Saturday, September 7, 2019


To those of you who are confused by seeing the recent changes in the Walmart and Kroger policy where they ban sales of firearms and ammunition, and them asking that no one be allowed to open carry firearms, allow me to shed some light on the subject. Above, you can see that I am banned from shopping at Fred Meyer, which is Kroger brand, but you may not understand why you are seeing this. As you can see on the criminal trespass notice they have marked their names out twice, banned me indefinitely for “disorderly conduct,” and it looks like whoever filled this out was either on drugs, or has the mental capacity of a toddler with crayons working on their first piece of art. Why they would scratch their names out on an official criminal trespass notice is beyond me. I’ve tried to make sense of this paperwork for the last two months and I just can’t. It’s a hot mess. Apparently documenting people that work for the store that are harassing you by means of stalking is against the rules; per corporate.

Let’s break this down though. On 6/7/19 at 3:45PM I was being followed around by this guy in the video below. He previously had been following me around the store, stalking me about, as you can see in the video below. This made me a bit uncomfortable, so I confronted him by saying “What’s up?” He said, “Hey,” back to me, but then proceeded to follow me while on the phone. When he continued to do this, I got upset and decided it was time to document his stalking. At the time, I had no idea who he even was. And I didn’t find out that he was security until the day that I received the criminal trespass notice above. An “Officer Ward” was one of the police involved in this incident, and the responding officer is unnamed as far as I know.

The time Matt issued this criminal trespass notice, I was first parked in the parking lot by the main entrance using my phone in my car to check notifications after driving, and suddenly a biker circled the lot and then parked by the home & garden area, then shortly after another biker pulled up in the spot beside me and revved his engine at an alarming tone and then killed his engine.

The biker goes shopping for just a few minutes, then comes back out and leaves.

At this point, I am almost done using my phone, but then I look up again and noticed that I have been completely boxed in by oversized pickup trucks, minus the driving lane. I decide that this is just far too much and chose to park away from the trucks.

I park elsewhere and then decide to visit inside to use the bathroom, it was an emergency that I use the toilet. After using the bathroom, I decide to shop elsewhere, as I have now gotten the creeps from just being in that store after what all has happened, but when I leave, Matt stops me and says he needs to talk to me. But as soon as Matt says this, he walks away and puts the phone up to his face. I’m under the impression that he’s a weirdo and I decided to leave as I had intended to do, but then he starts following me. And that’s when I realize that he’s the stalker from the other night and I no longer feel comfortable in leading him back to my car, which had been keyed/scratched upon a prior visit to the store, among other things like people opening their door and hitting my car clearly on purpose.
Truck that hit my car
Passenger that got out of his truck
Scratch keyed into my car
Scratch keyed into my car
Scratch keyed into my car
Scratch keyed into my car
Scratch keyed into my car

After he started following me around, I decided to call dispatch nonemergency to ask for help, but he’s called 911 for no reason and the nonemergency line is not being answered. But Matt keeps following me around the store and the parking lot like a stalker would. I had done nothing wrong, I had broken no laws, and he’s calling 911 like I was some kind of threat when all I was doing was trying to find a safe way to leave without him following me around the way he was. I had no idea what he wanted, he never clarified why we needed to talk and he seemed more interested in the phone than anything at the time.

When I asked staff who he was and why he was following me, the staff member says that “They’re just doing their job.” I said, “Who is ‘they’ and what job are they doing?” However, she refused to respond. I had to asked her once more and she had merely repeated herself and refused to answer any of my questions. She also had tried to walk away from me as I initially asked for help in the first place. Had I not asked her if she wasn’t going to help me, I don’t think she would have stopped at all. That’s when Matt fraudulently claims to dispatch that I was escalating. I was calm the entire time and speaking at a normal talking tone, however he kept insanely repeating to dispatch that I was “escalating.” I realized that I was not going to get any help, so I calmly walked away, but right before I could make it to my car, I was boxed in by two patrol cruisers. One car and one SUV. I was told to stay where I was, and so I complied, and that’s when the cop in the car walked away to speak to Matt, and Officer Ward stayed and spoke with me. Officer Ward could tell that I was calm and cooperating, and when I asked him what I had done wrong, he flat out responded with, “I don’t know.” He later had said he guessed that I was “walking around recording people and stuff.” But I only decided to record people that either had stalked me or verbally attacked me, as to catch them in the act. I had not just walked around recording people for the fun of it.

I had alerted Kroger via Twitter of their staff’s misconduct, and was asked to email their corporate team, in which I did, however, corporate never contacted me back. And upon my next visit to the store, I had received that asinine criminal trespass notice. A criminal trespass notice is merely a piece of paper stating that you can’t go back to this property, otherwise you could be arrested. They don’t want me shopping there? Fine. But let me remind you that this is a small town and there are only about 5 grocery stores to shop from here. Fred Meyer is as big as a Super Walmart and the Walmart here in the Alaskan Capitol has permanently closed. The building is abandoned and somehow, there’s still activity happening at this store, because snow has been plowed in the parking lot during the winter last year.

People who live here have reported sightings of other people coming out of the building with high powered automatic rifles, drill whistles going off in the middle of the night, along with other strange activities. And no one can understand why the building still exists today, even though the Walmart was built on what some would say is marshland. But what is even more shocking is the fact that Fred Meyer was caught using an Amber Alert to cover for child trafficking.

While shopping at Fred Meyer, an Amber Alert goes out and they give the description of a missing child in a “pink shirt about 3 years old.” But upon further inspection, it was a child who was not even old enough to walk on her own in a shirt that had pink sleeves, and was not a completely pink shirt. The child had been witnessed being put into a White car by two women who were standing in front of their license plate when emptying their grocery cart afterwards. and the customer service attendant had been immediately questioned. The customer service representative confirmed that indeed the description did not match the child in question.

Upon discovery of the incident, Juneau dispatch had been advised, and the Juneau Police Department showed up to investigate the incident, but never asked the person reporting for their statement or for any evidence. It was all for show from what was gathered based on the facts alone. So you can now make an educated guess on why Kroger doesn’t want anyone open carrying on their property, possibly as to not prevent any child trafficking deals by means of firearm. If you can’t open carry, then that means that you cannot stop with deadly force if the time came for you to do so. And what about the hoax shootings? Wouldn’t the same go for them too? If you were doing a fake shooting, you wouldn’t want to get shot just for being a crisis actor, would you?

As if the aforementioned wasn’t enough to make your head spin, the assistant manager of Fred Meyer decided he’d like to get his licks in as well. Seems like they’re angry and upset that they just got caught by me for their child trafficking scheme. You can clearly see his lack of intelligence by pretending he’s two different people, when in the header itself, it says “Mike Stoll.” He even goes as far as to make creepy cryptic threats against an underage girl that he believes is my daughter. Don’t believe me though, just take a look for yourself exactly what he said.

Shortly after Mike Stoll got called out for his creepy behavior via Twitter, I assume that “Matt the security guy” or Glenn Ojard emailed a very obscene email calling me the N word and saying “die n-word.”
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If you’d like a collection of what’s all been sent to me as far as hatemail goes and you’d like a copy of all of the trafficking harassment my car has taken, you can download a zip file of the photos collected and see for yourself. I do not wish to post any more of their hate on this page.
Download the Trafficking Harassment Zip File