Friday, April 24, 2020

Revealing Truth About Trump [And The False Prophecy]


Trump Is Straight Up Terrorizing We The People

He flat out released Epstein from incarceration, and not through death, he helped him escape. I’d love to believe that he’s on our side, but he’s an actor, there’s no way to say he’s not. This is all a play, and the stage is the White House. He’s turned the entire White House into some sick reality TV show. I’m absolutely horrified by what I’m witnessing. He’s been using the media and Twitter to get the administration under his command to play ball, but then plays innocent like he’s not doing anything, and he will never ever admit that he’s wrong. That’s an enormous issue.

Trump’s a dictator who’s ruling with an iron fist and even jailing innocent people just to try to get his way, and if he does end up having his way, we’re all f***ed. He’s a globalist just like Rockefeller.

More info about Rockefeller:

And you can quote the Bible all you want, but it was rewritten by the Romans and I don’t believe much of what’s in it as far as prophecy, because anyone can read it, misinterpret it, and also play out the descriptions as if it’s real–life occurrences in your face as Donald Trump and friends seem to be trying real hard to do…. but don’t get me wrong, I do believe much of what is said in it, I just take what the Bible says with a grain–of–salt because of how perverted it’s become from its original version, which seems to have almost disappeared from most of society. And whoever has the original version, which I’m sure it exists, isn’t very keen on sharing it at all with hardly anyone not in on their club…. if you catch my drift and completely understand the history of the Bible and how coveted the original really is by the Jewish people. I’m not knocking any faith or religious groups at all, unless they’re the Romans, the Romans are garbage people for the most part. They are pretty hard up about total and global domination and they don’t care what nor who they destroy in their wake. Here’s the definition of a dictator, and you can take into consideration on your own if this sounds just like Trump right now….

Definition of “Dictator” • A person granted absolute emergency power. • One appointed by the senate. • One holding complete autocratic control : a person with unlimited governmental power. • One ruling in an absolute and often oppressive way.

Just take into consideration how fake everything is that’s going on right now, and then also realize how fake the drama in the White House being played out in public is right now. I’ll make a whole separate post about the White House drama. But really, please, take all of what I’m saying into consideration before you start flapping your fingers trying to combat everything I’m revealing to you right now. Thank you in advance.