Friday, February 15, 2019


If you were king ding-a-ling of all douchebags, what would you do?

You’d be all out there even though controversy surrounds you. You’d be on full–blast while people are on high–alert about you, wouldn’t you? Remember, you’re king ding-a-ling of all douchebags we’re talking about here. You’ve got nothing to fear and everything to hide. However, what happens when being as balls–out and corrupt as you are while you’re playing the role as this kingy-dingy-thingy catches up to you? What happens when all the cops you intimidate, or have in your back pocket, start working against you in order to save their own sorry butts? Uh-oh, then what are you to do? (Desperate times call for desperate measures) Maybe, you challenge authority. Maybe, you buck the system. But, maybe…. just maybe, you turn yourself in. But– what happens when you don’t?


You get shot TF up, bruh…. by the SHERIFF himself. You get cut TF up, bruh. You get cuffed TF up, nigga baw. Challenge the unofficial Sheriff of Clark County, Las Vegas, NV. and see what in TF happens. You gonna find out what I’m really all about, one way or another. Yes, one way or another that MR SHERIFF MAN gon’ bust yo backside. Don’t let the screen–door hit you where the good Yesh split you. Come on, son. I been calling you out, and ALL YOU DO IS HIDE. MF WHITE DEVIL IN THE BUILDING. IN YOUR FACE, AND ALL THAT. NEVER NOTHIN’ TA SAY, WITH YOUR B**** A**. You ain’t had s*** to say, did you? I’m lookin right at you, and I get up them stairs with heat. Better ask somebody, cuz I don’t play no games.

I grew up in Texas, and in Texas, WE BUST YOUR MF AZZ, BRUH. I was born in Louisiana, and in Louisiana, we be k*****. I graduated from Tesla in Colorado Springs, and in the Springs, we cast spells harder than anyone in the entire world. I found myself in Salem Oregon, and in Salem, we drag the strip above the abandoned city below. I became an adult in Las Vegas, and in Clark County, we make people disappear without a trace in the first place in a shallow grave in the dirt (then we develop over the entire area not giving a f***). So, what you want? Notice how I started that part with “SO”? As in, that’s what this king ding-a-ling is saying to all that. This king-ding-a-ling has another thing coming if they think I won’t bust that MF DONKEY–BUTT. That pale-skinned punk is just another useless speed-bump in Mendenhall (in other words get it TF out of here before I start spewing death–penalty–vocab).