Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Welcome to beautiful UAS. Where everything is beautiful, and nothing is to question. (One would hope.) However, there is plenty to question.

Notice that– there’s no explanation of what they claim that I had done wrong at all.
Why did I receive a “criminal trespass” notice, when I’ve broken no laws nor caused an immediate threat to anyone? I’ll have you know that this notice was stacked on top of a completely different unrelated case. (Remember when I said that I did nothing wrong?)

No witnesses, no “arresting officers”, no locations listed, no signature. Told not to return to their campus…. what did I do wrong? Can anyone explain this to me, or is this above everyone else’s pay–grade?

Furthermore, why is this notice already filled out on the back and in pencil? The person helping couldn’t find a pen? What’s the rush? Is this something that they’re having to do on the regular that they’d have to constantly have copies on hand already filled out? Or, was this something they were planning that just didn’t make the end result? Or does rushing to a fraudulent criminal charge not quite fit their narrative? None of this, front nor back– makes any sense. They must not believe in wasting any paper, using an eraser, or even recycling? (Just gonna send it) This was definitely a rushed production, and boy, did they bring the drama. CCTV proves. The cop with the peephole covering, the rampant door knocking, just rapping about– combined with the childish incessant ringing of the doorbell over and over. The most–annoying–cop in–the–world. Definitely gonna use that on Good Cop – Bad Cop. Just gotta.