Saturday, July 27, 2019


Fake News is that Chance Trahan plagiarized Daymond John. Anyone who sees this and who has followed Chance on social media knows that this is an outright lie. The evidence looks compelling, but it is simply not true. We give them an E for effort, even though it’s still a sad attempt at libel. We here at ACAP understand your being desperate for a foothold on Chance, however, you should know when to hold em and when to fold em. And in this case, some of you might want to think about holding on for dear life, because, if you’ve been spreading these lies about Chance Trahan, because your reputation is most probably about to hit the crapper.

Real news is that:

“I’ve met Daymond John in real life. He’s been on my Facebook live stream, he’s bought me something to drink (Pink Lemonade) and gave me one of his Carl’s Jr burgers that he was promoting. I asked him all types of questions about business, and even gave music business advice to an artist while we were all together that was asking him. He’s a cool guy! So is his bodyguard in this photo behind us. His name is Chauncie. He’s the timepiece of that operation and he keeps them right on schedule every time. But, the unfortunate fake news that was spread when I first came to Juneau, Alaska was that I photoshopped myself into this photo of us all together. I about died laughing. I felt bad for anyone who believed that mess. However, there’s also this next piece of hot dumpster–fire garbage lurking around on the internet about me.” –Chance Trahan


“Even Gawker, with the fake news. I didn’t plagiarize anybody, and I never owned nor ran the website in question, for the love of God. Now, does the photo of Chance Trahan and the Shark Tank star Daymond John underneath what you just read on the headline of the photo above look to you like I plagiarized Daymond John? The answer is no. It does not. What you see here is that Daymond is the one taking this photo, but what you might not notice is that this is from my own phone. Who in the world is Daymond John and what in the heck is Shark Tank, you might be asking? Daymond is the ‘black guy’ from Shark Tank that specializes in the fashion industry and is the creator of “FUBU” branded fashion–wear. Daymond started with hats and built himself a name in entrepreneurism, and now he’s on TV. Shark Tank is a TV show where struggling businesses and even brand new businesses, or also stupid business ideas take to “Shark Tank” and pitch their business, whatever it may be. Either the Sharks, who are wealthy investors from established brands, bite– or they don’t. These investors are a lot like him in the sense of what it typically takes to get a yes out of them. Some of their investment portfolios may however vary, but one of the others could give a yes where one doesn’t, and even then, sometimes that can bring a “Shark” back into the “Tank” to invest. But, once they invest, they’re going to expect and demand a lot from you in order to get your business going. But, that’s only “if” they invest.” –Chance Trahan

Daymond John had recently seen their article and everyone from within their circle was like, “Uh, what’s this?” The guy who handles Shark Branding, Teddy Kingston, had honestly admitted that he had no idea what in the world he was even looking at when he read all of this. When they all met in person (Daymond, Chauncie, Teddy, Nate Holzapfel) he and everyone else had no issues with Chance at all. What ended up happening was a very teachable moment where Chance learned about what it takes to pitch a business, and how to take and idea and turn it into a business from a brief moment where he had a very intense discussion about launching a business with Nate Holzapfel.

“Uh, what’s this?” –Shark Branding

Learn more about the fake news spread about Chance Trahan….
CS Indy fake news provided by fake news first amendment lawyer, Marc Randazza, himself.

Don’t forget about the idiot Adam Steinbaugh. He’s been their tool since this all began. He’s made tremendous efforts to spread his fake news about me wherever possible, even the FTC. Chance never spoke to the FTC, and the FTC never was the reason Craig shut down his silly website. Fake. News.


“Then, there’s “Popehat”. Harassed me via Twitter then posted a blog. He’s insinuated that his then wife didn’t approve of his asinine & childish online—behavior, asked for his passwords in fear of him going to prison or getting hurt by someone he victimized. He denied her access.” –Chance Trahan


“When they say ‘their lawyer’ they mean scumbag, Marc Randazza. Marc had a terribly tough time dealing with me over the phone when I caught him boldfaced lying. He never let it go, even though he pretended to via Twitter — These fake news articles still exist til I file a lawsuit.” –Chance Trahan

But who is Marc Randazza? Randazza is fake news. See where it says he’s a CNN commentator? Fake. News.

Please, do yourself a favor and stop spreading rumors about Mr. Trahan. Lies tend to haunt the people who tell them. –ACAP