Wednesday, June 5, 2019


The Town Hall was actually a personal success. Here’s why…. I confronted one of my local stalkers. Also, one person I had a disagreement with confronted me, gave me political advice, then we actually shook hands at the end of it. Plus, there were a handful of spectators. Thank you for tonight! It was a lot more than I had hoped it would be. Keep reading for the details.

Greg Knight of KINY was the first to show up for the event, however, he was not the only. When I showed up to the Mendenhall Valley Public Library, I set the room up for the hoped for crowd that I would unfortunately not be receiving this evening due to my own shortcoming of a lack of proper promotion time because of having to work my day job five days a week, even though I did book it an entire month in advance and had garnered plenty of attention for it.

As I was walking in and out of the building carrying my equipment, Greg kept trying to hide his face as if I didn’t know who he was already. As my back was turned to him, he came into the room and made clear the fact that he was there, and without turning around I greeted him and said, “Hello, Greg” to which he immediately started in with the harassing questioning, even though I had already denied him of an interview prior to the start of the event, and told him that he would have to hold his questions till after the event or even during.

He says “We can go off record, I’m not recording” then carries on to show me Federal Election Campaign paperwork and he decided that he wanted to make false claims that I had not only broke a Federal Election Commission law of a deposit totaling more than $5,000 from one single donator, he also falsely claims that he spoke to Wells Fargo and that they confirmed this all to him. But we all know that that’s a blatant lie, because the bank would never give him such private information like that. He was clearly only there just to poke the hornet’s nest.

Well, when he didn’t get the interview he wanted, nor the information that he was trying to get, nor the reaction that he was aiming for, he collectively decided that he was going to go ahead and start filming me. Unfortunately for him, he only got footage of me walking away after denying him and then asking him if I was going to have to call the police to remove him from the event. He snidely replied with saying that “I would love if you called the police on me.”

This one—sided confrontation on his part was immediately after I opened the doors to let the room air out after cleaning all the seats and tables off with a noxious Clorox disinfectant wipe. Instead of calling the police on him like he was essentially begging for me to do, I had spoken to the librarian about his obnoxious behavior, and she mentioned that we could remove him if he kept this event derailment up.

I would say that no one had showed up to this event, but him and another person did, plus a handful of timid spectators did as well. I do appreciate the people that did show up, however, I also appreciate the people that didn’t show up, because this event would have been really messy with his blatant fake news and incessant trouble making.

If he truly thought that I was guilty of breaking Federal Election Commission laws, then my question is that why is he showing up here and asking me questions about it instead of reporting me for an audit? Seems kind of foolish to me, plus, someone had already tried unsuccessfully to have me audited…. Which I am guessing was him.

He mentioned that he was “assigned to this” event. Greg also denied the fact that he had been calling my job trying to get an interview, but left the same phone number for me to call as the phone number that was left for my mom to call. However, he did admit that he had left a message for my mom because it was undeniable that we already had proof of that. However, if there is somebody named “Sterling Igo” that works for his company, I’d be surprised and I’d personally apologize to be quite honest, because, that’s the name of the person who had called up at my job trying to score a journalist interview from me.

You have to wonder who put him up to this, because he showed up way earlier than he was supposed to, complaining that he thought the event started at 6, however, he allegedly didn’t take the time to check the library event calendar to find out the real time that it started — which was 6:30 pm, nor did he call the library to even ask them before showing up.

Although, I find it kind of funny that he made all those bogus claims and had absolutely nothing to back it up, except for his lies, which were outright blatant at best. When he was displeased with what he had received after all his lazed efforts at harassing me, he immediately started poking and prodding me with an attitude of confrontation that was rather largely unnecessary.

The saddest part to me about all of this is that he obviously showed up only to pick a fight in front of a crowd that I can only be thankful didn’t really show up. However, two nights before this event, I really was looking forward to embarrassing him in front of God and everybody, but unfortunately that did not happen today and I am reduced to a noisy body cam video.

One interesting thing to note is that he didn’t record the things that he was saying to me until he was done talking, and only once he was done with the lies and false claims, that’s when he hit record. He immediately pressed record on his device right after asking if I was going to have to ask the cops to remove him.

So, in all actuality, he has his video, he has his false news story that I’m sure he’ll try to pitch to KINY, however, I also have my factual story. And as I stated, mine is full of facts while his is fraudulent and riddled with outright lies and bogus claims. But, I doubt that will stop him from trying to fabricate something out of the nothing he ended up getting out of me.

Had I broken any kind of Federal Election Commission laws, I do believe that my analysts would have told me when I asked how to properly file the paperwork my first time around. But, he wants to believe what he wants to believe, so let him. And to this I say — Let them eat cake!

Thank you to everyone who helped, showed up, and to those who supported me all along the way up until this event. Your continued support is appreciated as I still try my best to fight for We The People.

— I’m out.