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Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan gives you exactly what you need to fire back at the Incumbent President’s supporters.

The Trump Administration Exposed

Why was the JFK Assassination report Donald declassified so heavily redacted?

Why did George Soros and Donald Trump both donate to Hillary Clinton’s Re-election Campaign?

Why hasn’t Trump made good on his promise of a Hillary Clinton prosecution?

Why hasn’t Donald Trump done anything about the Las Vegas Shooting?

Why hasn’t Trump convicted George Soros?

If George Soros is a convicted felon in France, why hasn’t Donald Trump exiled him from America?

Why is pro-Trump ex Obama Admin Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, receiving several sources of advertising, has the number one podcast in America, and hasn’t had his advertisers withdrawn nor been placed on a gag order?

Why are Trump’s constituents like Rand Paul and Dan Bongino running from Twitter to the social media platform Parler?

Why hasn’t Donald Trump rescinded the Obama Admin repeal of the Smith-Mundt act if he’s so worried about fake news?

Why hasn’t Donald Trump appointed a fourth, fifth and sixth member of the Federal Election Commission needed to complete a quorum that would have a Presidential Candidate’s campaign investigated if he has nothing to hide?

Why is Ryan A Fournier, whom is a Federal Election Commission Financial Analyst, also a founding member of Students For Trump, and also a founding member of Turning Point USA?

Why does Ryan A Fournier encourage Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate, Chance Trahan, to terminate his campaign every time he speaks to him to ask for support with his Campaign filings?

Why is the Federal Election Commission Financial Analysis Division not doing their jobs of properly providing support for candidates that are attempting to seek assistance with the FEC Filing Software?

Why is the FEC Technical Support Team so upset with the Financial Analysis Division for not providing this support when a Presidential Candidate asks for it and is forwarded to the Tech Support Department when it’s the job of the Financial Analysis Division and not of Tech Support?

What happened to the fourth, fifth and sixth members of the FEC?

Why is Trump rumored to attempt faking his death with a spoofed assassination?

Did you know about the 5 Star Bunker Resort that Trump plans to retire in after his mock assassination takes place?

Why did Trump allow Jeffrey Epstein to escape a prison sentence?

Why did Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch say that Donald Trump isn’t very helpful about addressing the unlawful government secrecy issues and why is Judicial Watch the only entity pursuing a Hillary Clinton conviction?

Donald won’t answer these questions. So, do you think a Trump supporter would be able to answer any of them intelligently?

Hollywood Exposed

You should see people on the internet trying to say that I’m crazy, If telling the truth and pointing out the obvious makes me crazy, then so be it. When people see that I’m running for US President they act absolutely idiotic and condescending. They say I’m crazy right off the bat. I’m like, no, Trump is. Biden is. But me? Not even close. They don’t believe me. Or maybe they do and they just want to try to make me look crazy on the internet, but that doesn’t work out very well for them at all. I tend to make them look absolutely foolish. You should see Sarah Silverman trying her hardest to come to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s rescue. She really said that he’s hot and that she wants to lick his teeth, then goes on to use New Zealand as a prime example on how we should act. I asked why doesn’t she just move to New Zealand right after she’s done licking Auntie Pelosi’s nephew’s teeth.

I’m like, You ain’t funny. Now here’s what’s funny. You paying attention? Good! Watch this! ::insert the funny:: I win! I’m unintentionally funny and that’s what makes this so hilarious. I’m being brutally honest and these trolls come right out of the woodwork. And I’m like, Oh please, don’t provoke me. And people’s impression is just like, OMG, this is our new President? They’re like, Trump who? It becomes all about me. Trump is crying. He is. He’s giving me 7 shades of hell too. Fake virus, fake riots, discrediting cops. It’s hell on wheels. I’m like like, oh hell no! GTFOOH!. Give me a real challenge. And they’re trying so hard to mess with me. But I’m working overtime to shut them down every step of the way. And it’s funny too!

I played the Trump card against the entire establishment. You see? Trump is in trouble. He can’t compete. All hell is breaking loose. And I feel silly when I tell people that all of this chaos going on is completely fake. Everything going on is just because I am who I am and what I’m doing. I’m running for US President this 2020 and I’ve threatened everyone with charges of treason. That means certain death. And now they’re pulling out the big guns. Just look at how stupid everything is right now!

Stay inside.
No more than 50 people.
No more than 10 people.
No more than 2 people.
Stay 6 feet apart.
Wear a mask.
We’ll arrest you if you don’t.
We’ll give you a $1,000 fine if you don’t.
We’ll fine you a million dollars if you come to Canada from America and don’t self quarantine for 14 days.

All of this bullshit just for little ol’ me. Like WTF? And I’m angry. I can’t even get in the news. I’ve even been interviewed by the news. I told them the virus doesn’t exist. And I got no air-time. the lady who went before me was saying that she worked in the hospital, right? That she’s got several family members dying of this crap. However, she took her mask off for the interview. Everyone is sick with this fairy tale virus except for her, and she’s not even following Trump nor Newsom’s orders? I called her bullshit. I wanted her to show me her family, show me her victims, because I don’t believe them. People in the street were freaking out. They walk up to me asking me what her interview was all about. I explained the things she was claiming on the news to the reporter and camera-man. And then I asked, if any of what she said was true about her family and how dangerous this virus she speaks of is, then why did she take off her mask to spit on the microphone? They’re like, OMG, he’s right! They couldn’t believe their eyes! I’m thinking to myself, oh you’re a doctor huh? Why aren’t you wearing your mask for this television interview that they’re giving you on the sidewalk? Why did you take your mask off for the camera? I thought you were in fear of this “dangerous virus?” But, I’m the crazy one, right?

You see? They’re trying everything just to stop me. Suckling off of Gavin Newsom and Auntie Nancy Pelosi. Gavin’s wasted so much of California Tax Payer’s money. And he’s begging for and demanding even more? Millions, even billions more! Like, WTF? GFY Gavin! Beg your oil company buddies. Not the tax payers. They’ve already given you enough and what did you do with it, you jagoff? You pissed it away and fixed nothing! And it shows. Jerk! That’s Auntie Pelosi’s overreaching nephew for ya.

I went to this bar. Was my favorite spot. Live music every night of the week. They have an excellent vegan menu. Well, I’ve been going there for a while at this point. I decide to start telling people about my campaign and everything is going great! I went ahead and invited my roommates to this place after a while, and then the next time I went, everything had changed. Some oddball female I had seen at the bar starts screaming the equivalency of “rape” at the top of her lungs, claiming I had touched her, and a hammered drunk bartender kicks me out of the bar telling me that he’s had enough out of me and that it’s time for me to go. I still had no idea what I had even done wrong or who this drunken little man with a man-bun even is. I go outside to find a bouncer had been kicked out of the bar too for no apparent reason. On my way to my car, I call the dispatch and tell them that the bartenders are drunk behind the bar. At a later date, I posted a review on the bar she works at about her ill-behavior towards me while wearing a company shirt at this other bar I was at. The review called her out by name. She doesn’t even see this review til 4 months later after the incident at the other bar, and that’s when she calls the cops on me for sexual battery, claiming I had touched her behind, not once, but twice. Completely falsifying this report in the same manner that my psychotic stalker ex had falsified several reports against me before, which led to me having to abandon the kids she claims are mine just to protect myself from her malicious behavior. The cop doesn’t even perform a full investigation and puts a warrant out for my arrest for sexual battery and I’m just baffled that I even had a warrant at all. I didn’t even mention that the bar was full of devil worshipers and human traffickers.

Well, to make matter even more weird, I recently made this facebook friend. She says that she’s been working in acting since she was 9 years old. Keep in mind that I’ve been intermittently taking acting classes since High School, and have even taken Public Speaking classes, and both I have excelled at. She’s giving me advice about acting and Hollywood. She finds out that none of my coaches have wanted to help me get a job in acting at all for whatever mysterious reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, ::wink wink::, despite them being very impressed with my acting skills, and even pointing out my talent that I have compared to the rest of the students, which is a big compliment to me. But I digress. She finds this out from me and suddenly wants to end the conversation abruptly several times over, especially after I reveal to her that I’m running for US President and I am Trump’s competition. She even tells me that I’m mentally crazy. Not being a burden on her, I start passively-aggressively questioning her sudden motives. I even ask her if she’s sure that she’s not the one with mental issues after the way she started acting all of the sudden for seemingly no reason at all. She knows she’s been had and then suddenly blocks me in a hurry. This is normal behavior for Californians that get caught by me, and keep in mind, I have several online conversations a day that do not end up with me being labeled crazy nor being blocked all the sudden. Only weirdo Californians do this type of thing, and most of them are tied to Hollywood or the child sacrificing Freemason-Illuminati.

Let me tell you about Hollywood. They’re politically motivated like no one has ever seen before. Even more worse than you’ve already witnessed on TV at awards ceremonies. This is all because of Political favoritism and those sweet financial kickbacks they allegedly get from staging insider trading tragedies. But on the fliside, they’re also forced to donate to the Permanent Political Class for “protection” or unfairly favorable treatment. This is the definition of extortion at its finest. And they’re happy to do it. They get to rape and murder kids and women in the entertainment industries. Anything they want. Then I come to town and they shut the entire State down. Ive said for years that my talent is so heavy that it’ll be what breaks California off into the ocean and I darn near did it. The whole world is going nuts just because I’ve moved to LA. Oops! Did I do that?

“Chance Trahan, Give Me 3 Reasons Why I Should Vote For You.”

1. I’m easier to look at than Donald Trump
2. I’m not a rapist like Joe Biden
3. I’m more honest than them both, and Obama is my bitch.

Still not convinced?

I support Veterans, I support Law Enforcement, and I support all races receiving true equality. I don’t choose sides, I don’t play favorites, and I don’t accept bribes. No one can tell me what to do. How do I expect to go about our Political business? With an unapologetic alligator mouth to be quite honest. If they don’t like that then they know where the door is, and they shouldn’t let that door hit them in the backside on their way out.

I’m not here to play games. I’m not Democrat, nor Republican. I’m not here to party, I’m here to work. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

Are you still not totally convinced?

I’ve dealt with incumbent Politician’s bullshit for long enough and I’m tired of playing games. Quite frankly, these politicians can kiss my ass. There is no big scary virus and we don’t need DNA altering vaccines. The Incumbents need to quit bullying Law Enforcement and they need to quit using racial profiling and fear-mongering over important issues to get re-elected.

We need accountability. We need to appropriate our tax payer funding. We need to balance the budget. We need to get our country out of debt. We need to abolish the IRS and the Federal Reserve. We need to clean house in the FBI and the CIA. Government spending is out of control. We need to introduce term limits. And I know that you’re thinking that there are already term limits in place and that Presidents only are allowed to serve for 2 terms. But that is not true. Neither one of those statements are correct. There are term limits in place, however, Incumbent Presidents can run as many times in their lifetime as they want to and Incumbent Politicians can just jump to a different State or branch of the Government and live out their entire life as a Politician. How long was John McCain in office? How long has Hillary Clinton had a seat in the political realm? This is what you call the Permanent Political Class. I am striving for ending the Permanent Political Class. We also need to lower Congress Wages, we need less Government Employees and less Government Overreach intruding in our every day lives. We need to stop permanently funding past Presidents after they serve. Jimmy Carter was never impeached and still receives a paycheck. Barack Hussein Obama still receives a paycheck, and at the same time, he’s also receiving several Netflix royalties.

I am not giving up until we get everything that we need.

No more legalized Insider Trading. No more repeals of laws that effectively restore peace and truth. No more child sacrifice by means of abortions. No more child trafficking through CPS. No more Soros family manipulation. No more Gates family monopoly. No more Al Sharpton. No more Obama bullshit. He’s getting impeached and charged with Treason. Him and his husband can pound sand. No more Trump and Kushner family monopoly. No more Jim and Heather Murren scams. No more of Cuomo’s lies. No more of Pelosi’s chain gang. No more Gavin Newsom. No more Kate Brown. No more McSally. All of these Politicians can kick rocks. They’re all guilty. They can lick the mud off the bottom of my boots and the greater majority of America agrees. Everyone who’s not a crook agrees.

The riots are fake. They’re allegedly funded by Politicians and they’re definitely being acted upon by their over-privileged offspring. Bill Deblasio’s daughter? Antifa. Tim Kaine’s son? Antifa. Jake Paul? Antifa. And I’m under the impression that he’s related to Rand Paul. Rand Paul is a traitor too!

No more sex trafficking, I’m tired of this bullshit! I’ve lost girlfriends I love to sex trafficking. No more Big Agriculture and Monsanto! They can be greeted by door-kicks courtesy of the military. Big Agriculture human trafficking people straight from Mexico is beyond absurd. Big Agriculture has private railroads that travel from Mexico right to their farms. Human Traffickers are now offering all-inclusive travel packages. That’s how insane this industry has gotten. You have got to be kidding me! What kind of world are we living in? Illegal profiteering at the expense of human lives? Get out of here with this bullshit! Mass shootings? Nope, not even close. Mass child kidnapping is what these scumbags are doing. And I’m sick of it!

Area 51 has ten minute travel to Middle Earth and they’re not sharing it with the rest of us. In fact, there’s underground 5 Star Resort Bunkers! Trump plans to fake an assassination of himself and retire in one. Not on my watch! SpaceX is fake just like Nasa is, it’s just a different brand name. Still the same old human trafficking distractions from the real-world kidnapping going on just to make a quick buck off the poor and defenseless. And I’d love to say that I’m crazy and that I’m making this all up, but unfortunately this is all true and I’m tired of this bullshit! I’m so tired of losing my loved ones to all of this. I’ve personally been single for so long because they keep kidnapping my girlfriends! I’m scared to subject an innocent woman to any of this! If I’m not elected, you can expect tons more of this bullshit that’s way more far-fetched than this to go down, and I’m not about to risk this any longer!

Elon Musk, who owns Tesla and SpaceX just got busted 2 years ago for operating a huge sex trafficking warehouse in one of his Tesla factories just outside of Phoenix and the news didn’t even make it into the media. I saw the bust right after it happened, this really happened, but no…. no news about this at all. So, what? Let’s just pretend Elon is this great and wonderful man? Forget that! I’m not okay with that! I’m not okay with Trump “allegedly” violating women and getting away with it! I’m not okay with Trump accepting money directly or even indirectly from George Soros and Putin, because he’s still accepting their money!

With all of this said, you’re probably asking yourselves about me leaving out the Healthcare industry and Education. And that’s easily fixed by sales taxes from Federal Marijuana Legalization. Two words. Fully funded. If the IRS wants to shape up instead of getting shipped out, then they can avoid being abolished, but they’re going to have to pull the convolution out of their tax codes. And just to paint you a pretty picture of how well taxing Legalized Marijuana will easily and permanently fund Healthcare and Education, I want to give you this fine example for you to noodle around with. Do you know how much weed is being legally sold in just Las Vegas alone? So many people are coming from all over the world just to visit Vegas to get legal weed. The entire world buying up all of the weed in Vegas because it’s just that good! People may be using it just for illegal purposes, but many people rely on it for cancer and depression, not to mention the individuals who depend on CBD for other health concerns, or even for staying sober from heroin.

I’m not only an advocate for Medicinal Marijuana, I’m also a patient. I have Extreme Depression, Severe Anxiety, and a massive case of PTSD (ShellShock). Although I have been managing without it recently,I would like to bring up once more that people who are sobering up from heroin need CBD in their lives. I understand this because there’s a famous person that I know of and love very much that needs it. He’s 12 years sober because of it, along with his willingness to kick the habit. His name is Ivan Moody and he sings in the band Five Finger Death Punch, and I couldn’t be anymore proud of his journey to sobriety. Even Mike Tyson depends on regular consumption of cannabis and as a professional athlete, he recommends that pro-athletes should have the right to consume cannabis without penalty. I say that all people should reserve the right. Even federal employees. Marijuana should be legal across the board, even for drivers.

Thank you for your support. You have no idea how much I appreciate you caring enough to read about my Nonpartisan Presidential Campaign enough to make it to the end of this article. Thank you so much!

And don’t even get me started on Alaska

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