Tuesday, July 16, 2019


It’s a beautiful day. I’m at work. Things are going great. It’s about that time and I’m heading outdoors. I drive toward Egan and without a second to lose– there’s a Fire and Rescue siren, but no car in sight. Then, suddenly the vehicle is visible and it’s passing me in the turning lane headed towards Downtown Juneau. I get to where I’m headed and I see the lights that passed me flashing on the other side of right where I’m parked. The grass made things too tall to see, so I went inside. When I came out, I took a better look and noticed that there was what appeared to be a car that had been flipped upside down.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but I’m a busy man– so I go about my business. I tell other people about what I had seen in order to warn them about anyone complaining about traffic later on in the day, only to learn that it was a female that wrecked and that no others were involved in the wreck. I also learned that a bus then parked itself in both lanes to block anyone from driving through in the double-lanes of Egan Southbound to DoJu in front of Fred Meyer. However, let’s just say that Fred Meyer has earned a reputation of its own around here, and it’s not a great one. Sure, they’ve got great prices. But what else do they got going on in there? Listen to the Sheriff Says Sup podcasts and you’ll see.

I’ll have to break that down more for you later on, but I will tell you this…. I’m from plenty of big cities and believe me when I say that the freeways can sometimes be confusing or have unsafe weather conditions, so I typically see accidents that have happened quite often. I just don’t see many wrecks out here in this little secluded part of Alaska is all. Typically far less. The facts in the paper is that she was a 31 year old female. How she allegedly flipped her ride? I’m hearing all types of things. However, the most in-depth explanation I’ve gotten was that she somehow hit the median and the grass right there is soft. How that can completely flip your car and not involve other vehicles? I have no idea. But, I haven’t read the story, and I only just recently saw the photo of the incident.