not me. In fact, I blame local police chief Ed Mercer. But none of this has anything to do with the reason I’m writing this article. So, allow me to elaborate on the reason we’re here– Heaven and Hell, on Earth, in real life. What? You can’t be serious! Like the plague, I am. Just, check this out.

When you start burying your nose deep within Hillary Clinton’s bosoms, not only is the smell atrocious, but you start finding nooks and crannies that you never thought were there. What I mean by that is simply this…. I looked deep into her Pizza Gate scandal scare, and the facts are: Secret underground tunnels, child torture, rape & abuse, and child sacrificing. This drove me frickin nuts. Here I was, head first into the woods, and I had missed my biggest clue of all…. The secret underground tunnels. On the way to Thane– as I had mentioned, is the entrance, to a secret underground tunnel that citizens aren’t allowed to travel in. Could this be part of the mystery? Could this be one of the secret places that Hillary likes to take her constituents for bouts of fun for them, but torture for little children being burned alive by the Moloch? (Do your own research about child sacrifice and the Moloch, I do not wish to cover that topic here, thank you for understanding why)

I called City Hall, City Hall forwards me to Parks and Rec after hearing my story, Parks and Rec tells me that this mystery land at the top of the side of the mountain, where all the urine in the stream is coming from is a Natural–Resources site. Great, can I have the keys and take her for a spin? That’s what I jokingly ask, in so many words, but am serious about. Well, right now…. I’m just waiting to see what Parks & Rec authorities tell me is the story, and then make my decisions on what to do from there. While, I may not have the answers to my questions about Hillary and the Moloch– and I may not have my answers about this facility yet, I am still left to wonder why no one seems to know about the entrance to the underground tunnel, and why no one seems to know about the big mysterious thing in the middle of the mountain–side beyond the aforementioned forestry boundary line within no-man’s land.

Now, before you think that I’m crazy…. ask yourself why in the world that I can ask the local tribal peoples about what all I found, and they can’t seem to provide any answers to me either? Tell me why they are marching for all of their missing indigenous women that are from this area that disappeared without a trace? Why? If you can’t answer any of these questions, then this is clearly a mystery for you too.