Sunday, April 7, 2019


A stranger knocks on your door on a Saturday at 7AM sharp after you just got out of a wrongful incarceration (the charges were dropped by the state, and you haven’t even committed any crimes whatsoever). It’s cold out, you’re not expecting anyone– and you’re definitely not in the mood for company. What do you do? Do you answer the door? The guy that’s legally changing his name to Sheriff in Juneau Alaska sure didn’t.

What was this unofficial Sheriff of Las Vegas to do? Answer the door to some seemingly creeping stranger that he’s never even met before who’s wearing a strange highlighter yellow shirt or vest– or ignore the rude awakening and go on about his business since he’s now up for the day anyways due to this unwanted wake–up calling? Checking the surveillance cams sounded like a great idea as the thought crossed his mind, so he did– and saw what seems to be a UAS employee standing on the other side of his front door.

Upon checking the closed–circuit–footage setup in his front–facing window, he saw his downstairs neighbor slinking into his apartment just a mere 5–o’clock–shadow shave sooner than the mystery person whom had rudely woken him up without attempting to contact him via other means before his unannounced and unwelcomed appearance (however this is what he considers a normal routine for the downstairs neighbor to do), but the yellow vested man shrouded in mystery showing up just 5 minutes later was what first caught “Sheriff’s” attention.

On the camera’s surveillance footage, you can see as this stranger pulls into the quadplex apartment’s lot of the residence where the man jokingly calling himself Sheriff (Chance Trahan) resides, he pulls no punches when he navigates himself right to the spot he was going. He had not even slowed down, had not stopped to question where the route was to take him, and leaped out of his car within 4 short seconds of throwing the car into park. The man appears to be looking at Chance’s car with an intention as he exits the vehicle and looks to his right, then also appears to be looking at his neighbor’s car that is currently in his possession at the time with glee as he’s looking to the left– which is something that raises Chance’s suspicions even more–so.

The reason behind Chance’s (soon to be Sheriff’s) suspicions is due to his neighbor’s “fire–truck–red” vehicle (has a Jack-In-The-Box head attached to the top of his car stereo antenna) that he is the actual owner of (The downstairs neighbor, named Ken also is often seen driving a white car to and from his residence, the dark car you see now in the video, plus owns the third red vehicle that’s previously mentioned above) that brandishes a UAS sticker, which was often seen driving and parked around town before the car had been towed away for repairs.

Something to note is the fact that the downstairs neighbor in question is not only accused of being a pedophile by the mother of his only daughter– as charges had been filed against him by her for this. The presiding judge for the case was– or still is Louis Menendez. Plus, Chance had also thoroughly investigated the issue and her home of residence where he claimed that he had viciously raped his own daughter, left marks on her, and one of her fingernails had also been ripped off with no further explanation. So, it was safely presumed by him after this detailed investigation– that her suspicions could very well indeed be correct with the amount of evidence being presented and also uncovered. In addition, his car still has not been repaired and returned to the premises that he currently lives at– for what is being reported by Chance as spanning well over two months now. (This had become a topic of discussion between the two) His neighbor has stated that he just could not afford the repairs needed on his brakes– if Chance’s memory is serving him correctly.

Chance also reports that when he had last spoken to his neighbor at that time, that he appeared to be drunk, dingy, sorely under dressed– and his hair was unkempt. “This guy is what I would call ‘a total mess’. He hasn’t been able to have his daughter at his home for about a year now, and he just doesn’t seem to want to be cleaning up his life any time soon from the looks of his odd behavior and his outwardly appearance.” Chance also reports that his neighbor is friends with a skinnier guy (as Ken appears to be short and stocky/burly) that owns a small silver Ford car, coke-bottle glasses– and dark hair that sometimes spends the night with him. Ken’s “baby momma” claims in an extremely provocative manner that the two men are even sometimes lovers. This could very well be the case, as Chance has heard the two in question “arguing as if they were an old married couple that’s had a bit too much to drink– very late on into the night– well past midnight– at what I would call ‘full volume’– for extended periods of time– that are sometimes taken from within the confines of his own apartment downstairs from me.”

When “Sheriff” had peeked through the peep–hole, he described the man in the yellow vest seen knocking (to a public defender that had just exonerated him of his 2 bogus felony burglary charges that were put on him and then quickly escalated into warrant, then suddenly escalated even more into a national fugitive warrant) as having an attitude.

The email sent to attorney Morgan A. Griffin reads as follows:

“More and more interesting things keep happening, and I am not sure why.
Notice how my neighbor comes home, and shortly after a man in a bright yellow shirt/vest comes knocking and knew exactly where he was going? I have no idea who he is and how he knew exactly where he was going and I did not ask for/nor expect any visitors to come knocking at 7am on a Saturday. I do appreciate the wakeup call, I just was not expecting this all the sudden. When I looked through the peep hole, he seemed to have attitude– tho I did this as quietly as possible. Maybe he wasn’t happy with me ignoring his visit, tho I am not motivated to answer for people who show up to my place of residence unannounced.
Thank you for your assistance, and I apologize if this is a bit much to process.”

As you can see, the individual nicknamed Sheriff is cryptically expressing concern for his own safety– and this can be safely assumed with the way he turned right back around immediately after the event and sent this to a legal–defender whom had just saw to it that his case stemming from Vegas was handled efficiently and with due–diligence in a manner that actually got the case closed within what seemed an instant. “Sheriff” expects to hear back from his previously appointed public defender this week with the details of how this bogus burglary fugitive–warrant case out of Las Vegas, Nevada was magically dropped. The arresting officer was Officer Warnaca, although upon a call to dispatch, Officer Vaughn– Badge 172– was the cop that was the one who kept aggressively pounding on chance’s door and ringing his doorbell “like some kind of madman with only half a brain,” Chance says.

While the audio above of the call to dispatch is ultra–revealing– one of the lingering questions is, why was Vaughn reported as the officer that was pursuing the contact with Mr. Trahan if Warnaca was the arresting officer?

Trahan reports that Officer Vaughn had seemingly disappeared and was nowhere around once cops had kicked in Chance’s door in which the lock as busted off, and still has not been repaired, which could lead to fear of an intruder having easy access as the deadbolt is now in pieces and the wood on the door is now broken into pieces, with the wood–frame being split down the middle after being forcefully cracked open.

More details should emerge on the story this week, so be sure check back soon for further details.