Monday, November 25, 2019


This is all the proof you need to understand that Epstein escaped and that he’s still alive. However, just for good measure, I will say this: Jeffrey Epstein is worth more to the deep state alive than he is dead. Now that you know that, what are you willing to band together and do about it? Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump are good friends. Nobody was killed over what they knew, nobody was suicided out to avoid prosecution. Instead, Jeffrey Epstein used his billions of dollars to escape prison with a little, well a lot of help from his friends.

Here’s the new version of MAC OS, titled Catalina. The imagery that supports this software ironically shows a remote island, just like Jeffrey Epstein owned. And in this life, there are no coincidences, my friends. They are making fun of us all, they are mocking the fact that they are getting away with all of this, day after day, year after year, child trafficking victim after child trafficking victim. They take these children and mutilate them, humiliate them, rape them, molest them, and the whole time are waving in our face the fact that we aren’t doing anything about any of this. How does this make you feel?