Saturday, September 17, 2022


First and foremost, I am a huge fan of Call of Duty. I just had to get that out of the way before we started. Because, this is not an attack on any person, place nor thing. I’ve been playing COD for like a decade. Maybe more. So, when I tell you that I love playing Call of Duty, I mean that. With that said, there are some issues that I would like to promptly address about the current state of our community.

Look, Call of Duty lobbies are toxic. This is just one of many reasons that this game is rated 18 and up. The same reason that other things are age restricted too. This age–restricted rating means that this certain content or product may not be suitable for children, and that’s for a very good reason. But, that doesn’t stop some children from playing Call of Duty. Some parents even use it to bond with their kids, and that’s their personal choice. The only reason that I’m even writing this is because I just now had an eyebrow–raising social interaction with someone that I would personally consider a Call of Duty Degenerate. This experience just rubs me the wrong way, like all the other similar distasteful COD Degenerate moments that have happened all throughout my Call of Duty gaming career. But, I digress. This “Degenerate” is someone who sits around with nothing funny to say. They just stay salty, get mad, and they even throw a verbal tantrum when you finally speak up about what’s going on. And, believe me when I say that this clown car that they’re driving has gone way off its tracks.

The Degenerates in the open–chat lobby all start to conglomerate with each other, cuz they’re birds of a feather. They start to see a common enemy amongst them for the moment being. And that’s when the Call of Duty Degenerate attacks, alongside their newfound friend, that’ll just be some random player that they played with one of those times when they were gaming Call of Duty when this is all said and done. They’ll say a whole lot, and they’ll get really angry when you have something to say back. It’s the direction that this culture we live in goes anymore, for the most part. And it reminds me of the cancel culture mentality. They have thoughts of shame, and at the same time, grandeur illusions of control and self-worth in this one fleeting–moment. They don’t know you, but they automatically don’t like you. And again, this is all because you’ve had enough of their cheesy gameplay and brought it to everyone’s attention. These are the types of people who don’t help you capture a flag on domination, the simple minded ones. The ones who think that an insane amount of kills on the Call of Duty multiplayer scoreboard is the pure essence of shear Godliness, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s where it gets real though. Because, as I’ve mentioned, I’m not here to cancel anybody. I’m just here to speak my mind on some things that I disagree with in the Call of Duty gaming community. I don’t mind the trash talk sometimes. Roasting can be funny. And, besides, I grew up hearing from my mom that I should have become a lawyer because I sure do love to argue. So, it’s not that at all. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to tell you what’s wrong with the Call of Duty gamer community, and it’s not exactly what you think. See, Call of Duty has a flurry of objective based game modes. They are all supposed to provide great game mechanics, and they each usually have some specialized–tactics involved, and these scenarios can all be quite competitive. So, the occasional razzing is widely accepted in the Call of Duty gaming world, and I’ve even heard a lot of kids press adults pretty hard too. It can be surprising to hear what comes out of what we thought was their innocent mouths. But, then, you have those adults. The degenerates. The ones who don’t know the real meaning of being humble, so I, or someone else has to help them to humble themselves. I, like many other sharpened players on Call of Duty,(or even Warzone) have occasionally opened up a whole can of whoop–ass over the COD lobby chat.

The razzing, as far as I’m concerned, the type that draws out these degenerates for who they truly are, is that part where you ask them why they’re camping. You continue to ask them repeatedly, because that’s all they ever spend their time doing on the map, and it gets repetitive. But, they won’t give you a straight answer, nor even think to apologize. They just instantly start attacking. All because you’re tired of them always running around in circles pretty much, through, or around, the same building. Never leaving that building. They’re there every time you walk into that building, in the same room, waiting for you to walk around that corner, hard scoping for you so long that their little digital guy’s arms get sore and even their playable characters start to complain and ask questions about their strange behavior while playing that game too. This camping phenomenon is widely complained about and frowned upon in the Call of Duty video game community, because they’re always hiding in the same corner, with their gun pointed exactly where you’ll be pipelining down, and as soon as they see you, they just spray and pray. But, the thing about this is that not only does it make the game not fun and completely ruins the entire experience for everyone involved, but these rabid pixel jockeys are both absolutely silent until you’ve got something to say, and also smug the entire freaking time that you have to waste your precious life playing with these degenerates.

But, we haven’t even mentioned the noob tubes. What are “noob tubes?” Well, they’re these rocket propelled grenade launchers that come in the shape of a big long tube. They’re for noobs. Mostly the ones with no talent and no idea about the gameplay mechanics. It’s a failsafe for them to just be able to point it into a general direction, fire, and expect massive damage. What surprises these types of players is when you miraculously survive the explosion and then you shove it in their face by turning things around and being the one who’s getting the kill and humiliating them. They can’t figure out what went wrong, because, it was their failsafe, and they pretty much have nothing to back them up anymore, but a gun, that they’re no good at shooting people with. They load themselves up with the standard noob tube that comes with 2 rockets to fire, flashbangs and grenades. This is typically all dispensed and hurled at you within just a few seconds time. That’s at least 6 different times per their character’s life–cycle getting flung your direction, and people die on the game like, every 5 to 10 seconds generally speaking. So that’s all these unnecessary explosions booming your ears, with white screens flashed at you, and you can’t see or hear anything that’s going on in the game, which defaults in a lot of kills just handed to the enemy, because they got lucky with their aim and hit you just right, while someone with talent comes in and sweeps you up. Oh, and did I mention that they do all of this from far away too?

Now, let’s talk about the glitch exploiters. These types of Call of Duty Degenerates basically heard through the grapevine that there’s a hole in the map that works in such a way that when you find the hole in the map, you can go underneath the terrain/floor that everyone is walking on, and there is nothing but white–space below you, but the ground that you’re now under is see through. Basically, when you’re in the glitch cave inside of the underneath of the map, everything above you is see through, and you can just sit there, underground, and shoot everyone on the map, and they never see you, or get to shoot you back. They’re pretty much in the basement of the game that works like magic to where they never get touched or seen, as if they’re some kind of ninja. They are anything but. They’re cheaters. They’re exploiting a glitch, and when you ask them why they just did it, they say that it’s funny. This leads the person it just happened to say only one thing, and that one thing is, “Oh, you think that’s funny?” Instead of letting the lobby know what’s about to happen, and prepping them for a, “see if you can find me” game, they just jump in the hole, become untouchable and hidden from us, yet, you get to see all of us and shoot through the floor and have it kill us all the entire match, they just do it and don’t care what you think. That is, at least, not until you start telling them what’s about to possibly happen to their account just because you caught them cheating.

These Degenerates, they’ll call ya trash, tell you what to do, cry about the fact that you’re even on the game at all with whatever score they’re all pointing their fingers at to mock you. In short, it’s awful. This ill-behavior and poor sportsmanlike conduct is an awful lot to have to deal with when you’re just trying to play the game, execute your mission, and move on with your life. But, then there’s the cheater degenerates. They’re often called demons, or even worse, hackers. The reason that calling them hackers is worse, is because that’s actually an insult to hackers everywhere. You don’t dial in a bunch of cheats you didn’t make and magically get considered a hacker, or even earn that title at all. All you did was install some smuggled pirated software and then adjust your settings how you like them. That’s literally all you did. Believe me, you’re not a hacker. You don’t earn that title just by playing video games with something installed that’s pretty much the equivalent of a Game Genie that someone else had already programmed, and then sold to you, the Call of Duty loser. These cheaters are using autoaim, they can see through the walls, run around the corner they know you’re coming up to, and then instantly laser you with the tap of a button being held by some sweaty–palmed no-name dork that thinks they’ve got something to prove to the whole world.

I can’t believe that I actually have to say this, but:
COD Degenerates, You are the reason that no one wants to buy Call of Duty titles ever again, and if I was an umbrella company for Call of Duty, I would be just a teensy bit upset that you were cutting into my overall profitability.

No one wants to admit it, but that’s why. It’s you. When you’re in the military, what do you learn? That one weak man can drag and entire platoon down and quite possibly get you killed in the line–of–duty. You are that one weak unit in our entire army of people we have here. We’re gonna need you to toughen up, buttercup, and quit hiding in the corner like a little girl. Stop hiding in the closet, bruh. It’s not a good look for you. When your teammates need you, be there for them. If there’s an open flag, go capture it. Don’t just run past the flag looking for a kill, that’s ridiculous and rude. That’s just like stealing. Don’t you understand how stupid you play this game? We are a team, and we are not playing these game modes solo.

But, let’s talk about Free For All. Free For All is a Call of Duty multiplayer game mode that is every man for himself, but everyone can hear each other’s mics if you got one plugged in and it’s not muted. That’s where and/or how things can become toxic. Like I keep saying, this part can be fun. It’s the need to be right, and to make yourself feel better at the expense of others that I don’t like. A lot of y’all don’t even understand why I get the way I do with some of you, but that’s because you’re running your mouth when all I did was ask a question. You’re angry, frustrated, and you’re gonna make someone pay for that.

Well, let me be the first to tell you that this bullshit don’t fly with me of all people. This is a no–fly zone for you, pal. And, if you even attempt to breach my peace of mind, I will shoot at your little airplane until it falls down and goes boom with you inside of it. And if you have me opening my mouth on you, then you know you done messed up. I will not back down to your intimidation and bullying tactics that you try when you’re in that COD lobby, bumping your gums, and thinking of only yourself. It’s sad. I’m laughing, mostly at you, but still. It’s sad. It’s sad to see that a grown man like you acts like such a child in the chat, and you have to have that mirrored back at you to show you how stupid you look, and it’s never a nice delivery from me either. It’s exactly what you needed to hear, with your hardheaded grown–up self. And, as I mentioned, this is an adult game, and you’ve run yourself into another grown adult, and he’s not having it. Not at all.

A handful of old familiar phrases comes to mind when I think back on a lot of these instances in dealing with these types of degenerates.

  • You’re calling the tea kettle black.
  • Takes one to know one.
  • You kiss your mother with that mouth?
  • I’m just speaking the language of the locals.
  • Or, what about the question, “why so serious?”

Seriously, though. Why are you so mad? Why are you getting so mad that you instantly run directly to the pigpen and start slinging mud at people that you don’t even know? Because, believe me, we are plenty prepared to sling it back, but our mud is being sent over with rocks in it when we throw it back at you. You’ve been warned.

That’s all I have to rant about for now. Thanks for stopping by and reading what all I’ve got to say about this, because you are why I do this. So, thank you! I hope you enjoyed my article. As always, have a beautiful day, and be sure to check back later for more updates soon.