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[Oct 1st 2017: Route 91 ‘harvest’ country music festival shooting]

Download the PDF version of this Las Vegas Oct 1st investigational report

While in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016 I had noticed strange activity that had led me to believe that there was going to be some sort of terrorist attack on the town’s people or tourists visiting. Upon following this instinct, I had performed a search on
Google and found 3 key facts that had seemed somewhat credible.

1) Yes, there was news of an attack confirmed,

2) It was ISIS claiming to attack sometime in the near future,

3) It was going to be on the Las Vegas BLVD strip.

Upon reading this and combining it with the irrational activity I had encountered over and
over again from suspect individuals that had seemed to target me for harassment, I
decided to begin my investigation. It wasn’t until after I had saw the attack actually play
out that I had titled it RavenParty. I had been a Postmates independent contractor that
performed items and goods deliveries for customers so I was very aware of the layout of
the town, local businesses and casinos, and the people frequenting common areas, or
requesting deliveries, which aided me very much so in my independent investigation.
I worked as much as I could, pulling 18 hours shifts at some times, frequenting the town
and did not attend many events in the area, but one of the events I did attend was a
seminar led by Scott and Amie Yancey of the popular TV show Flipping Vegas, and the
event’s date and time was Jan 12th 2017 at 6pm inside of the Suncoast Casino ballroom
upstairs across from the bowling alley. Upon my arrival to this House Flipping Seminar,
shortly after greeting Scott and Amie Yancey, I had a run-in with Jim Murren & wife
Heather, in which Jim seemed very upset to see me strolling in, so much that he did not
even greet me back after I had said “Hi, how are you?” As I made my way to find a seat,
he had stormed directly over to Scott Yancey and there seemed to be somewhat of a
confrontation arising, but I continued to my seat and patiently waited for the seminar to

Toward the end of Scott’s half of the seminar, Scott had spotted me in the crowd, paused
for a moment as he then looked at the stage floor, and let out what I would call a slight
laugh of nervousness and disbelief. He then continued to speak as he said, and I do
quote, “You know, people come up to me all the time and act like they know me. They see
me on TV, interact with me on social media, and they think that they know me. People that
I do know walk up to me afterwards and ask me who they are, and I tell them that I have
no idea who they are, because in fact, I don’t. But they insist that I must know them, but I
just don’t.”

Shortly after he mentioned that, he ends his seminar and introduces a guest speaker that
spoke to the crowd about Stock Trading, whom I cannot remember by name, and this was
a surprise speaker that was not listed anywhere on the event info, nor on the RSVP, so I
cannot recall whom it was. I am always interested to learn more about business, so I
stayed to hear him speak. He described the different kinds of ways hat you can profit from
and invest into Stock Trading, but when he got to Put Option Trading, Jim Murren’s hand
goes up and he asks the speaker that had mentioned that his favorite way to invest into
stocks is Put Option Trading, “What triggers a Put Option Trade to pay out?”
The speaker says that when a stock market crashes that you’ve invested in, that is what
triggers it to pay out. As he tries to carry on with the rest of the seminar, George Soros
then interrupts and asks, “Yes, but what types of events would make the stock you want
to invest in crash?” The speaker then answers, “Well something bad for the business
would have to happen in order for it to pay out.” To which Soros replied, “Yes, but what
types of specific events would it have to be for it to pay?” The speaker nervously laughs
somewhat in disbelief and shock, as if he knows where this is going, but he answers
anyway, “Well, a tragedy would be the number one thing to crash the stock, or…” The
speaker carries on, but I had heard all I needed to hear that pertains to this exact report.
I left the event after the seminar had finished and sat on this info for at least a year, not
knowing who those people Jim, Heather, and George even were at the time, although
they had and continue to have lots of drama and issues circling their personas. In order
for me to know that it was George asking the questions, he has a voice that is distinct,
part French, part German, and given the descent of his background, and that made
perfect sense at a later date of researching the individuals. I did happen to get a good
look at both of the people asking the questions, as it was hindering the progression of the
seminar, and I do have a photographic memory that can last years and years upon end,
that is never fading.

After the tragic event on October 1st 2017, reports were made claiming that ever since
the date of the seminar event where we were educated on stock trading, Jim Murren and
George Soros had profited from the tragedy from Put Option Insider Trading. At the time,
Jim Murren owned 80% in MGM’s stocks and was selling them off at high-priced
moments, dumping them all after ramping up the stock values in MGM Resorts
International properties until he had sold almost all of them. The tragedy had struck on the
1st of October in 2017, and as the stock had crashed, Jim suddenly bought all 80% of his
stocks back up, which then kept him in command of the MGM Resorts International
properties business.

During my review of the shooting incident replays made available on YouTube, I
had noticed several key factors. The facts are as follows.
There was a certain replay that captured audio of the first 5 shots that happened during
Jason Aldean’s song Any Ol’ Barstool. The shots were allegedly from a silenced MP7A1
set to semiautomatic firing mode that are audibly traced to the left of the cameraman and
the exact location of where they came from was the Giles street exit from the venue,
where a Silver SUV with MGM Resorts INTL was parked, the cameraman pans to his left
at the group gathered around the silver SUV at the Giles St exit which had a huge set of
flood lights behind them, then the camera pans over towards them again after briefly
panning back towards the stage of the concert.

The cameraman then runs with the crowd over to the opposite side of the SUV next to the
opened exit, and at this moment, the MGM Resorts INTL magnet on the side of the SUV
is clearly visible, and the camera is pointed intently at the crowd surrounding the vehicle
to reveal that they are in fact concert staff, security, and an older male that is someone in
a dark brown “K-9” shirt.

After several reviews of the incident that I have just described, two of the event staff that
are in the area that the camera is intently pointed at just a moment before the cameraman
escapes the area, I noticed that I had seen the two unidentified individuals during my stay
in Juneau, Alaska approximately 10 days before the October 1st incident. The two
individuals were witnessed on the local college campus (University of Alaska Southeast)
in Juneau, Alaska playing a game named “Humans VS Zombies”.

Upon investigation, I found that the group that I had seen here were not students, as none
of the staff, nor people stationed in the dorms recognize either of the two men, and that
the game was intended for students of the campus only. The 2 unidentified males are
seen on the replay with 1 wearing a light blue shirt with dark blue sleeves, and the other
was wearing a black hat and a white shirt with black sleeves.

I am led to firmly believe that the 2 men I witnessed on the replay, and on the ground of
the campus here were part of a larger group that included Mandalay Bay employee
Stephen Shuck, as I had a staring session with the event staff in the blue shirt that ended
up on the replay in question, and his friend in the white shirt on the replay had noticed the
stare down, and beckoned him to meet up with the rest of the group that to my best
recollection included Stephen Shuck, then they all ran off into the woods behind the
pavilion on campus together.

Upon my investigation of a different replay (Cori Langdon’s Taxi Cab Ride), I also noticed
that the first round of automatic shooting from a belted machine gun, and that the
shooting was coming from the rooftop of the Mandalay Bay Tram Station. And during a
different replay where there is a cop with a body-cam, the officer is looking at the exact
location (Tram rooftop) as if he is fearful that he might reveal the shooter.

The other cop that is behind him asks if he can see anything, to which the first cop replies,
“No, I don’t see anything”. This is when he is confident enough to put his body-cam into
the direct line of sight of the shooter’s location where he automatic gunfire is coming from.
The cop is standing at ground-level at this time and you can see a dark shadowy figure
perched above the Tram Station in the exact spot that I had suspected that the shooting
was coming from.

After pointing out the shooter’s dark shadowy figure in a facebook group that is made for
people to investigate the incident, mere moments later a George Predescu had
threatened me in English and also slang Romanian, and nothing had happened for the
individual to prompt to threaten my mom’s life and I. I had further investigated this George
Predescu’s Facebook profile and it revealed that he is an employee of Mandalay Bay (Job
Title unknown). I had not met this man before, and did not know of him previously in any
way, shape, or form. And that led me to conclude that he was the shooter whom was
perched at this location.

When witnessing other replays, it was not apparent that the windows on the 32nd floor of
the Mandalay Bay had been broken during any of the shooting, and that fact leads me to
believe that they were broken out at a later time after the fact. It was reported by Sheriff
Lombardo that the shooting was taking place between 10 PM and 10:30 PM on Oct 1st.
But eyewitnesses said that the shooting had taken place until at least 12:30 PM that night,
as this was the time they were finally able to escape from the area, but they report that
the shooting was still then taking place.

One of the security cameras not far from Giles Street where East Ali Baba dead ends had
captured footage of what looks like 3 victims being dragged to that exact area, and one of
them, whom is identified as Melissa Ramirez, had CPR administered to her, but
unfortunately, she was not revivable. A truck had later pulled up to the location just
minutes later that had men dressed in Police uniforms, and some of the men were not in
these uniforms at all, but guns were drawn from their holsters. Instead of performing a
crime scene investigation, the men in the police uniforms were seen taking the body of
Melissa Ramirez, putting her body in the back of the truck, and then they had allegedly
relocated her to the spot of where the coroner was. I have yet to see an autopsy report of
her deceased body.

Reports had come out about a helicopter seen circling the scene of the incident as it was
happening, these reports were rumoring that a remote control helicopter was
administering some of the shooting, but I had asked for footage proving this, I had also
asked anyone with the proof for footage of the rumored 3 all-black military style
helicopters that were allegedly seen performing practice runs on the West side of the I-15,
but still no footage of this has surfaced prior to this report. No hard evidence has surface
at all that proved that any gunfire was coming from these vehicles, so it remains a rumor
as far as I know.

Autopsy of the supposed dead body of a Stephen Paddock whom had been alleged to be
the “lone wolf shooter” of the incident revealed to my understanding that this was a
fabricated autopsy report, and also revealed that this dead body was in fact not the body
of Stephen Paddock as Law Enforcement had claimed. Further findings had revealed that
the real dead body in place was a Luis Francisco Castro, and upon further inspection of
the cadaver in the photos reveals trauma to the neck of the cadaver.

The trauma was discovered to be death by asphyxiation, as you can clearly see a red line
across the neck with swelling above the point of trauma, which did in fact reveal death by
asphyxiation as best can be assumed by forensics. The autopsy did not reveal any of this
in the report, which leads one to believe that the autopsy was in fact partially, if not
completely fabricated. Another thing to note was that there was no exit wound of the
gunshot that is said to be administered by the cadaver before death that allegedly entered
through the roof of the mouth. The dead body has since been cremated, but the photos of
this dead body are quite revealing.

Upon inspection of the leaked photos of the dead body of whom they are calling Stephen
Paddock clearly shows fake blood poured at least 2 to 3 times over the face of the
cadaver and the carpet surrounding the head of the cadaver as well, this is not to mention
the spot of fake blood that is seen on the shirt of the cadaver.

I identify this as fake blood as I have had extensive experience with fake blood while
working in the Circus Circus Fright Dome for a couple of years, and I also know how real
blood looks as it coagulates during forensic research. Fake blood cakes, real blood dries
and crusts, and is not as heavy as fake blood as it dries, but this is due to the fake blood
being made up mostly of corn starch/corn syrup, which cakes up thicker when dried.
When looking at the facts and also the interview given of Stephen Shuck and whomever
the person pretending to be a Jesus Campos is, it is obvious that the 2 were stationed in
alleged room and suite that was allegedly rented by Paddock, whether it be on the 32nd
floor, or the 62nd/63rd. Shuck is allegedly in the main room with the laptop placed on the
bar for surveillance of the hallway outside of the hotel room while he was allegedly looking
out the window that had the curtain draped over the arm of the couch, and the real Jesus
Campos was allegedly stationed in the suite while keeping surveillance watch from the
other laptop that was placed on top of the food cart, which both laptops were hooked up
to the camera on the other food cart that was placed outside of the doorway in the Hotel
hallway of Mandalay Bay.

Shuck was allegedly using a high powered scope and calling shots to the people that
were running amuck on the concert grounds, and Campos was watching the hallway. The
shots being called is confirmed when you watch the front row shooting replay, as
someone in the crowd behind the camera is yelling, “GO, GO NOW, HE SAID GO RIGHT
NOW!” And a younger male whom is shirtless then hops over the front row fence and
makes his way backstage and to the corner of Las Vegas BLVD cater-corner from the
Mandalay Bay.

I allege that Campos sees police coming towards the room that Shuck was in and he then
yells to Shuck, Shuck runs to the suite to avoid detainment by Law Enforcement, Law
Enforcement allegedly breaks down the door, and storms into the room, as Shuck and
Campos try to make an exit out of the suite doorway and into the hallway passed the cart
that is blocking the door, the suite door slams by accident, and it catches the attention of
one of the police and the policeman that was stated to “accidentally discharge” one round
allegedly fires 2 single shots from the revolver through the door, and one of the shots
reportedly hits Campos in the leg. Shuck continues to make his escape down the hallway
free from any gunshots entering his cavity.

The witness whom was a female that pokes her head into the hallway and is told to go
back inside is never officially identified. There are reports of a Jesus Campos coming in
from Mexico, but is never reported leaving the country of America and into Mexico
between the time of his “reentry” into America and the night of the shooting incident,
which leads many to believe that the Jesus Campos seen in public is not the real and true
Jesus Campos.

The girlfriend of the shirtless younger male is seen capturing footage of the shooters on
her phone and either sending it to someone or posting it online somewhere before she
follows her shirtless boyfriend towards the backstage area, and she is heard begging and
pleading to go to the same exact area that her boyfriend had made his escape to, and you
can see her following where he went.

Given my experience with John McCain while campaigning for his competition, Kelli Ward,
when they were both running for office of Senator in politics has also led me to believe
that John McCain provided the illegal weaponry with the serial numbers that were
scratched off, as he was campaigning at the Arizona Gun Show, and McCain is seen
photographed with the alleged enemy of America and they are all brandishing weapons
proudly as if he had provided their weaponry and taking a photo with him was their trophy
of some sort.

After calling out John McCain on such a horrendous act of providing “Stephen Paddock”
with the guns, they had tried pinning the entire gun dealings on Arizona resident, Douglas
Haig, as he had almost immediately had charges brought up against him after the fact of
me calling out John McCain to some of his known constituents in a place on Facebook for
everybody to see where I knew the info I posted would get back to him in order to force
the hand of the law/politicians just to see what they would do to attempt to cover up the
fact of whether he had in fact provided the guns or not.

Also, an individual named Lisa Fine was alleged to be identified as Lombardo’s first
daughter, and the people providing the info were stating that she had also gone by the
name of Lisa Lombardo. Inspection into Sheriff Joseph Michael Lombardo states that he
only has one daughter, but was married twice, which leads me to believe that Joesph
Michael Lombardo actually in fact does have 2 daughters instead of just the one Morgan

There is one replay of the night of the massacre before the shooting takes place where
someone whom I believe is Lisa (Fine) Lombardo actually on stage filming the song as
everyone in the crowd sings along. This suspect at one point looks directly into the
camera, making her somewhat identifiable. I only claim somewhat due to the pink lighting
that is slightly distorting the video.

Lisa is later interviewed by a reporter by the name of Chris Cuomo as being a Route 91
shooting survivor. That interview is quite revealing if you carefully read between the lines.
It was the basis of my discovery of her involvement in the coordination of the attack. She
is being interviewed, as well as a man going by the name of Brian Claypool that mentions
that he is a lawyer. It would possibly explain why he is there in the interview also and not
just her being interviewed, but it is mentioned in the interview that she is overseeing the
male’s portion of the interview that is taking place.

He is quoted as saying that “This is a great opportunity” and the word opportunity is
thrown around quite a bit in the interview. I’m led to believe that this is somehow arising
from talk of events that take place at an Opportunity Village, where Joe Lombardo attends
Law Enforcement banquets where they raise donation money on a regular basis,
sometimes once a month or two.

I only know of this place Opportunity Village because I was told about it by someone
whom I didn’t know too well that divulged the information. One time I had previously
mentioned that ISIS was to attack the strip, and little did I understand how close to Law
Enforcement the person that I was telling this to was at the time, I didn’t know to whom I
was divulging this info to.

This is a person whom is well connected with people whom are high up in authority,
politics, and law enforcement. It never dawned on me that I was informing the enemy that
was planning the attack that I had an independent investigation launched until recently.
Everything I was mentioning to her was making its way right back to Sheriff Joe Lombardo
and the LVMPD.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo was very familiar with me, as he had been stalking me from that
point on and had several others engage in targeted harassment towards me. Some of the
stalking and harassment had become more obvious to me at the point that I am about to
describe. At the end of a Postmates delivery, I was told to meet the woman whom I was
delivering to at her place of employment at a certain date and time, to which I did, and
was informed by a different employee behind the bar that she was “on vacation”.

However, I decided to stay and order food from the Toros Mexican Kitchen bar. During my
visit, a group of people, one of whom I believe was a Joe Lombardo had showed up,
followed me into the bathroom, and seemed to attempt to want to talk to me. I made a
joke to brush off the uncomfortable scenario, and made my way out of the restaurant as
casually as I could without attracting too much attention. My questions about this event
were, why would she tell me to meet her at the restaurant if she was on vacation? Why
would Joseph Michael Lombardo then show up shortly after my arrival? Was he about to
try and offer me a position to participate in the Las Vegas shooting?

Upon further review of replays, there was an individual seen whom takes the position of
one of the police whom is saying not to exit the main exit of the venue that was facing the
Luxor on Las Vegas BLVD. The guy whom takes the cop’s place is wearing an all brown
shirt, and is yelling to head east, A balding male with a beard then comes up behind him
and places a red gate that blocks the only exit as people are desperately attempting to
flee the scene. As we have discovered earlier in this report, the makeshift exit to the east
is where the alleged shooters were placed in wait for people to exit onto Giles St. where
they would then continue to chase them out of the venue and follow behind them and start
shooting automatic gun fire from behind them, leaving them injured or dying.

I have noticed on replays that heading out of the western exit onto Las Vegas BLVD was
safe, as people were making it out of the venue and into safety from the Western exit and
onto Las Vegas BLVD. The male in the brown shirt is later seen on another video chasing
people out of the venue as they are attempting to make their escape. The male in the
brown shirt does not leave the venue. He stays. He does not exit the venue when running
towards people at what I assume is his maximum running speed. Instead he continues to
chase people from out of the venue. He is seen running so fast towards a fence that his
lower body slams into the gate that he stops at. He gets up and then goes back towards
the shooting.

On another replay, there is a small group of hispanic people, which you never see the
faces of. The girl is heard saying “Babe” as if she is expressing guilt, and does not want
him recording the footage of the Mandalay Bay Tram Station Rooftop shooter. Could this
be the female that made her way onto the stage and had felt guilt enough to say that the
people there were all going to die? And if someone had made their way onto the stage,
caused problems in the crowd enough to be escorted out of the venue, then why did the
show still go on?

Why did Jason Aldean still play a show, knowing that there was a warning that “everyone
there was gonna die”? Jason Aldean is never seen being escorted off stage at any point
of any of the active shooting. Instead, Jason stops playing after about 20 to 30 seconds of
loud thunderous gunfire is taking place, stands around on stage for a moment as he takes
a good look around, and then decides it’s time for him to run away from the massacre. It
seemed as if Jason was not afraid of the gunfire, even though it was very loud at that
point in time.

Upon my confrontation of Jason Aldean after the fact, Jason did not express any kind of
grief or condolences, instead, he reported my tweets as harassment and had them taken
down. I had only attempted to confront him to see what he would say, if he would even
say anything about what had happened. He later gave a speech at his next concert, which
to an untrained ear would seem as if he really expressed grief. However, I am trained in
psychology and forensics and I did not detect any sincerity in his voice, nor in his poor
choice of words. I believe that Aldean has a lot more to tell about the story than he cares
to let on. I am convinced that Jason needs to be heavily interrogated on this matter, and
that he is a key player, along with George Predescu, George Soros, his son Alexander
Soros, Jim Murren, and his wife Heather Murren. None of these people had been
interview about the massacre prior to this event to the best of my knowledge.
Upon further investigation into Jim Murren, it has come to my attention that Jim is
attempting to rid of white male tourists, and to encourage more international tourism
under the disguise of “celebrating diversity”. The motive behind the shooting would be this
very reason, aside from his depression and being down on his luck and needing
something more to boost or skyrocket his disposable income, as he is seen celebrating
Trump coming into office as he thinks that it will have a good effect on Las Vegas’s
economy and ramp up his amounts of disposable income, when in fact it harmed and
terrorized the local Las Vegas community.

Many people were shocked at the brutality of the fact of this shooting, and you have seen
the economy in Las Vegas take a hard nosedive. No one wants to visit Las Vegas now after
the country music festival was attacked, but his plans are not over yet, as the Wynn
golf course is rumored to be torn down to support a theme park being built over it across
from the George R. Brown Convention Center, and also in support of the “Las Vegas
Raiders” stadium being built. This is Las Vegas’s bounce back of tourism and celebrating
even more diversity, as most of the Raiders fans are of hispanic descent. I hope that this
report opens the eyes of what is truly happening in Vegas as this tragedy has shocked
people to the core.

I was one of the most outspoken people about Las Vegas acquiring the Raiders instead of
the town creating their own team. The town creating their own team would have had a
tremendously positive impact on the morale and economy of the community. Instead of
celebrating true diversity of everyone being included, it seems as if racism and hatred are
celebrated in the town of Las Vegas by the CEO and Chairman of MGM Resorts
International, and by George Soros.

Another revelation I have seen is that MGM also owns a lot of entertainment companies,
as they have had years and years to acquire brands. And you are seeing more and more
shows deteriorate the morale and hope of Americans, which is reportedly driving people’s
hope and faith in humanity downward. There are subliminal meanings being poured into
pop culture entertainment, and to me this is not only alarming, but disturbing.

The theories of the helicopters attacking the crowds do seem possible, but there are bullet
strikes that do not support evidence of any kind of air assault, and I would be surprised to
find out that any kind of gunfire came from a helicopter at all, and I would also be
surprised to find out that there were 3 all-black military helicopters in the area at all as
well, although I am still open to any possibilities of it, even though it sounds very doubtful
and there is no strong evidence supporting it other than witness testimonies that might or
might not be credible.

The event was called a “false flag” which prompted me to wonder if this had any hidden
meaning behind it, since I had never heard of a “false flag” event before this incident. And
to my surprise I had noticed that there were many individuals whom do not look like ex-
military, nor as if they would be the better of what some describe as patriotic types that
were all wearing American flag apparel and gear. This American flag gear was anywhere
from a replica of the flag itself draped around the back of someone as if it were a cape, a
sleeveless “muscle” shirt that had the American flag on it, other shirts with the American
flag pattern on it, hats with American flag bandanas or similar colors tied around them, or
American flag bandanas around their heads.

One male in the American flag “muscle” shirt is seen talking to the male with the flag
replica across his back like it was some sort of cape, and the male in the muscle shirt
points approximately towards the Mandalay Bay Tram Station rooftop, and then points
approximately towards what looks like the Luxor East towers. This leads me to believe
that he could have been pointing out possible locations of where shooting was to be
taking place, or to where shooters were positioned, or possibly to where they were
supposed to be going to avoid the shooter on the rooftop of the Mandalay Bay Tram

Then, as you can notice later on in one of the replays available, you can see a group of
young adolescents wearing some of the American flag apparel described, with the leader
of the group wearing the biggest American flag shirt of them all, and he is not told to “GO
EAST, GO EAST” in a loud tone as the cop or the man in the all brown shirt had told
everyone before and after the group arrived, the leader in the American flag shirt is sort of
nudged by the male in the brown shirt, as if the leader of that group already knew what to
do, as if he “already knew the drill”, so to speak. And I can safely make that statement as I
have had plenty of experience in Las Vegas events and how individuals interact with
someone whom they are familiar with that might be staff at an event, even though these
adolescents are not dressed in staff clothing.

This is where the game “Humans VS Zombies” comes into play, and is also why I had
called this part of the investigation “False Flag - True Zombie”. From my discovery of the
RAVENPARTY investigation, it seemed to me as if people in American flag wear were part
of the horrendous event taking place, in other words, if they were wearing an American
Flag, then that means False “DON’T SHOOT”, if they were not wearing this American flag
color, or solid colors of the same sort, then they seemed to be somehow injured, in other
words, True “SHOOT UPON SIGHT”.

It was as if these people were corralled, ushered towards the shooters, in the same way
cowboys and Blue Heeler dogs would control the stampeding herd. And in the game
Humans VS Zombies, when you were a human, you were wearing a bandana that
brandished the word “Human” on it as the bandana or the strap around your biceps would
say as it was folded to display the word “HUMAN”, and when you were turned into a
zombie, you would turn the items over to display the word “ZOMBIE”. And this is how I
believe they ran their “false flag shooting drills” in order to know how to control a crowd,
know who and who not to shoot, and whatever else that I had missed during this

The male that I had described in the blue shirt earlier that was dressed as event staff had
indeed stared me down as I made my way to the pavilion, and it caught my attention so
much that I memorized his face the best I could. And at the time in question, his hair was
slightly a bit longer. It was obvious that he had a haircut between the time that he had first
saw me on the campus in Juneau, Alaska and the 10 days later that I had witnessed him
showing up as event staff on the replay hanging out up close to the MGM Resorts INTL
silver SUV.

The point of me pointing out that they were huddled around the SUV is because I believe
that this is where they were storing the guns, as they did not want people taking shelter by
them nor the SUV, as if they didn’t want people to witness what was going on, or climbing
into the car. Was this because they would have found weaponry in the vehicle?
The male that had stared me down that was next to the SUV had on a digital-camo
military-grade bag pack, what to me looks like a digital military-grade watch on his wrist,
an oversized heavy duty carabiner that had several different keys attached to it on his
belt-loop, and a smaller black bag that was suspended from the side of the bag pack.
There was a person that is a male with the name Kelsey Gray whom used to live in Los
Angeles, California, and in Tarpon Springs, Florida, that now lives in Juneau, Alaska. He
works for Securitas, he had knowledge of the Juneau college campus not having any real
security in place.

It is to my findings that he somehow had a connection to providing info on the location of
the shooting’s drill runnings in preparation of the shooting before the incident ever took
place. After my announcement of needing the info of the two men in question that are
later seen on the replays, he was the first to post negative comments that were in denial
of this even taking place, he said, “There goes the crazy, Chance Trahan making stuff up

The Facebook group comment was uncalled for, but he made the mistake of coming out
and discrediting it anyways, which to me expressed that he is a guilty party. I had disabled
access to any other comments on the post and somehow the post was magically taken
down by one of the admins.

This seemed very fishy to me, which led me to investigate him further, only to find of his
employment in security and his possible involvement in the drill operations taking place
before the false flag shooting. Ever since, he has made it a point to attempt to smear my
campaign for Sheriff of Clark County Nevada across several social media websites.
In the area where a Melissa Ramirez allegedly passed away, there were two bullet strikes
in or around the approximate location of that same zone. One was on the garage door at
Sunplay right off of Reno AVE and Haven St. where Ali Baba comes to a cul-de-sac, and
the other was on a Dead-End sign at Giles St and East Ali Baba Ln., neither of which
support a trajectory of bullets coming from any higher up than 10-40 feet up of an
elevated position, and as I had mentioned before, if there were any bullets fired from a
helicopter, I would be surprised.

The only other possible place that I would think that gunfire would come from to strike at
these positions were from the Mandalay Bay Tram Station rooftop. The Tram Station
rooftop shooter used a muzzle flash hider that was able to completely hide the muzzle
flash, might be a military-grade flash hider, as no muzzle flash is ever seen coming from
the shooter’s position at all, and I had previously mentioned that the police with the body
cam and his constituent were both concerned on if you could see anything or not, when in
fact, you couldn’t. But upon closer inspection of the body cam footage, you can clearly
see the dark shadowy figure perched behind the wall on top of the Tram Station.
The shooters had flood lights placed strategically in precaution to hide the shooting if any
muzzle flash should ever show at all. The stage and surrounding areas were also
suddenly well lit to show shooters a better scene of the area so they could safely know
who and who not to shoot while it was dark outside.

This concludes my report, unless there is any other solid proof that comes through that
would further support a different theory that might have been overlooked that in fact has
any kind of footage that is raw and has not been tampered with, as there are several
videos out there that have now been altered to be misleading, or have come up missing.
Which some of the people whom seem to be heavily interested in a cover up or to deter
me from finalizing the report all have some kind of ties with law enforcement, or have
slandered me in some sort of way in an effort to have me back off of the case. Since they
are not directly related to the shooting itself, I will not reveal the names of these
individuals, but I will end it by letting people out there know that anything you see online
runs the risk of being motivated to deter anyone from seeing or finding the truth. For
example, one individual swears that you can see muzzle flash in the Taxi Cab Ride video,
when that is indeed a flat out lie, and once I had revealed a photo of the shooter perched
above the Tram Station, the male in question had reported my comment to Facebook as
spam in an attempt to stop me, when all it did was motivate me to hurry up and complete
a comprehensive report on the event itself.

One last thing I will add is that on the evening of October 8th and the morning of October
9th, I had reported my findings through several methods of reports to the FBI directly, and
on the morning of the 12th of October, the FBI was caught deleting evidence, as this fact
had been reported online by independent news resources. What was the meaning of this?
Had I pinned the tail on the entire investigation? Did I “pin the tail on Paddock”? All of the
evidence pointing to this leads one to believe that I had in fact learned more than they had
intended on someone learning.

The bust, arrest, and warrant for seizure of the child porn that was stored on Bruce
Douglas Paddock was alarming and shocking. Was this in an effort to retain and
redistribute the child pornography, or just a seizure for their own enjoyment? It was
reported by an anonymous source to me that Marilou Danley and Stephen Paddock owns
a resort in the Philippines. The source had also informed me that the couple runs a
brothel of abandoned children there, where they traffic these children into prostitution, and
fly VIPs and American politicians there to pay to sleep with these children, and once the
children come of age, Paddock then flies the children to America where they are to carry
out a life of prostitution.

Download the PDF version of this Las Vegas Oct 1st investigational report

March 1st 2018 - 12:43 AM