Thursday, August 15, 2019


Between the sirens blaring all day throughout Mendenhall Valley and the amounts of people getting pulled over by the Juneau Police Department, it’s safe to say that it’s that time of the month. No, not that time of the month, silly nilly. The time of the month where your local police are focusing on making their monthly quota of writing tickets.
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Thursday, August 8, 2019


This video was recorded on Saturday, August 3rd at 8:05 PM. Yep, you can clearly see that this guy driving the fire truck named Cheyenne Sanchez is a certified narcissist. There’s no opinion about this. He displays wild fits of narcissism. He actually thinks that he’s so important and superior to others that he’s convinced that he can use your taxpayer funded fire engine to run his personal errand. This video begs the question of what he forgot at home that was so important that he’d actually use a fire truck to stop by his house real quick and grab whatever this is that he might claim that “he forgot.”

This self righteous neighbor of mine actually had the nerve to try to shut me down when canvassing the neighborhood for my presidential campaign instead of trying to understand my story and celebrate the fact that he’s got a presidential candidate living on the same block as him. In fact, he’s quite territorially threatened that someone, in his apparent opinion, is one–upping him. He can’t stand it. He won’t be outdone is the attitude that he evidently has about himself. Why do I say that? Because, for one, he’s gone out of his way to date the girl next door, be very public about it, and use this as an attempt to get under my skin. I’ve got news for him, I am not worried about dating her, not in the least. The only reason I even care about that at all is that she’s going to find out the hard way what kind of narcissist this guy really is. She has kids, and after the way he’s been acting towards me, I am generally concerned for their safety around him. Just some food for thought: I was with someone for four years until I ultimately realized what kind of narcissistic psycho that I was living with. But, alas, their relationship is none of my business. However, they’re trying to no end to make their relationship (whatever it may be) my business. But, personally, as I said, I don’t care. The only thing that even remotely concerns me is the well being of her kids and the fact that he’s so intent on displaying the fact that they’re talking. Who does that? A narcissist, that’s who.

Well, I officially had enough of his antics when I saw him bring this fire truck to his part of the block and then park it in front of his part of the duplex that he lives in to run his personal errand, all while blocking other cars in while he does it like he just doesn’t have time to care about other people’s needs. As a parent, I have wondered what his motivation for talking to the nice neighbor lady is. She seems friendly, so I have spoken to her a couple times telling her about my presidential campaign and the toothpaste that I make and sell from home. However, he’s not as nice as she is. In fact, he’s very rude and condescending, even while in front of the kids. When I asked him, loud enough for him to hear while he was halfway across the street, if his superiors knew about his personal errand run with the tax payer funded fire engine, he scoffs and tells me to “keep it down.” But keep in mind that it’s merely 7 PM, I’m not going out of my way to actually bother anybody, and I am only asking him loud enough for him to hear, because I’m just not sure if he can actually hear me over all that narcissistic ego stroking he’s doing to himself inside his head. Oh, I’m sure he’s listening, but is he hearing me?

“And today, he backed that up by saying his crews are not permitted to drive around on personal errands, but they can go together in groups to the gym and out for meals, keeping the fire truck fully staffed so they can quickly respond together to emergencies.”
Article: Fire trucks on grocery runs? Unlikely as new policy develops, limiting non-emergency use.

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Edit: Dispatch now reports that several Fire & Rescue calls were reported on the night of the structure fire, that no reports are shown from me about any of them even though 2 were said to have been filed back to back, and that none of the Capitol City Fire & Rescue calls were deemed suspicious. (Updated 7:37AM 8/8/19)

(Posted 8/7/19 - 2:35 AM)
In the Capitol of Alaska, there’s an active investigation into yet another structure fire that happened at around 1:45 AM Alaskan Standard Time, or at least there should be. When calling dispatch, they confirmed that there was a structure fire, but they could not give me anymore details other than that. I preemptively reached for providing answers about the situation by going ahead and filing a report with dispatch over who I think may have done it. But what’s to note is that the second time I called dispatch, the lady who answered my call at 2:21 AM didn’t plan on taking a report even though I said that I had information that could be pertinent to the case. I flat out had to convince her that if she was a good dispatcher, that she would be excited or even willing to take the report without me having to point out that it’s strange that she doesn’t care to take the report. And yes, I do have this call audio recorded.

The fact that serial structure fires happen out here is not a coincidence, which means that we can place a safe bet that this was no accident, and that if someone rules this as an accident, that person should and will be looked at like they’re crazy. But don’t allow me to rush you to judgement just yet, because you don’t know my experiences with the suspects and you definitely don’t know the full story…. But, if you very well do know what happened, the who done it, and you’re not telling the proper authorities, then allow me to remind you that you are withholding evidence and can and will be held on an account of accessories to the crime. I speak for everyone here that’s a good person when I say that the locals here are tired of the asinine and childish behavior, and I also speak for them when I say that if you want to play with fire, then you’re going to get burned in the fourth degree.

When you’ve got a problem with someone, you tend to wear your attitude towards this person on your sleeve. Where am I going with this you might be asking? Well, if I was to believe the dense-minded individuals that inhabit this beautiful nature–wonderland, I would say we’re going straight to hell. As a matter of fact, according to them, this place is already hell. Says so on the top of a doorway in an alley downtown. However, I refuse to believe the dimwitted hooligan that painted it up there. Took me a while to narrow down who would be stupid enough to write the word “hell” in the small condensed area of downtown where this could easily be seen by any tourist walking by if they just happened to look down the alley way while perusing the area. And in fact, noticing someone’s childish satanic tagging didn’t take me very long at all, and believe me when I say that I proverbially “raised hell” when I found out about it when I paid a visit to City Hall, questioning who was stupid enough to think that doing something like that in a tourist town was cool. No one had an answer for me, so I had to do some digging of my own, and now I think I’ve actually found the dunce who did this.
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Thursday, June 27, 2019


Being in Juneau for almost 2 years now, I’ve been adjusting to how different way of life here is. One thing right off the bat I want to tell you is that we have day and night all year long. In the summer is longer days, and in the winter is longer nights. For example, right now as I write this we’re enjoying the longer hours of the summer time daylight. The sun comes up at about 3am and goes down around 10pm. What you’re looking at in these photos is Lena Beach at 8:30pm and 9:11pm. And nevermind that there’s nobody in the photos, because plenty of people are there. I walked to spots where I could get isolated shots of the view I was seeing. Plenty of people out on the water paddle boarding, one guy in a tube fishing, sitting in the water, and plenty of boats out there fishing too. Was a lot of fun. I was trying to get nature shots in these, and don’t worry, I took plenty photos of everything. Lena Beach is awesome.
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Sunday, April 7, 2019



Donald Trump being extorted…. Sure, why not? After all Michael Avenatti just got arrested for extorting the behemoth in the apparel industry– Nike. But, Donald Trump? Why– He’s one of the most powerful men in American culture. Why wouldn’t he be being extorted by outlaws, snakes and crooks– the worst of their kind? I’ve heard of a lot crazier happening. Heh, just look at all of the freakshow facts of the Obama tribe. That’s pretty much all there is to say about that one, other than I have been trying to tell you this entire time– BUT NONE OF YOU DING–DONGS SEEM TO WANT TO LISTEN TO ME. (DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW, YA FREAKIN YAHOOS?)
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