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As someone who’s been with over 400 women and is somewhat of a goal crusher himself, I’m going to give you guys some clarifications on things that I’ve noticed that have been asked about lately.

Crushing goals does have a large part to do with waking up early, getting a fresh start to your day, but not necessarily does this have to do with a lack–of–sleep. If I had not woken up early all those times I decided to crush my goals, there would have been a lot of missed opportunities. Have I chosen to miss some opportunities on purpose just to sleep–in before? Yes, but those times I chose to sleep–in, I did have consequences and I did happen to miss some opportunities.

It’s about trying to get enough sleep and balancing that with a healthy outlook on life that’s good enough to still crush goals when it’s your time to do so. The time for you to do so is always now, but the good thing about life is that you get to decide when that time is, and hopefully that’s when you feel well enough.

If your goals are along the lines of meeting a woman, crushing it in business, meeting deadlines, finishing projects and things like that, then you are definitely going to lose sleep trying to get them done. But, remember that a healthy–balance and enough rest is beneficial to your progress. If you have trouble meeting your goals halfway, then make a list in a notepad on your phone, set your alarm, or set several alarms to go off all throughout the day and name them with short titles of what your goals are.

If your goal is to specifically meet women, then you have to be where the women hang out, whether that be online or in–person. If you use a dating app, find one that fits your personality. You might not have luck on Tinder, but maybe you’ll have luck on Blendr. You might not have luck on Bumble, but maybe you’ll have luck using Plenty of Fish. Or maybe Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is a better option for you? That just all depends on what you’re looking for. You just have to find the app that fits you and what you’re seeking, and the same goes for places you hang out in–person at. Maybe you don’t have good luck in a dive bar, but maybe you’d have better luck at a hookah bar. You might not even like the bar scene at all, but maybe you’d have more fun meeting women in the grocery store, or even the mall.

But something I’ve picked up from recent videos that I’ve seen online is that the first step to meeting women is always making new friends. Let’s say that you aren’t sexually attracted to a particular woman you meet somewhere that’s being nice to you, she could have a friend that you would like. But, don’t use people just to get to someone else, because other people will see right through that and will start to resent you for this. Which leads me to another point….

Be genuine. Be authentic. Be yourself. If you’re walking right up to a couple of women that are just doing their thing that might intimidate you, just smile at them as you approach them. I’ve had women that are both taken that genuinely appreciate being approached with a smile. That is always the first step in meeting someone new, just smile at them in a genuine way and say hi. Be your authentic self, be the goofball you are, be whatever you are. Say exactly what you want from the conversation by asking if she’s single, but be yourself, because women will appreciate that the most about your approach.

If you’re single, you have to remember that you are single because that was your choice. If you approach a woman desperately, they will know. But if you’re confident in the fact that you’re single before *and* after you meet her or get her number, then you will have better odds at engaging in a meaningful conversation with her or even with her friends. The conversation will not always lead to sex or a relationship, but you have to be perfectly happy with that. You walked into the conversation single, and you have to be fine with the fact that you’re going to walk away from that conversation just as single as you were when you walked into it. But, if you play your cards right, you might just walk away with a phone number, and that’s always a start. So, just be yourself, and *remember* to get–them–digits.

Are you worried about the way you dress? Invest into a new wardrobe. Start with an outfit and work your way up from there. If you always wear jeans and a t-shirt, maybe you could try a name brand outfit that matches the pants, shoes and shirt? Women love entire outfits, because they resemble a uniform. And remember that one of the first things a woman will notice is your footwear. She’s looking for any reason to say no to you, and if you give her something pleasant to look at and you approach her with a smile and you’re being genuine, then how can she say no?

Respect the fact that she probably has a boyfriend. Most of us have made our way into the approach and have screwed ourselves on this one before by even asking if she has a boyfriend, but the woman will respect you more if you at least ask. And if she says she has a boyfriend, then it’s up to you if you’d like to find out how serious the relationship is. You might want to marry her when the guy she’s seeing only allows the relationship to go as far as dating, and she might be looking for something more stable than just dinner and sex. But, you won’t know unless you try.

When they say that showing up is the majority of the battle, they’re right! Most times you just have to show up, flash a smile, and say hi, then the rest is easy. Sometimes it’s not that easy, because you’ve approached correctly, but maybe your posture was off, maybe you forgot to wear the right shoes, or maybe you forgot to be genuine. But, the more you try, the easier it is to approach women. And who knows, maybe she will like you for you, and none of that other stuff that you tried to do to make everything perfect will even matter anyways? Trust me, you’ll know. Just go with the flow.

Don’t be afraid to make small talk with her. And by small talk, I don’t mean asking her something like how the weather is, but maybe you could ask her what time it is. Just find an easy opener to get the conversation started. But, remember that not everything listed here can work 100% of the time. You just have to try and see what works and what doesn’t, but if you want her bad enough, you’ll figure out how to meet her halfway. Never go 100%, if she doesn’t come to meet–you at 50%, then she probably isn’t attracted to you, and there’s not much that you can do to change her mind. So, again, be okay with letting her go sometimes.

Approaching women can be a guessing game most–of–the–time, and often you’re surprised that whatever you did worked when it does go the way you planned. But, if you follow a lot of the key–points to what I said, then that takes half of the guessing game away, and all that you had to do was as easy as just being yourself.

She might be interested in random things you know or a cool short story that you could have to tell, but just don’t bore her to death, nor should you turn her off with a sad sob story about your ex. She wants to know that she can have fun with you, so be fun and inviting. In other words, you want to show women your best side, not your Mr Hyde.

Ask her out on–a–date, something simple, but fun. Maybe you like to look at the stars at night where the view is best, or maybe you like to go to a certain thinking spot where the view is nice, or you can just take her for a walk and bring along a couple of bottles of water, and then you can ask her if she’s hungry and wants to go with you to grab something to eat. But, take her there to your spot, show her your inner self that no one else gets to see, and make things interesting for her to get to know you easily. And I mention places like this, because this is a place that you’re comfortable being, this is a place where you can open up to her and tell her exactly what you want out of the relationship. But, if you skip that part and just jump headfirst into sex, then don’t go blaming anyone else for coming out on the other side empty–handed.

This is your chance to make the move, so be careful what move you make, but make a move that leads to something else, or you’ll bore her. But, trust me when I say that the move you make has to be with your big–boy words and not just your drive to pound her from the back while pulling her hair, otherwise she’ll resent you for moving too quickly, or for even trying something to get to that sexually oriented point too soon at all. Slow down big–boy, she already knows exactly what you want. So, take your time in getting there.

Be someone she can see herself with, but certainly be someone in the first–place. Everybody is someone. So, when you’re envisioning yourself being with her, imagine yourself being someone who she’s interested in. Hold that picture in your mind of what you want, let it go, and then watch it happen for you. Or again, just start off by making a list. Lists are important because they set goals, and it’s even better if you set a deadline for yourself. But make those goals, crush those goals, and make whatever it is that you want happen for yourself, and for her.

Remember, that if you don’t want it, then it won’t happen for you, so you’ve gotta want it, whatever that is. Make–it–happen, make the magic happen, want it to happen, and be happy that you’re getting it. Put into motion these things you want, and surely enough, they will come to you by meeting you halfway.

Saturday, June 27, 2020



Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan gives you exactly what you need to fire back at the Incumbent President’s supporters.

The Trump Administration Exposed

Why was the JFK Assassination report Donald declassified so heavily redacted?
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Posted courtesy of Steve Sanchez Show business page on Facebook.
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


I’m laying here, relaxing after taking some Theraflu. Almost asleep, and then here comes a firetruck, sirens blazing. Okay, maybe they’ll pass. Nope, they’re right down the street. I’ll be danged. Okay, they’re going away. Wait, what? There’s another showing up? Do I even wanna go outside and see what all the fuss is about? Not really. I’ma call nonemergency and see what’s up, cuz that sounds like it’s right at the end of my street. No car crashing sounds, no crazy yelling happened, what in the world is going on?
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Well, here’s an interesting piece for you. An alcoholic stalker recently decided to give me a piece of his mind, and believe me whenever I say that there was not much to go on. The way the world works according to this demeaning alcoholic predator is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve personally ever heard a drinky crow even say to me.
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