Tuesday, October 1, 2019


I’m laying here, relaxing after taking some Theraflu. Almost asleep, and then here comes a firetruck, sirens blazing. Okay, maybe they’ll pass. Nope, they’re right down the street. I’ll be danged. Okay, they’re going away. Wait, what? There’s another showing up? Do I even wanna go outside and see what all the fuss is about? Not really. I’ma call nonemergency and see what’s up, cuz that sounds like it’s right at the end of my street. No car crashing sounds, no crazy yelling happened, what in the world is going on?
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Saturday, September 28, 2019


On March 26th 2019, Juneau PD Police Officer Patrick Vaughan showed up to Chance Trahan’s apartment on the 3800 block of Lee Court to arrest him on a previously non-extraditable warrant that was somehow turned extraditable. Las Vegas Municipal Court has picked up on a warrant for Chance’s arrest on a bogus charge. While the charge would be difficult for the court to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, the warrant was still enforced as extraditable. When Chance Trahan filed a grievance form with City and Borough of Juneau Risk Management, Risk Management Officer. Jennifer Mannix, had this to say:
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Saturday, September 7, 2019


To those of you who are confused by seeing the recent changes in the Walmart and Kroger policy where they ban sales of firearms and ammunition, and them asking that no one be allowed to open carry firearms, allow me to shed some light on the subject. Above, you can see that I am banned from shopping at Fred Meyer, which is Kroger brand, but you may not understand why you are seeing this. As you can see on the criminal trespass notice they have marked their names out twice, banned me indefinitely for “disorderly conduct,” and it looks like whoever filled this out was either on drugs, or has the mental capacity of a toddler with crayons working on their first piece of art. Why they would scratch their names out on an official criminal trespass notice is beyond me. I’ve tried to make sense of this paperwork for the last two months and I just can’t. It’s a hot mess. Apparently documenting people that work for the store that are harassing you by means of stalking is against the rules; per corporate.

Let’s break this down though. On 6/7/19 at 3:45PM I was being followed around by this guy in the video below. He previously had been following me around the store, stalking me about, as you can see in the video below. This made me a bit uncomfortable, so I confronted him by saying “What’s up?” He said, “Hey,” back to me, but then proceeded to follow me while on the phone. When he continued to do this, I got upset and decided it was time to document his stalking. At the time, I had no idea who he even was. And I didn’t find out that he was security until the day that I received the criminal trespass notice above. An “Officer Ward” was one of the police involved in this incident, and the responding officer is unnamed as far as I know.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019


Between the sirens blaring all day throughout Mendenhall Valley and the amounts of people getting pulled over by the Juneau Police Department, it’s safe to say that it’s that time of the month. No, not that time of the month, silly nilly. The time of the month where your local police are focusing on making their monthly quota of writing tickets.
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Thursday, August 8, 2019


Edit: Dispatch now reports that several Fire & Rescue calls were reported on the night of the structure fire, that no reports are shown from me about any of them even though 2 were said to have been filed back to back, and that none of the Capitol City Fire & Rescue calls were deemed suspicious. (Updated 7:37AM 8/8/19)

(Posted 8/7/19 - 2:35 AM)
In the Capitol of Alaska, there’s an active investigation into yet another structure fire that happened at around 1:45 AM Alaskan Standard Time, or at least there should be. When calling dispatch, they confirmed that there was a structure fire, but they could not give me anymore details other than that. I preemptively reached for providing answers about the situation by going ahead and filing a report with dispatch over who I think may have done it. But what’s to note is that the second time I called dispatch, the lady who answered my call at 2:21 AM didn’t plan on taking a report even though I said that I had information that could be pertinent to the case. I flat out had to convince her that if she was a good dispatcher, that she would be excited or even willing to take the report without me having to point out that it’s strange that she doesn’t care to take the report. And yes, I do have this call audio recorded.

The fact that serial structure fires happen out here is not a coincidence, which means that we can place a safe bet that this was no accident, and that if someone rules this as an accident, that person should and will be looked at like they’re crazy. But don’t allow me to rush you to judgement just yet, because you don’t know my experiences with the suspects and you definitely don’t know the full story…. But, if you very well do know what happened, the who done it, and you’re not telling the proper authorities, then allow me to remind you that you are withholding evidence and can and will be held on an account of accessories to the crime. I speak for everyone here that’s a good person when I say that the locals here are tired of the asinine and childish behavior, and I also speak for them when I say that if you want to play with fire, then you’re going to get burned in the fourth degree.

When you’ve got a problem with someone, you tend to wear your attitude towards this person on your sleeve. Where am I going with this you might be asking? Well, if I was to believe the dense-minded individuals that inhabit this beautiful nature–wonderland, I would say we’re going straight to hell. As a matter of fact, according to them, this place is already hell. Says so on the top of a doorway in an alley downtown. However, I refuse to believe the dimwitted hooligan that painted it up there. Took me a while to narrow down who would be stupid enough to write the word “hell” in the small condensed area of downtown where this could easily be seen by any tourist walking by if they just happened to look down the alley way while perusing the area. And in fact, noticing someone’s childish satanic tagging didn’t take me very long at all, and believe me when I say that I proverbially “raised hell” when I found out about it when I paid a visit to City Hall, questioning who was stupid enough to think that doing something like that in a tourist town was cool. No one had an answer for me, so I had to do some digging of my own, and now I think I’ve actually found the dunce who did this.
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