Thursday, May 28, 2020


The incumbent President promises that Americans will return to the Moon by 2024 when we’ve never been there in the first place.
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Monday, March 2, 2020

Sheriff’s 2020 Campaign Gains Momentum Giving Chance Trahan An Even Better Shot At The White House [Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan To Take The Stage]


Having the air filled with corruption and greed has this presidential candidate on edge and ready to take the stage.

“I can’t possibly take it anymore,” Chance Trahan exclaims.

The momentum is picking up for his campaign and the people are on his side. People are looking to Chance as someone who can be trusted to make this nation a better place for everyone regardless of race. The people are talking and the buzz is getting a little hard to ignore. With this candidate pitching in whenever he came to help his community in any way possible, they are starting to think he’s out of this world for his contributions to society alone.

Sheriff Trahan’s presidential campaign is on the minds of people everywhere from all across the world. Even India is talking about this campaign under–the–radar fresh post Trump’s recent visit where he helped benefit big agriculture farming, and believe us when we say that’s bad. Just follow Chance Trahan on Instagram and check his stories. He’s posting about this kind of thing all the time.

Trahan’s campaign is currently working with lobbyists who are interested in putting Chance into the media, and you can expect a lot of truth to come out into the open that will enlighten you. It’s no surprise what you might learn from this candidate when he talks about the election, but the details are what will really shock you. And while we won’t get into all the details now, we’re excited to see what this 2020 candidate has to say for himself. Just following the Chance Campaign on Twitter alone is a real eye–opener. He’s seen his fair share of things and when something pops up in the media that he doesn’t like (which tends to be a lot) he usually takes right to Twitter to set the record straight.

Chance is quoted as saying, “You might be shocked to learn that satanism and pedophilia are tightly woven into politics. And it gets even much more worse than that. I’ll be discussing these things in the media soon and I can’t wait for you to see what all I’m going to uncover and what I am planning to do about it. But first thing’s first…. When I get into office, we’ve got to make fixing the roads everywhere around here mandatory. This is nuts! We have some of the worst driving conditions ever!”

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019


It was post Hurricane Katrina, Chance was feeling horrible about the damage caused of the hurricane and wanted nothing but to volunteer to help the victims. This was not an option, because at the time he was in Houston and people were being ushered out of Louisiana, not allowed to enter the state. Not even to volunteer. This put a damper on Chance’s whole mood because he heavily advocates in volunteering to help other people. He wanted nothing more but to help others so bad, and he just couldn’t. That news just about crushed him. He was living in Las Vegas at the time and his cousin had come to visit him, and they had so much fun that he decided that he was going to live with Chance in Las Vegas. The reason they were in Houston together was to pick up his cousin’s belongings for him to move back to Las Vegas with Chance and his mom. This was a really rough time in life for Chance. Everyone was selling him out, no one seem to care about whatever happened to him, and still to this day he feels like the black sheep of his family.
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The Dimond Aquatic Center is nothing short of amazing. It’s what I would describe as a mini indoor water park. When visiting, I couldn’t believe how many things that this place had. There’s an Aqua Aerobics event early in the morning, plus Tai Chi classes too. You can also book all of the event rooms depending on the size of your party, or just one room. The coolest thing is that the water is half salt, half chlorine. There’s all types of things to do here; There’s waterslides, a lazy river, a lap pool with diving boards, locker rooms, showers, a hot tub, a sauna, and yes even a gym with plenty of workout equipment!
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Thursday, August 15, 2019


Between the sirens blaring all day throughout Mendenhall Valley and the amounts of people getting pulled over by the Juneau Police Department, it’s safe to say that it’s that time of the month. No, not that time of the month, silly nilly. The time of the month where your local police are focusing on making their monthly quota of writing tickets.
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