Thursday, August 8, 2019


Edit: Dispatch now reports that several Fire & Rescue calls were reported on the night of the structure fire, that no reports are shown from me about any of them even though 2 were said to have been filed back to back, and that none of the Capitol City Fire & Rescue calls were deemed suspicious. (Updated 7:37AM 8/8/19)

(Posted 8/7/19 - 2:35 AM)
In the Capitol of Alaska, there’s an active investigation into yet another structure fire that happened at around 1:45 AM Alaskan Standard Time, or at least there should be. When calling dispatch, they confirmed that there was a structure fire, but they could not give me anymore details other than that. I preemptively reached for providing answers about the situation by going ahead and filing a report with dispatch over who I think may have done it. But what’s to note is that the second time I called dispatch, the lady who answered my call at 2:21 AM didn’t plan on taking a report even though I said that I had information that could be pertinent to the case. I flat out had to convince her that if she was a good dispatcher, that she would be excited or even willing to take the report without me having to point out that it’s strange that she doesn’t care to take the report. And yes, I do have this call audio recorded.

The fact that serial structure fires happen out here is not a coincidence, which means that we can place a safe bet that this was no accident, and that if someone rules this as an accident, that person should and will be looked at like they’re crazy. But don’t allow me to rush you to judgement just yet, because you don’t know my experiences with the suspects and you definitely don’t know the full story…. But, if you very well do know what happened, the who done it, and you’re not telling the proper authorities, then allow me to remind you that you are withholding evidence and can and will be held on an account of accessories to the crime. I speak for everyone here that’s a good person when I say that the locals here are tired of the asinine and childish behavior, and I also speak for them when I say that if you want to play with fire, then you’re going to get burned in the fourth degree.

When you’ve got a problem with someone, you tend to wear your attitude towards this person on your sleeve. Where am I going with this you might be asking? Well, if I was to believe the dense-minded individuals that inhabit this beautiful nature–wonderland, I would say we’re going straight to hell. As a matter of fact, according to them, this place is already hell. Says so on the top of a doorway in an alley downtown. However, I refuse to believe the dimwitted hooligan that painted it up there. Took me a while to narrow down who would be stupid enough to write the word “hell” in the small condensed area of downtown where this could easily be seen by any tourist walking by if they just happened to look down the alley way while perusing the area. And in fact, noticing someone’s childish satanic tagging didn’t take me very long at all, and believe me when I say that I proverbially “raised hell” when I found out about it when I paid a visit to City Hall, questioning who was stupid enough to think that doing something like that in a tourist town was cool. No one had an answer for me, so I had to do some digging of my own, and now I think I’ve actually found the dunce who did this.

This town is small. This town is so small that we have a group of cliquey “cool kids” that think they can get away with whatever they want to. The locals all know who the “gang” of cool kids are, and some of them even foolishly admitted that they wish that they were part of that group of unintelligent miscreants. But what they don’t realize is that I can already tell that they’re all a part of that “cool kid” clique. They all rush to defend one another, they lie for one another, and they’ll probably even incite physical violence towards you just to stick up for their imbecile friends, because– in fact, they’re not so intelligent themselves. These dopey kids couldn’t be incognito even if they tried, and believe me when I say that they’ve all tried, and boy do they try too hard. However, forgive me for rambling– although this is important to know about before I finish telling you the story about what happened. In other words, I’m about to connect all the dots that I can for you now that you know the kind of mentality these nitwits carry about themselves.

First thing is first, they have the potential to be very cool kids. They’re talented, but they just do not make good decisions. And, unfortunately for them, that’s going to get the best of them just like that attitude and demeanor got the best of me back when I was young and thought that I was invincible and was making stupid decisions that were influenced by the people that I thought were cool kids as well. And with all this said, I want you to keep reminding yourself that I mentioned that they all cover for each other’s stupid decisions and mistakes that they are choosing to make. Peer pressure is a MF, and here’s why. Because the person doing the peer pressuring isn’t having to do the time, and a lot of the times, they’re not even committing the crimes. But what they keep failing to remember is that they’re willingly and knowingly accessories to the crimes. And what’s truly sad is that when you go down for something that someone told you to do that you think is cool, that you admire, that you’re just trying to impress…. the reality is that they really don’t care about you. They’re not going to be there for you when you get out of jail. You’ll just be an alibi so that they can go back to their family and allegedly abuse them like people have admitted to me that one certain “cool kid” does.

So, what happened? A structure fire happened. See up there in the title? I learned that someone who lives here has a past that involves being accused of arson. Well, come to find out, structure fires happen a lot around here. They happen so often, that when I first moved here, the talk of the town was the burned down playground that locals claim was started by kids. Kids don’t burn down playgrounds. They may play with fire, but they don’t burn down playgrounds. Someone older with an obsession with fire definitely might though. And when you’ve got connections in the Fire Department, and younger kids who are willing to take the fall simply because they’ve been convinced that they’re juvenile and the time they will do and the charges they get will ultimately be nothing once they get older. And sure, whatever trouble they got into when they were younger might fall off their record, but those kids now have to live with the fact that they were peer pressured into taking a charge that doesn’t really even belong to them.

Keep in mind that I’m being very vague with the details I am discussing, and that the things said here may just be educated guesses, however, they are being made by someone with nothing short of an incredible education that tends to supersede other’s. What I’ve noticed from the events that have transpired tonight is this. A person I know was accused of arson and is considered to be one of the “cool kids” that others seem to lookup to. Things to note is that this person has quite a few demonic tattoos on their arms, tattoos are generally associated with criminals, and if you have a tattoo at all, people in Japan will disassociate with you, and in fact, they won’t even allow you to swim in a swimming pool. I confirm to you that tattoos are without a doubt associated with crime and criminals. I do have a tattoo, I only have one, and a criminal bought it for me for my birthday– even though I didn’t want one. I was peer pressured into getting it, and was told that I’m getting the tattoo instead of offered. I will never be that foolish again, however, I digress.

The people that this person is friends with do not like to do their job, their whole group of friends is considered lazy, and they’re known to make problems for people who unwittingly tend to make them look bad. The people this person hangs around with are seemingly not interested in becoming a better person, and keep in mind that the person in question for arson is a parent themselves. This person in question will get rid of someone else who threatens their job security, and in fact will go above and beyond just to find someone or something that justifies them jumping the gun on a situation that doesn’t require them to. Also, something that’s important to note about this “alleged arsonist” degenerate– other local people will not accept help from this person, even if they were dying or on fire. (See what I did there?) When you look at all the facts, this person doesn’t seem so innocent, however, will paint others in a negative light in order to try and make themselves look good.

When this structure fire happened, a certain neighbor happened to come strolling in just moments before 911 was called to respond to the structure fire. Not a very smart move when you have someone that calls themselves Sheriff, keeps accounts of everything, takes mental notes about what goes on, and is so talented at writing factual reports as a neighbor if you ask me. But you didn’t ask me, and I still don’t care, I’m telling you anyways. The reason I’m telling you from a first person’s perspective of the situation is because this too counts as a report. Might be vague, but that’s only because nothing is concrete yet, and again, this is just a vaguely detail report that serves as a reminder to these imbeciles that much like they had implied to me, they are being watched by big brother. I’m a lot older than these kids, my marathon of thoughts are a lot longer than their lackadaisical sprints, and yes– I consider these idiots family. But, why do I consider them family? This town is small, you can’t just drive away from here due to a dense surrounding forest and no bridges to get your vehicle over the water or ice blocking your paths. We’ve all got to live here, this is a community, and everything you choose to do effects the entire community day in and day out in the land of ACAP.

Here are some things to consider…. I have a neighbor that is suspected of pedophilia that just so happens to leave and come back late in the night when gunshots go off in the neighborhood, or in this case, when a structure fire happens that is said to have gotten off on his pedophilia charges because he had a sweetheart of a judge overseeing the family court case. I’ve got a Fireman neighbor that quite obviously hates my guts and conveniently has a lot to say about a criminal record that belongs to my baby momma and not me but I got stuck with anyhow, when I had no idea who this guy even was or what his name was in the first place, yet he knew all about me and my court case situation in another state that I had even forgotten about because I for sure didn’t do what was accused of me. I’ve got an ex–coworker that quite obviously has it out for me ever since I made his best friend that didn’t do her job quit, and that ex-coworker I’m talking about happens to works at the hospital that has so much going on there that the hospital could easily be called a little shop of horrors as a janitor as his second job. And I’ve got an ex boss that thinks he knows it all, reportedly never shuts up, is also reported as someone other bosses can’t get along with, that also happened to have become a nuisance for Mr. Sheriff himself while on the job. With all of the aforementioned said, the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place the more and more I continue to think about this. However, this is for you to consider and not me. You’re the one I’m motivating to think about this, because I have already thought about this until everything I do and don’t know has driven me absolutely crazy and back.

And just in case you need a reminder of the first time that a structure fire was reported to me by dispatch, here’s the article just so you can brush up on what’s happened so far aside form what I have told you.

PS, need I remind you that this is a tourist town and this town heavily depends on the tourism to survive. I feel for the people who are trying their best to fix what’s wrong here and save the town. Income is short here and there’s reportedly only thirty five million dollars in the town’s piggy bank for them to fall back on. If you’re pulling insurance jobs for people by starting structure fires, there’s officials that would get the utmost pleasure out of busting the “hell” out of your nefarious keisters. Insurance companies do not take fraud lightly, and neither do officials.