Monday, March 6, 2023

CREED III [Honest Review]

I went to see CREED III this opening weekend. Here’s my honest review:

The line reading was almost perfect, but I needed closed captioning for most of the scenes involving Adonis’s adversary that I can’t get in the theaters, especially during the club scene. The coach from the Creed gym had a couple lines that I didn’t believe when he read them, these were typically when he was in the ring between rounds. The movie was super predictable and the plot wasn’t necessarily gripping, but it did make for a great film, but I just wasn’t moved by the story and most of the acting and plot. The fact that we got shortchanged on the main fight by flash forwarding from round 2 to round 12 was a bit upsetting. We had this huge buildup that I thought could have seen more intensity between the boxers, but we got short changed on that too. With that said, the film was overall great, but, I just can’t say that it deserved the hype it received based on how badly the plot and the feeling of the movie got short changed. His adversary Dame was greatly played, but as I mentioned, there wasn’t enough tough skinned or moving moments to really push the envelope the previews played it up to be. Plus, I noticed that some of the lines I was waiting to see play out were cut from the film and were only available in the previews that were in theaters. When Sylvester was heading these films, there was a certain moving aspect that really made you feel the plot and everything surrounding it. But, with Jordan in the creative seat, it didn’t have near the same feel and lacked a lot of emotion. There were parts where I did laugh out loud and parts that did raise hairs, but, it felt pretty empty and pale in comparison to what it was built up to be in the previews. I did like a lot of this movie, but, it just didn’t hit any notes that made me think it was as great as they made it seem to be. Didn’t live up to the hype, but, like I said, this was a decent film and the acting was very spot on for most of the film and the characters and their portrayals are was what earned them any stars at all, but it just wasn’t enough to make me feel like it was worth seeing in theaters for 15 bucks a ticket, plus the 10 bucks for Takis chips and a bottle of Smart Water. In other words, I paid over 40 bucks for what I felt was just good acting and a predictable plot. But, don’t let my review stop you from seeing this in the theater if that’s what you wanna do. Because, it was a decent film, aside from me being a script writer and seeing what was painfully obvious to someone like me. To you, it could be what you’re waiting to see. Just not for me, who was expecting it to be better than what it ended up being. Also, I felt like the end of the fight that we had been waiting to see wasn’t that great of a payoff when he delivers his crushing blow. The start of the fight was better than the end is what I’m trying to say. The fight didn’t keep pace with how it started and I felt as a viewer, we deserved a mindblowing payoff knockout that we didn’t really get.