Sunday, February 17, 2019


Original Posted Date – 2018-09-09 03:49:28

Pedophiles using #livestreaming #app to manipulate underage girls into heinous sexual acts, then maliciously sell these screen captured #recordings as filthy child porn. Reported to: @seanhannity @tomilahren @ingrahamangle @megynkelly @judgejeanine @realdonaldtrump

They aren’t IDing these users, and the Chinese development company won’t do it. Their lame excuse is that they need more developers, how–e–ver they have enough money and developers to constantly create new features, plugins and gifts (virtual currency). They are making a killing. I used to volunteer my time trying to clean up the app, but the developers wouldn’t help, only wanted more exciting new features. I told them that they will get that after they fix this pedo–problem first. Other users demanded Country IP bans, still the company resists– no budge.

The #LIVEME development company resides in Shenzen China. They communicate via Skype group chats with their users who pour their hearts out with ideas to these said developers, hoping for an official badge and title, or free coins (virtual currency). Their development team’s choice of neglecting the users’ cries for ’security’ over the app, and ‘removing the ability to be an anonymous user’ has– led to many misfortunes, & will still create many unfortunate–events, also for people whom are viewers whom will witness these acts. This Chinese development company is closely related to the bulks of electronic products coming out of Shenzhen* China. I asked staff for vape wholesale– & she reassured me that she’s got whatever I need, but then cut–off communication with me like all of the other developers did.

The Hollywood sector of the company liked me, so they gave me featured time–slots. That’s how LiveMe began to take–over my life. The hopes and dreams of performing and not having to leave my home, and making lots of money doing it. After my time–slot, there were no more offers. The following got strange, the comments started becoming strange, the bickering between performers was awful, the big performers started leaving the platform, the begging for gifts & coins was overwhelming, the performers complained that the app only wanted more money from sex💃.

Then I became a vigilante account reporter. Accounts were being banned because of me. This became widely known. I was called & told about Katelyn hanging herself & to watch, so I could get it taken down. I watched it, & by the end, BOOM– the video had already disappeared.– Awful. This was awful to have to watch, a 12 yr old girl, who’d been raped by her step–dad… prepare her rope in the tree, give her last words, say her goodbyes, and then hang herself. As she hang– body swaying in the tree & wind– the sun went down… Then– her Mom– calls her name.😢😭 The hardest part was screaming and crying because I had to watch someone from an anonymous account chant her on, cheer her on, encourage her to do it. But, it didn’t matter now, she was dead… by the end of this brand new 40 min #livestream video, Katelyn– had already been dead.