Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Today was one of the most enduring days in Juneau to date for your resident Presidential candidate. It ended in several federal law enforcement reports being made on people I have never met in my entire life, and based upon their irrational behaviors, I pray that I never have to see them a day in my life. However, this is a very small town and it’s bound to happen eventually.

Whenever I first moved here, the disdain and hatred for me was palpable, and I had nothing against these people. Immediately, you know exactly what I did…. grabbed google maps and started telling the general public about their misbehavior while inside their local businesses. In fact, the harassment was so bad when I first got here that someone at a bar called Squier’s/Devil’s Hideaway came right up to me and made me so uncomfortable that the smile completely wiped from my face and his wife had to pull him away before he ended up getting himself hurt had he taken this to a physical fight to where I actually had to start defending myself. You could tell that she cared about him so much that she didn’t want him getting hurt and she could tell that the jokes had been taken way too far all on his own accord.

I was not even drinking that night at all, and if you know me, you know that alcoholism is something that is quite offensive to me, so it’s very rare for me to drink, much less– drink enough to not be able to control myself. And to the people who know me best– you already know that I am all about self-control, and you also know how I don’t like to lose it, not at all. It’s behavior that is below me and taking the high road in all situations is what I typically tend to favor.

The reason I revealed all of this to you (those that don’t know me), is because either one of the bartenders or the owner said that I was so drunk that I got 86′d from the bar. Being a long–time resident of Vegas and after working in the industry behind the bar for so long, I can confidently tell you that I’ve never been 86′d from a bar in my entire life. I have absolutely no desire to ever do that to myself, I don’t like having or carrying around the burden of a bad reputation. However, the fact remains that this would be the first time someone started making up rumors and lying about me in the small town of Juneau, Alaska, cuz face it…. this town is small AF with not a whole lot of recreational activities to do.

To all my True Anthem Kids in Green Valley, and to all my Desert Breeze fanatics, and more– get prepared to cringe when I tell you this next part…. but, there is only one skate park, it’s indoors and it’s smaller than every single skate park in Vegas ever. The drop–ins there are decent, but that’s pretty much the only great thing about this indoor– skatepark, aside from a pretty gnarly halfpipe or whatever they’ve got in it. I’ve only been there once because it’s just not all that great and I’ve been here for two years come this August 2019. So if you’re hoping for some awesome skatepark when you come out here by boat or plane only, that just isn’t going to happen. There’s pretty much only 2 things to do out here…. hiking, and driving around aimlessly searching for something totally awesome to do.

However, that’s not the reason I encourage you to stay where you are. it’s the gangstalking hate groups that get off on harassing and bullying people that don’t fit their narrative. The illuminati is so apparent in this town they stick out like a sore thumb to someone with enough training to probable–cause profile how they’ll behave and what they tend to look like as they walk around shamefully and rather disheveled. And according to the rest of the world who doesn’t partake in the nasty things that freemason secret clubs “allegedly” do, they should feel ashamed of their sick obsessions with damaging the lives of good people who are just trying to do their own thing and not be bothered with seemingly unsavory characters such as themselves.

It’s gotten to the point that I am afraid that they’ll try and harass other innocent people in my life just to try to do harm to your boy “sheriff”. That’s a neat little username for me, isn’t it? It’s fitting, isn’t it? How someone can go way out of their way to attack someone the ways that this hate group is attempting to viciously do is so childish that you’ve got to wonder what kind of life they have behind closed doors.

Why would they do such a thing? Because, just running errands, you tend to notice some people doing extremely weird things like picking up strangers that just so happen to be young attractive females, and the people that’s picking them up make the two look like the most odd of couples. But then, you notice that from the looks of her facial expressions and body–language, the young girl is quite obviously reluctant to take the trip, but she’s willing to take that risk and she goes anyways. But at what cost? What comes along for her later on down the line? What kind of female takes a ride from old and what I would describe as “unattractive” strangers like that? You can clearly tell that they’re not best friends, and you can also clearly see that she’s hesitant to trust this person in the first place, but they’re in a somewhat remote area– so she foolishly takes that risk.

When you document things like this and point out odd behaviors like that to the general public who shows a genuine concern for someone like that’s safety, you tend to attract the wrong crowd once word gets out about what you’re saying. You tend to get harassed, gangstalked and bullied, and that’s certainly not acceptable– I don’t care what town or village that you happen to live in. People are going to notice, they’re going to talk, and you’re going to get caught. And let’s say that you “magically” don’t ever get caught, you’ve still got a karmic–debt to pay that no one welcomes.

When you do unsavory things, you get reported to the proper authorities, and then you get properly & thoroughly investigated. That’s when you get caught doing something dumb that you sit around wishing you had never done in the first place. The miscreant locals here are most recently clinging onto the past that is just not me, the things that were not done, and the lies that are being spread about your man, “Sheriff”. How–e–ver, rising above that is the only option at that point. These jokers can’t hold us down forever, and believe me when I say that their due is on the way whether we give that to them ourselves or not. And the best part about this all is that they’ll end up getting caught up for the smallest of things and it’ll bring them their just desserts.

I would share the screen shots of all , however, I would rather just share my story. Thanks for being here for me and caring. I appreciate your support, every step of the way. I truly feel sorry for whoever keeps thinking that they’re going to keep attacking me and my presidential campaign, because this is some federal level harassment and online bullying. Gangstalking is not a joke. There are people in this world that are going through much worse things than me, and I couldn’t imagine them viciously attacking and bullying them the way they are attempting to do to me. If you want to see a fine example of some of the worst online bullying, gangstalking and harassing going on, just take a look at the Twitter feed of @realDonaldTrump. He has to put up with some of the most abusive online behavior, and quite frankly, the behavior of these people can only be described as extremely childish and rude.

But, keep in mind that– it’s not always what you see at face value– sometimes it’s a small and simple move, or stroke of the pen, or maybe it’s something going on behind closed doors…. remember that always. Also, remember that you don’t know what is going on in someone’s life. Be careful how you talk to them, because of what you end up laughing at about them– you never know what they’ll end up doing over something you said or did.