Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Black Lives Matter [Has Been Hijacked]

“No cap. If you still stay silent about black lives matter at this point w this happening right here in our own state in front of our own eyes I promise I can’t associate w you no more
I will no longer tolerate people who constantly think BLM is an attack to any other race especially white people. It is not an attack, you should be disgusted the way these police officers act and should be disappointed.
Instead y’all worry about businesses being looted bro. Y’all will literally find any reason to combat anything that has to do w BLM so if any of y’all say anything or disagree w what I’m saying I no longer f*** w you omm.”

After reading that, I immediately set the record straight. So, allow me to indulge into what the truth of the matter is about ‘BLM’ because I officially can’t take this pack of lies anymore.

That’s not even what blm stands for, this whole movement ain’t even about what the above text says. That’s the messed up thing about the whole thing. BLM hijacked the cause. That’s the truth. It’s a lot more complex than that simple statement. There’s a lot more going on that I can explain if you’re down to listen to what’s really going down right now. I can explain everything, but it’s going to make you mad at who’s behind this whole thing. I’m not saying it to argue or piss you off, I’m just trying to help, because this whole thing is messed up, and I agree with what it’s supposed to stand for. It’s just that there’s a lot more to this that nobody even understands that’s going on behind the scenes. I just want to help, and that’s all I’m trying to do, so please, I beg of you to not be mad at me cuz that’s not what I’m trying to do, ok?

I stand with you. BLM isn’t what you think it is, it has nothing to do with “black lives” per se. But they’re using the drama to push a really screwed up political agenda and it’s deep state white people who are behind it. I’ve been investigating it since this whole thing started during Barack’s presidency. White people are starting the riots and the police are their friendlies and are helping them. I got proof of this bullshit for days, and Black America is taking the blame, taking the heat, and we all care so much about the movement, about the cause, that it’s easy to get angry over it.

It’s a pride thing that they’re playing people on. They’re preying on what black America stands for. And while everyone’s arguing, they’re doing things behind the scenes that’s gonna piss you off. They’re profiting off this and giving the money to the democratic national committee. In other words, they’re giving the money that they make off this whole thing to the KKK.

I’m sorry if that’s not easy to digest, but it’s true. Trump is a Democrat. He’s not republican like he says he is. He’s a lifelong Democrat. What that’s called is ‘Republican In Name Only,’ a RINO. That’s why he’s so racist. I’m running for President, that’s how I know all of this and I’ve been really pissed off this whole time.

They keep creating drama to make everyone argue so they never find out about my campaign for 2020 President. The COVID 19 virus doesn’t exist, it’s just their way of ushering in the “New World Order.” I know that ain’t something that’s easy to believe. But it’s true. They keep reviving this ridiculous “virus” nonsense with lying doctors, mask drama, mandates, and vaccination scares. Anything they can to keep me from liberating the lower and middle class. Once the lower and middle class understand what I’m saying, these corrupt deep state players are all screwed.

Once everyone fully understands everything I know, because I’m one of the very few who’s actually been paying attention, they’re going to prison for life. That’s why people keep starting arguments about stupid dumb little bullshit online and all this madness and bullshit. They’re trying to restore order from controlled chaos that they instigated in the first place. Because, if Trump or Biden or any of them incumbent scumbags makes it as president, then I don’t get the microphone and I don’t get to tell the truth.

That’s why I’m even running for President, so I can grab the mic and set the record straight about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING? YES, EVERY LITTLE THING! Child trafficking, Las Vegas shooting, school shootings, mass shootings, political slush funds, federal land grabs, political law breaking, politicians and their authoritarian overreach, all this bullshit. They don’t want me to have any power. Because, when I do and I freestyle rap during my inauguration and tell the truth about everything, it’s game over for them, because everyone in the entire world is gonna sit at the TV jaw dropped at everything coming out of my mouth.

I just really hope I’m helping you and not hurting you. I just care so much that it puts me in a really screwed off position mentally.

I know what you’re thinking: The BLM movement is true and real, and that it has been an issue since the beginning of time. As a black individual, you see police brutality all the time that happens to your friends and family. You want to see the proof that white people are starting this all. You want to see the proof that these are riots caused by white people, that they are profiting off of it and then giving the money to the KKK.

I’ll show you. But, first let me explain. It’s not the core movement that the corrupt deep state is starting, that’s always been there. However, it’s what the deep state is doing to start the bullshit that’s going on that’s got everyone in an uproar about the things we think we know. You understand what I’m saying? BLM is a hijacked organization. George Soros hijacked it. That’s a long known fact. He made it a corporate organization, okay? BLM is now a thing, it’s not a movement. He stole it. Look at their organization’s website. When this Floyd situation started, they had it posted right there on their front page that they are giving their proceeds to the DNC. And the DNC is the new KKK. They can’t go by KKK in public, they’d get lynched if they did. Make sense so far?

This George Floyd scenario happened in several countries the exact same way all at the same time. I got the proof, it’s easily researchable too. The kneeling on the neck, the cops doing it, the exact same scenario. But, here’s what’s going to throw you through a real loop. The ‘cops’ involved aren’t even in jail, they had patsies. They are paid actors following a script. And Stephen Jackson is the one who pretended to be George Floyd. George’s previous lawyer is claiming that Geroge has already been dead for 3 years now. No one died that day. I can prove everything I’m saying and I will. I’m just trying to explain everything first off so you understand what all I’m showing you. Trump pretended like he saw something horrible when it was just a big reality TV show that no actors were harmed in. You follow?

Then came the protests. Peaceful at first. Lots of people who cared show up. Then, reports of violent protesters showed up and hijacked the entire thing late at night when everyone went home. Cops placed bricks out on the sidewalks next to businesses that they had hidden in the back of their cruisers. And then the paid protesters showed up and started throwing those same bricks into the windows of the buildings and started spray painting a bunch of hateful bullshit everywhere to make it more dramatic, for the effect. But the wrecked business owners don’t really care cuz they’ve got insurance to replace everything and they’re getting paid off either way, so they go on TV and pretend like it’s so awful. And the whole time this rioting and business smash and grabbing is going on, the cops are there protecting them, the friendlies.

This is the ANTIFA manual. It will explain everything.