Sunday, August 23, 2020

Chance For President Candidate Chance Trahan Addresses A Veteran’s Concerns Over Government Lockdown

Chance Trahan Issues A Statement To Let All Veterans Know That He Stands By Them In A Potential Oncoming Revolutionary War Against The Corrupt Deep State Government
REDDING, Calif. - Aug. 22, 2020

Military Veteran Carlos Zapata issued a warning to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors during a meeting where he appeared before the board unmasked in defiance of Governor Newsom’s mandate, and spoke firmly to the Board about a revolution made up primarily of Veterans who are tired of orders issued from Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Deep State Dictator, Gavin Newsom.

“I want Carlos and other Veterans to know that I stand with them, and that I also share their concerns. I do not condone violence, however, I am more adamant about protecting businesses, civilians, and especially Veteran lives, and if that comes to a revolutionary war, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get. We The People aren’t going to sit by and allow predators and dictators to play games with our lives and prey upon us while they live off the fat of the land,” says the Chance for President Nonpartisan Candidate, Chance Trahan.

The Chance for President campaign appeared deeply moved by Carlos Zapata’s speech in Shasta County, which had enticed the Presidential Candidate to adjust one of the issues on his Presidential Platform’s website that addresses Veteran Affairs. The message that Carlos brings to the Shasta County Board caught the candidate for President’s attention and has influenced him in such a way that he’s felt the need to express his concerns in conjunction with Mr Zapata’s stern warning of a revolutionary war against the Deep State Government.

Watch the video of the warning issued by Carlos Zapata

“The article posted clearly states that Globalist and CIA’s secret trafficking in drugs, guns, and children causes an emotional toll that’s far too much for Veterans to take. Veterans ending up on psychotic drugs from the VA is infuriating. I’m personally outraged that we have more deaths of military veterans from suicide than we do from combat. This has always been an issue that remains close to my heart, and I’m not going to allow the Government’s Deep State to step over our Veterans while their actions are causing Veterans to take their own lives. Carlos says he lost a handful of his Veteran buddies that chose suicide over this, and that’s not sitting well with me as a candidate for President. This hasn’t been easy, but I’m fighting for you. This campaign isn’t about me, it’s about We The People, and I couldn’t do this without you,” says Trahan.

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By: Chance for President