Sunday, March 17, 2019


Shinmon means God Gate. It is the gate to your spirit world– ready for you to access at any time.

To become a Shinmon master takes a lot of training, and most of us didn’t even know we had this available to us. But it’s there, and it is indeed within you. The Shinmon (God Gate) is all accessible to you at the blink of an eye (or the pull of an ear). It’s easier than you would think to tap into the power of God. Some might not believe in God, but God does exist. YHVH (God) is within you, all around you and running through you. Some might call this “spirit” and yes, they are right– though there is but one all divine source, and it is within you.

The Shinmon master has taught me that when you visualize the world, that you are actually having an out–of–body experience. This is something that is easy to do, and once you learn to harness the visualization of an out–of–body experience, the Shinmon becomes easier to tap into. The Shinmon master has also taught me that there is a balance of Yin and Yang, and it is in the center of all that is dark and light… a neutral road– down the center of its design. The same goes for your focus, keeping it neutral, neither male or female balance, good nor bad balance, but in the middle, completely neutral. This is exactly the same as the feeling you get from having a visualization that occurs deriving from an out of body experience.

To tap into this God gate for beginners, you must learn that the ears are like reflexology in the sense that the shape of the human body exists within your ear folds (just as it exists within your feet), it is the shape of a human body in the fetal position. The tops of your ears are the feet of your body, the ridge of your ears is the spine, and the lobes of your ears are the crown (head).

The further explain this; the middle of your ears from the hole of your ear on out is your neck and shoulders, and you can rub your ears with your palms in this area to relieve neck and shoulder pain. Try it, try rubbing the ear on the side of your body where your neck and back hurts, and you will notice instant relief in that area of your body, and not only that, but your ears will feel sore in that area when you start rubbing there, that is just further proof that your body is very tense in these areas. So every time you feel pain in your body, you can apply relief in the affected areas by applying light pressure or rubbing that area of your ears to correlates.

To prove the Yin and Yang theory of your body, the Shinmon master had us focus on certain areas of the body– and he then tried lightly pushing us over. Strangely enough, when you focused on the right palm, your body was easily manipulated, and when you focused on the left palm, you were harder to push over– and you stood sturdy like a mountain. When you focused on your upper chest area, you were also easy to push over, and when you focused on your naval area (where the center of your body is), you stood strong like a mountain once again. The same goes for a lie and the truth, or a positive thought and a negative thought. Both sides of the spectrum had different effects on your sturdiness and your flimsiness, and I encourage you to try these tests with your friends so you can see the effects first hand. Remember to push on your friend lightly, you want to make sure that your friends do not experience any harm while being easily pushed over.

The Shinmon (God Gate) area is under the upper fold of your ear, towards the front of your ear, in the center– right where the dip is. Your pointer finger fits smoothly into this area of your ear and is easy to find. When you put your thumb on the side of your ear closest to your head and your pointer finger in the groove inside of your ear towards the top, and you pull your ear upwards, you will notice a difference when you pull it in the right area. I had practiced this before I attended the Shinmon master event and had found it already. I was well prepared for the event and I encourage you to study this on your own as well.

When you pull your Shinmon (God gate) three times, and say Thank you twice in your native language, you will be able to perform extraordinary feats. The Shinmon master had us do it and then the ones whom were able to do it successfully bent a normal spoon with ease. I myself had not just bent the spoon, but twisted it like it was made out of spaghetti. This was also a suggestion that the Shinmon master had made– for us to envision the spoon as if it were flimsy as spaghetti, as if it stood no chance under your force. I noticed that I was the only one in class that had bent their spoon this far, this many times over. I had curled the spoon three times and it made a spiral shape within the spoon. I also noticed that the Shinmon master was the only other person to perform spoon bending this way also.

One of my gifted associates had bent her spoon over and around, and I was surprised to learn that many of our other associates were not able to do this, though one student had bent her spoon in half and the spoon completely snapped in–half. That was a powerful thing to realize, that she had seemingly envisioned it to be strong enough to keep its shape, but fragile enough to snap the spoon in half. That must have taken great courage and was surprising to her also. I had not thought of envisioning the spoon this way, and instead curled the spoon over many times and was able to do this as many times as you wanted me to. I still wonder how she had snapped her spoon in half, as many of the other students could only bend the spoon at an angle over their thumb, and some could not bend the spoon at all, but they were still excited to try anyway.

The students who could not bend their spoon kept their eyes on the spoon and struggled to keep the spoon’s durability out of their mind, they seemed to forget to have an out–of–body experience (or didn’t understand how to), but they were very dedicated to keep trying, even though their will could not bend the spoon just yet. The people who had performed the Shinmon (God Gate) access correctly on their own were able to stretch out farther than they had been able to reach before. Those who accessed their God Gate correctly on their own, they noticed that they could stretch one arm to reach further than the side they had not performed the ear pulling on– and the same thing went for their leg length when they had sat down, the student had noticed that one leg had a further length than the side of their body that they had not performed Shinmon access on.

The ear is a very powerful instrument of the human body. This I can easily agree with. Do you agree, or are you not doing this correctly? If you haven’t tried this, it’s an awesome party trick to do with your friends. Try this for yourself, you might just change your life for the better.