Sunday, April 26, 2020



Are you ready to learn how the American Government has been lying to you?

I’m going to explain the rest of this pandemic scam in great detail so you can no longer be lied to about the “Coronavirus” anymore.

If you haven’t read part one to this story, be sure to check it out by clicking the article title in all capital letters just below.

Now…. In this post, I’m going to explain exactly how this brand of Political Extortion is operating. I’m about to reveal what’s behind the curtain that they’re not telling you about, because this will spoil all their fun once the world finally gets a grip on the entire scenario being played out. But first we need to start from the beginning. We need to start with what happened during the Las Vegas Shooting so you can have more than one example to go on when you’re coming to terms with the facts that can be hard to swallow, and even harder to talk about, simply because the amounts of people that might not like what you have to say. This will tear relationships apart once you try to bring this up at home, and I am trying to avoid destroying your life over just telling you my story.

When this all started, I was just a kid watching TV in school of all places, seeing Bill Clinton defend himself against claims of sexual misconduct in the Oval Office. This was my first clue that something was very wrong with Politics. I was in the 7th grade and I had been held back several times over, and none of it made any sense because I had passing grades. The school had ruled over my progression, and this made me decline in school and in my personal life. Things were turning upside down for me, and what I was seeing about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s dysfunctional relationship on TV was appalling to have to deal with at that time. I already had plenty going on at the time as I have mentioned. But, I reluctantly paid attention anyhow.

This White House drama caught my attention and Politics became very hard to ignore for me, and this was the moment when I started really diving deep into the profession without ever telling anyone about it. Then came George W Bush and keep in mind that Desert Storm had already passed before all of this. I paid attention to Desert Storm, however, my life was already turbulent, so the chaos of war was somewhat normal to me. But what wasn’t normal to me was the staged tragedy of 9/11, which was the big deep fake they pulled in our own nation. My heart strings were tugged on, and Howard Stern’s rebroadcast of his show that was recorded that day was not something very nice to wake up to while sleeping at 4AM after falling asleep listening to my FM radio. But, we’re not here to discuss the details of this, because I would rather the events I’m tackling be more recent so you who might not have lived through that can understand exactly what I’m saying. These are just the things that woke me up to smelling the Political Extortion coffee in all its essence.

In 2017 the Las Vegas Shooting (spoofing) happened. I am a Las Vegas Local and I wasn’t having something happening in what I consider my hometown at such a magnitude. I was dedicated to figure the whole thing out to give us all the answers, and I tried the hardest I could, and I have figured out as much as I possibly could. I was and still am shocked to know what I know now. But to avoid scaring you half to death, we’re only going to keep this part brief and concise. When I was in Vegas still in January of 2017, I attended an event that MGM CEO, Jim Murren, and his right hand man, George Soros, were at. There, they discussed in great detail of the scam that they were about to unleash onto the public ten months later. They were particularly focused on Put Option Stock Trading. They were aggressively asking the seminar presenter questions of how to rig a put option trade to pay out. The single most prominent answer in so many words was a tragedy, especially one that involved terrorists and gun violence. And so you have exactly what went down. But before I explain that, allow me to explain this to further prove my point. Jim Murren basically owns half of the casinos on the Las Vegas BLVD Strip, and after this seminar, he immediately started taking on insurance policies that included gun violence and terrorist acts. This was so prominent after the fact that his insurance companies had actually dropped him as a client. They weren’t willing to represent him anymore.

Then you have the fake shooting, which was a complete cover up for the sex trafficking kidnapping that was taking place, plus you had both Jim Murren and George Soros profiting off the tragedy in several ways, which reached a total of $190 Billion Dollars, and that’s not even counting the insurance fraud and children they kidnapped for sex trafficking. They upped the ante by asking for blood donations for victims that simply don’t exist. And I will leave what they do with that blood up to your imagination to figure out on your own. Remember, I am not here to scare you. So, pressing on. Now that you understand how the Las Vegas Shooting extortion worked, and can grasp how over 190 Billion Dollars in profit can buy you tons of cooperation, we’re going to kick up the pace of this story. Now, we have all types of companies and organizations and Sheriffs pulling these scams. YouTube pulled a fake shooting, Public Malls pulled maniac with a gun scares, really think back on all these “mass shootings” and crazy events that have plagued us for so very long all this time. Now imagine how many children and women were trafficked because of this chaotic Political Extortion. Yes, this is deeply intertwined with Politics, because you have to have someone to do your bidding if things start to get too deep and the heat starts to turn up.

Now, we have the Corona scam. I can safely call this a scam, because several Drs and Scientists have proven that this is indeed a scam. What companies are involved? Perhaps it’s best to ask what companies aren’t involved, however, we’re going to focus on just two major companies in order to convey the point I’m trying to make. Disney/Fox, which have recently merged, and Wal-Mart. But, don’t forget, this scam involves systemic abuse and organizations as well. So, when I mention them, don’t forget that I warned you that this involves Political Extortion, which has a tendency to span out over many areas of organizations, and can happen all across the land, and not just one country or just one nation alone. They’re “all in this together.” Sound familiar? Are you starting to see this as a low-brow threat and constant reminder that “big brother” is watching if they join forces with anyone trying to do anything to disprove what’s going on? To keep a poker face no matter how deep this gets? To maintain plausible deniability no matter what one might say in the face of their adversity they could be facing?

Disney merging with Fox helps their case of pushing fake news narratives. But, how Disney, Fox and Wal-mart come into play with the colossal Political Extortion scheme is what I would like you to really hone in on, because this is the part that’s the most important piece of the puzzle for you to firmly grasp so you can fully understand what’s really going on behind the scenes that you might not yet understand. Allow me to put the puzzle pieces together for you now. Now that Disney and Fox have merged, they can control your thoughts with the news. You heard me right, control your valuable thoughts and consume your precious time with utter blasphemy. Here’s what I’m trying to say…. Disney stocks on Wall Street are crashing. They’ve closed their parks, however, they still have a lifeline of Disney+, so they’re not completely broke. But their stocks are crashing anyhow. Remember that sweet put option trading I told you about earlier? That’s when you are betting that the stocks are going to crash, and you don’t pull out until they’ve reached their lowest point, and the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting (Spoofing) was just a trial run to make sure that this would all work. They were happy with their results, and now they’ve upped their game.

To further maintain even more interest in put option insider trades (which is illegal), Wal-Mart has now roped off Disney movies and labeled them as nonessential items, even while we’re all stuck at home and are dying for some sort of entertainment, and pretty broke I might add. Some of us might even be starving to feed our kids. But you know who isn’t starving? Drs, Nurses, and of course Politicians. But we’re mainly focusing on the Medical industry right now. For every COVID-19 patient, whether they’re confirmed cases or not, are profiting Doctors and hospitals up to 3 times more than their regular business of saving lives and performing surgeries is. This has gotten so bad that they’re kicking out newborn babies and their parents from the hospital within just a couple of hours after giving birth, granted that everything seems to be okay and no major complications are arising. This is absurd to say the least. But what’s more is that this scam rakes them even more money in if they have to be intubated, which pushes germs down into your esophagus, and can be deadly and quite dangerous to people who are elderly, or have weak immune systems. Are the details we’re discussing of this scam starting to make things clique for you?

If not, let’s dig even deeper. New York Governor Cuomo was caught hiding ventilators in storage and selfishly demanding even more units. Why? Because, remember, I just told you that the more intubations equals more profits. Looks like he got a little too greedy and then got put on blast by the media for his misconduct over his unrealistic need for even more ventilators (as if scamming us all into believing their lies about a fake virus wasn’t bad enough already). So, as you can see, I am not denying that people are dying. I am simply saying that they are not dying of a “Coronavirus,” they are dying from sickness caused by the unsanitary practices of intubation. In other words, he had allegedly planned to kill so many people that he was demanding way more ventilator units than needed to be asked of the Government. So much, that he was willing to hide the units that he already had. But, let’s get back to the profiteering of this scam. Suddenly, it somehow seems to make sense that people are being convinced to get treated for a virus that they haven’t even been able to prove exists, so with the brainwashing people into becoming hypochondriacs and believing that they could have said–virus, or even just the idea that they might be able to split the profits by scamming the Health Care System, you can imagine that they’re having so many patients that Hospitals are now overflowing with people coming in by the dozens. Hence the use of floors that are unintended to treat this sudden “pandemic” and the use of portable buildings inside the parking lots of these facilities.

On a personal note, I’ve had Doctors and family members trying to convince me to have CT Scans that I felt I didn’t need because of fears of causing cancer, because they’re exposing us to radiation. However, they say that this exposure of radiation is minimal, but I would rather not risk my life just for them to possibly tell me that there was nothing wrong with me in the first place. Just not worth the risk to me. However, they were obsessing over the procedure and being extremely aggressive about convincing me to have the procedure performed, to the point that this made me feel rather uncomfortable even being present in this environment after experiencing such abuse. To further my point about Hospitals maliciously drawing blood, one of the last times I visited a Hospital, I was being coaxed, then harassed, and then demanded of my blood. I had to refuse them of taking my blood, over 5 times, because I simply didn’t need it. I’ve have had Nurses take my blood before in the past, but much to my surprise, the results of the tests were never important to the Hospital or Doctors and we are told to wait two weeks for the results, if I could even remember two weeks later to even check, because they definitely aren’t calling you to tell you what these results are anyways, all while claiming Patient privacy, yet, Google has made HIPAA patient privacy null and void (not to mention that Doctors typically leave all their work up to the nurses for the most part anymore,) nor did these tests ever returned anything negative. What, I’m just lucky? I don’t think so. They’re using my blood for something far more nefarious.

With all of this in mind, you now have a firm grip on the reality of what’s really going on behind the scenes, and this is something that nobody can deny. This is much more than just a hunch, these are the results of an investigation that I’ve been secretly performing for quite some time now and just so happened to stumble upon by personal experience. This is not even the full story. But that is not what’s important to the case I’m making right now. The case for our freedom, the case for our lives back, the case for us to finally move past the fear of a fairy tale virus that just scientifically does not exist. We’ve had the Bird Flu scare, the Mad Cow disease scare, and if there’s anything else I’m forgetting, please, forgive me. I’ve had enough, and so has the rest of the world who are defying these stay–at–home orders and temporarily traveling to other counties just to live a normal life for a day, for we are many! The point I’m making in the end of this article is that we’ve been scared with several of these types of fake diseases (say this with me now, dis-ease, as in something that makes you feel uneasy), but how many of us normal folks who aren’t being gullible can actually admit that we’ve been sick with these diseases? I’ve been out for days on end without a mask when this was rumored to be hitting us the worst, not even any gloves, and if you have the flu, there’s no way in Heaven that you’re ever going to be asymptomatic. You’ll know if you have the flu, believe you–me.