Tuesday, May 7, 2019



Tony Johnson from Yakutat, Alaska commented “Next” on a For Sale post I listed in the Facebook group of Alaska Buy ~ Sell ~ Trade. When I responded with, “Thanks for the post bump, Tony 🥰”…. mere moments later I was slammed with several verification methods. It seems to be the Alaskan local troll’s favorite way to get someone suspended from Facebook– is to claim that someone is not the real person behind the account, and that will immediately lock you out of the account, unlist your page from the website, and force you to verify in several different ways.

Facebook allows their system to be taken advantage of when it comes to what I call, “hate–reporting” which means that they hate you so much they they will do what is called “hate–f***ing the report button”. The troll happy individuals have a team sitting in a group chat ready to “hate–f*** the report button” as soon as you reply. You could reply with the nicest comment, as you have seen me just do via my testimony– and it does not matter. They will hate–report you anyways. It’s a trap, and a way for hate–groups to dodge any kind of accountability. However, when you can trace back on your actions– (via browser history or from memory), then you will know who the most probable person hate–reporting you is.

Alaskan Governor, Mike Dunleavy, is also “allegedly” guilty of “hate-reporting” via Twitter. He can’t take the heat from an opinionated and frustrated citizen whom approaches him at all. We had Mike Dunleavy elected because he seemed to properly represent Alaska, Alaskans, and the local government. Well, all he’s seemingly managed to do so far is piss off Alaskans everywhere with his “alleged” Koch bros allegiance, and proposal of ridiculously awful budget cuts. What’s even more interesting to note is the fact that Dunleavy hides himself and his tweets behind a protected Twitter account in the same fashion that he hides himself inside of the State Capitol building’s Governor’s office. (What a protected Twitter account means is that you can’t see any of the content he posts.)

Which leads me to an even more interesting point…. Donald Trump is not allowed to block anyone or hide his tweets because he is the President and some people might not be able to receive Presidential messages and statements, which the American Government says is something that everyone should have the right to. Well, if that’s true about The President…. then how come the rest of the Donald Trump hating goons in Government aren’t having to play by those same rules? (Mueller has either hidden or deleted his Twitter altogether.)

Since everyone posing as a Democrat these days all want equality, including being equal to the President…. then all Government employees should have to abide by those same rules. Do you agree? Look, we’ve taken a drastic detour from the original point, however, American Government could stand to be drastically reduced, along with many of the politicians currently in office whom are Republican in name only (RINO) or even Democrat in name only (DINO) should be removed immediately. But what could possibly make matters any more worse than all of these things and behaviors mentioned in this article? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

What could possibly make this situation any more worse? When social media sites that people have become so addicted to, and is a major reason why people don’t even leave their house anymore, have staff members that become so obsessed with banning anyone offending anyone else for any reason– that their actions of a direct denial of service could very–well lead to legal hot–water, and often does. We’re reaching a point to where you can’t get away with any type of trolling anymore, and that’s a good thing! However, that doesn’t mean that we’re truly cracking down on people abusing the system.

“If you’re someone who advocates for peace instead of cracking down on the abuse of the system, then you’re definitely on the wrong planet” – Chance Trahan

We already live in a place where you typically won’t find real and actual violence anymore, and the violence that you do see on the news is being uncovered more and more every day as just a mere staged event. Though, mainstream media won’t label their own fake news stories as such, there are many individuals and groups of people whom are waking up to the fact that fake news and instances of staged drama is all over the media and only exists in order to attempt to drown out the reality we are facing. Some of the things being covered up are: The “alleged” crimes committed by Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jon Brennan, Robert Mueller, State of Alaska, Alaska State Capitol, Sealaska, UASoutheast and many more!

The fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t matter what happens to me for spreading this news, simply because there are several more people who are just waiting to strike as soon as me and others whom are just–like–me fall. You can be desperate to take me to prison, you can try to take advantage of the system, you could kill me, you could do every awful thing in the world to me…. but what you must understand is that there are many–many more that are just like me that are onto you and all of your corny garbage–satanic–scheme, that are just lying dormant, or some that don’t use a phone, that don’t need to live on the grid, that still receive the word and the real news. We all know that news travels fast, however, what most don’t know is that the more that you try to suppress it, the bigger the build up and execution of affirmative action taken against all offending parties.

One last thing they don’t realize, before I let you make your own assumptions on the photos at the end of this post, is that these trolls and offending parties are definitely under close surveillance. If I was them, which I’m not– and I’m definitely not stupid enough to ever be similar to– I would quit poking the hornet’s nest. There are many more of us then there are of the corrupt, and to pick a fight with us– or attempt to ignore us is one of the worst mistakes these types of baddies can ever make. Reports end up flying off the desk and into the hands of the agencies that you definitely don’t ever want to deal with– BELIEVE ME.

Thanks for your time today! Come back soon for more informative posts. Now have yourself a peek at all the facebook troller coaster action from just earlier today. (There are several more instances of this documented too, this is just one– of many.)