Saturday, September 28, 2019


On March 26th 2019, Juneau PD Police Officer Patrick Vaughan showed up to Chance Trahan’s apartment on the 3800 block of Lee Court to arrest him on a previously non-extraditable warrant that was somehow turned extraditable. Las Vegas Municipal Court has picked up on a warrant for Chance’s arrest on a bogus charge. While the charge would be difficult for the court to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, the warrant was still enforced as extraditable. When Chance Trahan filed a grievance form with City and Borough of Juneau Risk Management, Risk Management Officer. Jennifer Mannix, had this to say:
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Thursday, September 19, 2019


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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


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Tuesday, September 10, 2019


This story is what happens when you don’t discipline your kids. First, I get called a pig by whoever the girl is that owns the Snapchat account in question. Let me start this off with telling you that I have no idea who she is, I just know it’s some female that added me on Snapchat from Juneau. After receiving her out of the picture, but the focus of the picture being on a stuffed animal that is a pig, I snapped her saying that she didn’t have to call me (Sheriff) a pig, that she didn’t know me. I later learned that she’s in the 9th grade so I asked her what her age was, because she was acting like an immature brat in her stories. Later on in the day I was flipping through recent replies I had gotten and saw that she had looked at the message, but did not reply, even though in her recent stories she repetitively called out plenty of people for not having the guts to say something to her face instead of anonymously, like she set up her yolo snap to do. This childish behavior was way below my IQ level, so I quit watching, and was thanking God that the drama I just witnessed was not my problem and was over with. But, little did I know what was about to even happen.
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Saturday, September 7, 2019


To those of you who are confused by seeing the recent changes in the Walmart and Kroger policy where they ban sales of firearms and ammunition, and them asking that no one be allowed to open carry firearms, allow me to shed some light on the subject. Above, you can see that I am banned from shopping at Fred Meyer, which is Kroger brand, but you may not understand why you are seeing this. As you can see on the criminal trespass notice they have marked their names out twice, banned me indefinitely for “disorderly conduct,” and it looks like whoever filled this out was either on drugs, or has the mental capacity of a toddler with crayons working on their first piece of art. Why they would scratch their names out on an official criminal trespass notice is beyond me. I’ve tried to make sense of this paperwork for the last two months and I just can’t. It’s a hot mess. Apparently documenting people that work for the store that are harassing you by means of stalking is against the rules; per corporate.

Let’s break this down though. On 6/7/19 at 3:45PM I was being followed around by this guy in the video below. He previously had been following me around the store, stalking me about, as you can see in the video below. This made me a bit uncomfortable, so I confronted him by saying “What’s up?” He said, “Hey,” back to me, but then proceeded to follow me while on the phone. When he continued to do this, I got upset and decided it was time to document his stalking. At the time, I had no idea who he even was. And I didn’t find out that he was security until the day that I received the criminal trespass notice above. An “Officer Ward” was one of the police involved in this incident, and the responding officer is unnamed as far as I know.

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