Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Has it been a while since you’ve updated your WHM Packages?

You probably keep running into errors like:

  • cannot install both glibc-devel-2.28-164.el8_5.3.x86_64 and glibc-devel-2.28-151.el8.x86_64
  • “/usr/bin/dnf” reported error code “1” when it ended:
  • Error: Transaction test error: file /usr/share/tesseract/tessdata/eng.traineddata from install of tesseract-4.1.1-2.el8.x86_64 conflicts with file from package tesseract-langpack-eng-4.0.0-6.el8.noarch
  • try to add ‘–allowerasing’ to command line to replace conflicting packages

– First, go to the WHM Terminal, and then paste the code one line at a time and then press enter.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
sudo rpm --import
sudo dnf install tesseract
sudo dnf install tesseract-langpack-*
yum update --allowerasing"

Then, you should be able to run all your updates with no errors after the Terminal is done computing.