Monday, May 18, 2020



Have you been paying attention to how much money is being thrown around by the Trump administration lately? Trillions, and these trillions are being thrown around so easily too.

So, just how much is a trillion dollars? That’s something most of us don’t really understand. So I’m going to put this into perspective for you, so that way you can fully grasp just how much a trillion dollars really is.

One trillion seconds is equal to 31,710 years. The government is giving away $30 trillion. They’re just throwing around trillions as if it’s nothing. That’s scary. How can we afford to give away trillions like this? One way is to just print the money. To create the money through printing it. Do you understand what that’s doing to the value of a dollar? Printing even more money is just driving the worth down to an all time low.

This is dangerous for American economy, even more dangerous than what the Coronavirus is doing to the economy. The standard being so low is only going to drive more value to gold and silver. So, if you’re into investing, you might want to start investing into gold and silver in order to survive the next wave of economic crisis.