Monday, July 27, 2020

The Truth About The Portland Protests Revealed By Chance For President Candidate Chance Trahan

[After publishing this series of press releases, “blm” came up with this crude ‘list of demands’ and blasted them on the side of a building with a projector the very next night.]

What Happens During A Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest Just Might Shock You

I’ve watched the ‘George Floyd’ fueled Peaceful Protests in Portland Oregon being streamed on Facebook for two nights now, and what I’ve discovered might just put these tantrums being thrown to rest once and for all. In this article, I’ll lay out some of the things that I’ve been presented. Grab a drink, this might make you a little hot.

I’ve been told these protests are peaceful by a narrator. Sure, they seem peaceful. But take into consideration the agitation and mischief going on that’s not being linked to just how unpeaceful these protesters are. They block the doors to the federal buildings so feds can’t make an easy entry onto the scene. They’re beating on the walls the entire time, so Federal agents can’t concentrate on their work. Did I mention that they’re yelling at all hours of the night to where people come onto the stream complaining? Most just want these people shot in the street by law enforcement.

If you disagree with anything said or speak out about any of this in the comments, you’re called a troll just for having the slightest bit of difference. They’re chanting, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ they’re screaming justice for Taylor, they’re shouting obscenities at any form of authority, rudely commanding them to quit their jobs. But, when asked who’s negotiating their list of demands, the buck gets passed and nobody knows. Basically, ‘just check the website’ is what you’re told. No, but thanks anyways.

When you’re told you’re a troll, you’re also called stupid, a joke, delusional, crazy, the name calling just doesn’t stop. You’re also offered hugs from strangers, as creepy as that sounds. But something you’re never offered is an intellectual debate, or even just rational conversation. Instead, the crowd that calls you a troll mercilessly trolls you. Even though their view count is dwindling, you’re thanked for their algorithm bump and spikes in viewers that doesn’t exist.

Their view count is not record—breaking by any means neither. When the ugliness of what is the so—called ‘peaceful protesting’ starts rearing its beastly head, no one can stand to watch anymore. When the Feds come out to play with gas canisters and cans of fireworks, everyone does what their ‘Feds Go Home’ chant sounds like, and they scatter to their homes.


Seems more like a marxist guerilla operation than it does an actual protest the longer you pay attention. BLM even buried the fact that their donations are going straight to the DNC. I’m appalled.

Chance For President Candidate Chance Trahan Discusses Why People Are Protesting In Portland
The Irony Behind The Portland Protests Will Leave You Wondering Why More Protestors Haven’t Landed Themselves In Jail

Earlier in this Portland Protest Press Release, the discussion covered mostly what happens during the stream of the Protests in Portland, Oregon that Kate Brown refuses to permanently shut down. However, there’s still much more to cover about this topic, so let’s talk about why they’re protesting.

When anyone asks protesters why they’re protesting, the protesters are quick to reply with, “Feds are here in Portland illegally.” But what you must keep in mind is that the protesters are engaging in a plethora of mischief outside of a Federal building. The protesters chant “Feds Go Home, Feds Go Home!” Again, they’re protesting outside of a ‘Federal’ Building.

Federal agents allegedly shot a black man at last night’s protest, and when the fellow protestors rushed in to allegedly ‘give him care,’ the agents shot tear gas at protesters to make them back away from him. However, what the protester didn’t report was what the black man did to deserve getting shot, they didn’t report if he got arrested, they also didn’t report if he was unarmed or not. The person who reported that the guy had been shot removed me from their friends list after reading this press release that covered the “Peaceful Protests.”

Several people complain that the nightly protests outside of the Federal Building aren’t solving anything, and one has to agree. As mentioned in the last Press Release, no one seems to be in charge, and no one has a clear list of demands.

“When I mentioned the fact that the only reason they’re protesting is because their supply of Adrenochrome blood was cut off, the viewers on the stream attacked me with a barrage of hateful comments. They’re committing hate crimes and they’re not peaceful at all. They’re clearly there for a fight and all they’re doing outside of those Federal Buildings is causing trouble,” says Sheriff Chance Trahan for President.

Candidate Trahan adds, “I gave them an opportunity to show me what they’re all about, and not only did they fail at clarifying what their message is and what they plan to do to solve the problems, but they also failed at convincing me that they would do the same for the children that keep turning up missing. In fact, they’ve only convinced me of the opposite.”

(Article will be updated as things progress.)

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