Wednesday, November 23, 2022


President Trahan has asked Elon Musk for directions to Mars, which has quite obviously stumped Elon. You can’t get in nor out of the Expanse that Yahuah has placed above us that keeps the waters above and below us out of our world. The Firmament yahuah has in place is like a molten glass air bubble that surrounds the Earth, and no matter how much you’d like to leave here, you can’t. After being called out on Twitter for lying to the People of Earth about travels to outer space, Elon immediately chose to start negotiations for buying Twitter instead of firing back with anything that would prove his claims of going to Mars or any kind of travel into “outer space” at all.

The thing is that Musk can’t prove any of his claims, because they’re certainly lies. On the other–hand, Chance Trahan can easily prove that the firmament actually does exist and that no-one could ever be capable of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. Many attempts at smashing the Expanse have taken place. The most notable one was Challenger, which traveled roughly 74 miles before smashing into the glass ceiling. More recently, Elon’s company, SpaceX, had sent a rocket up–up and away, which met the same exact demise that ends in explosions and wasted investments. Moments after his experiment to actually travel to outer space failed, he said that they now had all the information that they needed. Trahan immediately fired back and said something along the lines of Elon’s needed information consisted of now understanding that the molten glass ceiling was impenetrable, and that the Presidential Candidate was right about the Expanse all along.

On November 19th of 2022, Trahan asked Elon, “Why don’t both you and Trump debate me at the same time?” And at the time of writing this, Elon still hasn’t responded. In fact, Elon has never directly responded to President Trahan, and it’s our best guess that Musk wishes that the US Presidential Candidate would just go away.

Plenty of NASA trolls have tried debating Trahan, but, no one has successfully stumped him, debunked him, nor will anyone ever be able to when it comes to these matters. Even NASA themselves have made many reports that describe Earth as flat and non-rotating. If NASA admits that the Earth isn’t a globe, then why can’t Elon? Is it because people will finally see Musk for the billion–dollar–fraud that he verifiably is?

When you can’t win a debate, what are you to do? In this scenario, dictators tend to silence the opposition. Was that the reason behind his purchase of Twitter, while also falsely claiming that free-speech exists there, when it obviously doesn’t? Either way, Elon was called a dictator by Twitter’s users after seeing what many would call communist or even marxist policies that he’s introduced to the Twitter platform.

Musk’s new Twitter policies are claimed to be radically extreme because they make verification a pay-to-play feature that you have to pay to the platform in perpetuity (meaning forever). The verification feature was first given to iPhone users only, and isn’t/or wasn’t able to be purchased from the actual website itself. It’s important to note that this new verification policy proactively drives the tweets of people who aren’t paying members down as opposed to the people who are paying members that are having their replies and content delivered with bold-faced bias. This means that the unverified members (who only use desktop or Android devices to access the Twitter platform) are harder to discover, be seen, or heard from. And the excuse that the new Twitter owner, Elon Musk, used in an attempt to justify his dictatorial actions, was that these policies are in place to help fight bot–accounts and spam, which only partially makes sense.

In conclusion, it seems that the majority of Twitter’s users are largely upset with the new policies, and many are expecting the platform to have the “MySpace effect” while under this new ownership. Back when Tom still owned MySpace and Lucas was his leading site developer, Tom had decided to sell the platform to the Harry Fox company. Which, we can only assume that they had sought to destroy MySpace after seeing how they had done just that. When the MySpace platform was in negotiations of being sold, everyone who understood what was about to happen had already jumped from MySpace in favor of Facebook. In light of what’s happening to Twitter, its users are now creating backup accounts to other platforms and encouraging people to follow them on the alternative platform just in case Twitter goes down like everyone is expecting it to do while under the ownership of Elon.