Thursday, August 8, 2019


This video was recorded on Saturday, August 3rd at 8:05 PM. Yep, you can clearly see that this guy driving the fire truck named Cheyenne Sanchez is a certified narcissist. There’s no opinion about this. He displays wild fits of narcissism. He actually thinks that he’s so important and superior to others that he’s convinced that he can use your taxpayer funded fire engine to run his personal errand. This video begs the question of what he forgot at home that was so important that he’d actually use a fire truck to stop by his house real quick and grab whatever this is that he might claim that “he forgot.”

This self righteous neighbor of mine actually had the nerve to try to shut me down when canvassing the neighborhood for my presidential campaign instead of trying to understand my story and celebrate the fact that he’s got a presidential candidate living on the same block as him. In fact, he’s quite territorially threatened that someone, in his apparent opinion, is one–upping him. He can’t stand it. He won’t be outdone is the attitude that he evidently has about himself. Why do I say that? Because, for one, he’s gone out of his way to date the girl next door, be very public about it, and use this as an attempt to get under my skin. I’ve got news for him, I am not worried about dating her, not in the least. The only reason I even care about that at all is that she’s going to find out the hard way what kind of narcissist this guy really is. She has kids, and after the way he’s been acting towards me, I am generally concerned for their safety around him. Just some food for thought: I was with someone for four years until I ultimately realized what kind of narcissistic psycho that I was living with. But, alas, their relationship is none of my business. However, they’re trying to no end to make their relationship (whatever it may be) my business. But, personally, as I said, I don’t care. The only thing that even remotely concerns me is the well being of her kids and the fact that he’s so intent on displaying the fact that they’re talking. Who does that? A narcissist, that’s who.

Well, I officially had enough of his antics when I saw him bring this fire truck to his part of the block and then park it in front of his part of the duplex that he lives in to run his personal errand, all while blocking other cars in while he does it like he just doesn’t have time to care about other people’s needs. As a parent, I have wondered what his motivation for talking to the nice neighbor lady is. She seems friendly, so I have spoken to her a couple times telling her about my presidential campaign and the toothpaste that I make and sell from home. However, he’s not as nice as she is. In fact, he’s very rude and condescending, even while in front of the kids. When I asked him, loud enough for him to hear while he was halfway across the street, if his superiors knew about his personal errand run with the tax payer funded fire engine, he scoffs and tells me to “keep it down.” But keep in mind that it’s merely 7 PM, I’m not going out of my way to actually bother anybody, and I am only asking him loud enough for him to hear, because I’m just not sure if he can actually hear me over all that narcissistic ego stroking he’s doing to himself inside his head. Oh, I’m sure he’s listening, but is he hearing me?

“And today, he backed that up by saying his crews are not permitted to drive around on personal errands, but they can go together in groups to the gym and out for meals, keeping the fire truck fully staffed so they can quickly respond together to emergencies.”
Article: Fire trucks on grocery runs? Unlikely as new policy develops, limiting non-emergency use.

After I politely– yet firmly confronted him for his abuse of his fire truck driving privileges in front of the women and children, and he said for me to “keep it down”, “lower my voice” etc., etc., he finally realizes that I’m not going to do as he says, and he decides it’s time to walk back to his house. Even though I don’t like this guy at all, I still ask him nicely if he wants to come upstairs and join me for a polite conversation between one another about what’s going on, he declines, looks at me sternly, snidely and quite frankly, he gives me a look as if he’s just smelt a fart, then refuses to make eye contact as he snidely says, “I’ll see you later,” to which I felt compelled to ask him if that was a threat. And so, I did. “Is that a threat, Cheyenne?” Cheyenne chose at this point to finish his walk across the driveway to his side of the duplex, and I tell him, “Yeah, that’s right. That’s what I thought. Walk on home, boy.” When I first saw Cheyenne walking across the street, I casually said, “What’s up, douche?” He turned to look, but then made sure to keep his back turned towards me the entire time. This is when I starting actually rapping the word “douche” in the style of a techno beat pattern as if this was now his theme song since he was trying to ignore me, but stopping in the middle of the street as if to taunt me by just being present directly in front of my home. And while this was funny, I do not approve of me doing that. Although, I will not apologize for that after the way he’s secretly and “allegedly” tormented my personal life along with my work life. I have no tolerance for interfering in someone’s personal life and especially their work life.

Even though that was childish behavior that I was displaying, I assure you that no cuss words were exchanged, I didn’t make any threats, and was not displaying threatening behavior, however I was very concise and to the point with my questioning and I was at an audible level as to be sure that I was heard clearly by him. I politely let him know that I thought that I would ask him in front of the whole block since he wanted to talk behind my back about what my criminal record might or might not be, since he obviously had done his homework about me and where I came from. He lets me know that he was not embarrassed for his behavior and me calling him out for it, and says I am only embarrassing myself, to which I ask if he’s sure about that. He snidely confirms, and the lady who lives across the street that he’s currently talking to has turned away from facing me at this point and is laughing at the fact that I even mentioned a criminal record at all. I kindly told him that I’m not scared of a criminal record because I’m not interested in what other people’s and the people in this town’s opinions of me are. However, he seems to think that by him, or me, or anyone mentioning a criminal record that might belong to me should be reason enough to back off of the fact that I want to know if his superiors knew about his personal errand with the town’s tax payer funded fire truck.

Me being under the impression that he’s a narcissistic douchebag says the least of what I think about this stranger–danger. Apparently I’m not the only one under the impression that some of their local firemen are quite possibly narcissists, just read this thread where a guy makes quite the case about this subject.
Article: Firemen Are Bigger Douch[e]bags Than Cops

No one was harmed in the questioning of Cheyenne Sanchez, aside from his extremely and seemingly regularly bruised ego. The talking did not turn into an argument, voices were not raised in a threatening manner and the kids were kept in mind the entire time this went on. As I have mentioned, I am a parent (Though I can’t say the same for him, although I would be tickled pink to find out that he’s actually a deadbeat dad after all the torment he’s “allegedly” put me through for the hoax criminal charges my psychotic baby momma selfishly and fraudulently pressed against me that he went out of his way to look up when I didn’t even know the guy yet.) Had I given a crap about what he thinks about me when he talked down to me while campaigning my neighborhood, I would have given up, turned right back around, and went directly home…. However, this was not the case. I decided that he’s choosing to just be a jerk and I continued on with my canvassing. Turns out, he was the only one on my block to display such a negative attitude towards me. Every single neighbor I met with after him was cool and nice to me. Every neighbor I met with had no issues. Either they asked me more questions about my campaign, asked me about my Town Hall event, or just politely said they’re not into politics. I kindly respected the wishes of my neighbors when they said they weren’t into politics, and in fact, I actually asked if that was the case, if they were just not into politics, and when they confirmed, I thanked them for their time and kindly pressed on to the next. Every single neighbor besides Cheyenne Sanchez was a pleasant experience. Furthermore, I’m thoroughly convinced that he should feel embarrassed for his asinine, rude and childish behavior towards me.

In the middle of me questioning him about his personal errand run while driving a taxpayer funded fire truck, he fired back with asking me how my presidential campaign is going. I knew this was a loaded question, because instead of answering me truthfully, or at all, he actually had the audacity to have something smart to ask me in return that has absolutely nothing to do with an excuse or reason as to why he was caught for abusing his fire truck driving privileges that he’s been graciously granted. What he did there is a liberal–democratic tactic called deflection, and unfortunately for him, that insubordinate tactic doesn’t work on me. He’s going to have to answer for his abuse of privileges, I’m going to make sure if this. Why? Because he wants to be sure that everybody I come into contact with in this town knows about my past that he doesn’t even know the full story of. And, see, instead of assuming I know everything about his fire truck situation, I actually had the spine to ask him if his superiors knew, and on top of that, I graciously invited this imbecile into my home for an adult conversation (something that he definitely didn’t have the backbone to offer to me). Anyways, just thought that I would share the news about Cheyenne Sanchez’s abuse of his fire engine truck driving privileges with you since your taxes paid for this very expensive vehicle he seems to be somewhat joyriding to run personal errands for his own pleasure.