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Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Discusses The 2020 US Presidential Election Aftermath And Analysis

Hey, everyone!

Been a while. I just wanted to update you guys and didn’t even have a post planned for today. But, someone’s uninformed tweet prompted me to want to give you an Election recap, because there’s a lot of the story that hasn’t been told in one sitting. So, I’m going to give you everything that I can about the 2020 Presidential Election, right here, right now.

WARNING: This content uses several trigger-words that might offend you. Not that I care, just saying that you were warned. So just relax, take a deep breath, and let’s move on. Shall we?

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2020 Presidential Election Recap

Before we get into the election, let’s talk about Trump’s Presidency. My, what a bumpy and colorful road to travel. Everybody better buckle up! It’s going to be a wild ride.

Trump and His Associates

A seemingly popular guy like Trump has been known for having several associates and colleagues. Some of them were questionable, some of them were found guilty, some of them even plead guilty, and some of them skated-on without any repercussions what-so-ever. But, don’t take my word for it, let’s look at some of the people he’s been known to chill with.

Trump and George Soros

George Soros and Donald Trump? Yep. George Soros and Donald Trump. Don’t believe me? Why did Trump avoid using Soros’ name in the media his entire Presidency and previous Campaigns? Why did Trump accept money from George, especially with all the controversy about his past and present affairs? In order to build a Trump tower. Remember that business he had that went bankrupt? The one with his name blazoned across it in big fool’s gold letters? Yeah, that business. It went bankrupt. Why? But, here’s the kicker…. both George Soros and Donald Trump made donations to Hillary’s reelection campaign. What?

Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

The story goes something like, Epstein got a little too hands on during a Trump party, and he got escorted out of the Mar-a-lago estate. So, what? There’s several people I’d kick out of my party, but would still do business with, just because I know they’re good for the money. It’s not ethical, but hey, if they had the cash, and I had the means. And the funny thing is that, I’m not the only one who would think this way. Trump thought this way. Didn’t he? I mean, after all Epstein did, I would deny having any ties with him too! Look at Elon Musk, pictured at a party with Maxwell, yet, denies ever being associated with Ghislaine.

Trump and Nancy Pelosi

Turns out that Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi are more closely related than he would like the public to think. Kimberly Guilfoyle, who served as a Presidential Advisor to Donald Trump, who served as an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, who used to be in a relationship with California Governor, Gavin Newsom, who she then later married and became the First Lady of California. She also was a legal analyst on Anderson Cooper 360°. This is the same person who prides herself as a Republican, was paid $15,000.00 a month through the Parscale Strategy by Donald Trump, who is also dating his Politically naive son, Donald Trump Jr. I hope you didn’t think this was all about Kimberly. Because, studies show that Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom are family! Are you following? All circles eventually lead back to Trump.

Trump and 9/11

Well, here we are, decades later. And the truth still hasn’t come out about 9/11! It’s no secret. We all know it was a huge elaborate lie. So, if it was all staged, the whole thing was a lie, etc etc. Then who really died? How many people are really victims? And if that number doesn’t equal one, then why did Trump pay them for life? Lifetime repercussions deserve a lifetime reward, right? For a job well done? Trump’s only official comment about 9/11 right after it happened was that his building is now the tallest building in all of New York. He is later recorded on TV as saying that 9/11 was done to him, and it was done by we all know who. Implying Obama, I’m educatedly guessing. Maybe even Soros, since he didn’t even utter the actual name of you know who. Which, we don’t. So, there’s that.

Trump and the Las Vegas Shooting

Do I really want to get into this one? Much like Bush W and 9/11, Trump knew about it before it was going to happen. Trump did nothing, just like Bush did nothing, just like Obama did nothing, just like Bush’s dad did nothing. Well, now, wait a minute. No, shut your mouth, they all did nothing, but made it seem like they were Johnny-on-the-spot. Even after the investigation, we heard no word on any repercussions to be made over the whole incident. Was all a huge show, all a big to do over nothing, yet there was so much happening at that scene all at once. But, in the end. No real emergency. The police and military have all advised me that this was a false flag event, and turns out it was true. So, then that leaves the child trafficking that was allegedly taking place during this time that was caught on valet film at a Casino in Vegas. We’ll get to that in a second

Trump and the Influx

Remember the influx of illegal immigrants rushing the border? That got quickly blamed on Soros, but not by Trump. But, what was Trump doing about any of it? Giving speeches? Presentations? Awards? I can’t remember, simply because there was so much fluff about the border and that stupid wall that never got built that I simply don’t care to remember anymore. However, I remember the kids. How could I forget? It was all the Democrats cried over for the entire year, or more! Why did they want access to those unaccompanied minors so badly?

Trump and Trafficking

Well, Donald Trump signed a bill on Trafficking, especially after I raised the issue on Twitter and made such a scene over it, that something had to be done. So, they drafted and signed a bill into law. Is it helping? I couldn’t tell you. But, I’ll tell you this. Why try to cross the border on foot, when you can just have an all-inclusive first class trip over the border. That’s right, luxury, the good life, in-style. Just, bring us your unaccompanied minor, pay us a little bit of cash, and you’re Merica bound. So, get yer white wife-beater, throw on your American flag shorts, no matter how offensive to Soldiers that is, and grab your shades…. and don’t forget your wallet, and hop aboard the ill-Eagle Express, as we take flight to your Fourth of July celebrating, pig eating, beer-guzzling, gun totin’ mother-land. Hey, I don’t ask for these analogies. They mostly just come to me.

Trump and Obama

But no one knows child trafficking better than Barack Hussein Obama. He’s photographed passionately kissing all over a preteen that’s sitting on his lap inside the White House. But, Biden wasn’t too far from the apple tree when that was happening either. Just two doors down, so to speak, Joe was doing the same. Fondling, groping, several tenderly young girls, saying how horny that it makes him being next to a 13 year old little girl. This is all on film. However, what’s not on film are the proof of the allegations made against Trump that claim Donald aggressively raped several children, boys, girls, anal, vaginal. Didn’t matter to him. What mattered is what they were saying. And the song they were humming was to the tune of millions of dollars in out-of-court settlements paid out of pocket by Donald Trump. I can think of several reasons why, especially with the Hillary reelection donation, but, is this why his taxes are so hush-hush?

Trump and the Great American Outdoors Act

Remember when Donald Trump signed a Federal Land Grab Slush Fund allegedly backed, penned and ushered by lowlife scumbag politician, Martha McSally? I do. Martha McSally allegedly attacked me not only personally, but also my campaign. Don’t you just love her so much? Isn’t she just a pure joy to be around? Don’t you just love Martha McSally? She’s the best. Not!

Trump and the Veto

Not a single bill signed was read. That’s how this all started out. I’m not the only person who noticed this. I called Donald out on not using a single veto on several bills signed. How did I do this? By means of his favorite media outlet, Twitter. When you pay for your followers and your comments, not only are you going to notice when someone really comes along after all the fake accounts or verified accounts are done commenting and praising, or bashing you, but you’re also going to eventually get banned from their platforms for being spammy. Right? You’re overloading their servers with bullshit. Am I right?  Well, anyways, I shout to the President at the time that he did a great job at avoiding vetoes, and next thing you know, it’s a big to-do about the veto. It becomes a thing. It’s as if he didn’t even know the word existed ’til this day. And even if he did, he sure as hell didn’t know how to use it, at all. Just didn’t resonate with him. Oh, but now, he’s got a weapon, and he knows how to use it. Everybody lookout now, Trump’s gonna use his big-boy words and veto-him his first bill, ever. This becomes a trend, but only for another bill or two, the rest of the bills are still in question.

Trump and Robert De Niro

Why did Donald Trump give so many Democrats a platform?  Because, these crazies, as they would appear to be, had a platform already, but didn’t make headlines and weren’t currently relevant, or at least they thought weren’t because of not making headlines, until they cursed Trump’s name. And, boy, did Robert De Niro curse Trump’s name the most, or what? Whatever happened with all of that drama? No one knows, do they? Why did that happen, not just once, but several times? Why did several people start coming out against Trump? Kathy, Snoop? I mean, really, everyone. Everyone who seemed to feel irrelevant. And the relevant ones were now dead. Or are they? Maybe we should ask Jeffrey Epstein. Because, there’s no way in hell Epstein ever even had to escape prison. There’s no way his billion-gazillion dollar ass ever stepped foot in them jails. At least, if I was rich, that’s the way I’d look at it. Too much money is a good thing. It’s what people do with it that could make too much money a bad thing.

Trump and Jared Kushner

This kid, where do we even begin? Perhaps, at the beginning. When he first started emerging as someone who’s someone in the White House, he had an opinion on the illegal immigration. Did this opinion involve microchipping indigent illegals? The world may never know. But, one thing I do know is that Jared seemed to be a man of peace, and mercy. Take Alice for example. Do you remember when he seemed to personally grant her clemency? He wasn’t the President. How did he do that? This was a huge event, did you miss it? I got the parody video for you right here.

Now that we’ve discussed these things, let’s talk about the 2020 Election.

2020 US Presidential Election

During the 2020 Election, I faced several instances of Election Interference of my campaign. Most of them were allegedly because of what Trump was discussing with his associates in the White House Woodshed when it came to his attempted reelection campaign. But, that doesn’t matter, because Trump has reportedly relaxed laws around Election Interference, just like Obama relaxed laws around Insider Trading. We’re not going to discuss all of the things that happened with Election Interference, since it is still an on-going investigation, but I will say that it did happen, and it happened more often than not, if you can imagine what that was like. But, I will speak on some of the things that happened, for obvious reasons.

During the Election, I was presented with many offers. Some for interviews, some for speaking opportunities. And then, sometimes I was even denied speaking opportunities, simply because I am a Presidential Candidate, and they don’t want to “offend anybody.”  There were a handful of reasons I kept being denied speaking opportunities as a Presidential Candidate, but they were all fabricated, at best. You could tell they were making stuff up, just by the tone in their voice, this was especially true with the body language they knowingly, or unknowingly, expressed when they spoke with me.

Nothing could prepare me for the Presidential Election cycle. I just jumped right into the whole thing feet first, and never looked back. Many people tried threatening me and telling me to quit, some people tried talking me out of completing the Election cycle, some people laughed in disbelief, some people even laughed and pointed to be-mean. And then there were those that showed their true and undying support for not just my campaign, but support for me as a person, in whatever I do.

This was a very exciting time, not just for me, but for everyone involved, and also for everyone who was not involved. Because, the 2020 Presidential Election didn’t just revolve around me. It was huge, extravagant, and at the same time, it was a complete trainwreck, from the inside, out. It was a raging dumpster fire. The smell was intoxicating, and the sight was unbearable, but no one could stand to look away, even for a second. The Election was all over the news. There wasn’t anywhere you could go that the Election wasn’t being thrown in your face, somehow, someway, every single day.

It was a bit much, even for me being an official Candidate who’d raised enough money to be considered qualified to file a quarterly report with the Federal Election Commission. The whole Election fiasco was getting nuts. No one was even holding the reins to this wild runaway horse and carriage anymore. It was so far out of control that it started spilling over into the streets. And then tons of famous people started dying, or at least it had appeared to be that way. Namely, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant’s death being faked was a huge and immediate distraction to both me and everyone who even heard of the mainstream media’s news at all. Vigils popped up. Anything to get their minds off both the Election and the rising 2020 Candidate, Chance Trahan. It was all eyes on Chance Trahan. But, only for the Sharks. Chance Trahan was not considered fair-game for just any-old-body. You had to be an elite to know about Chance. Or, you had to happen to walk by him and catch him in the right mood, or moment, and he’d tell you all about his campaign. Anything you wanted to know about it or the 2020 Election, he’d tell ya.

It was that attitude of Chance’s, the one that was unafraid, that the elite feared the most. They tried everything. Including to “Flatten The Curve” and kept reminding each other that they’re “All In This Together, Now.” And when you think back on it, it does seem kind of creepy, doesn’t it? Seeing all those messages displayed everywhere, as if it were some kind of bold-faced, yet cryptic, meaningful threat. And at the same time, this threat smiled in your face and had a polite overtone that hid the dark deep level of undertone that wasn’t so kind, cheery, and polite. But, enough of my speculation. The thought that this could very-well be the reality of the situation is haunting enough. Don’t you think?

California is where almost all Politicians get their start. Even Ronald Reagan did. So, I moved to California, sights set on Beverly. Hills that is. Swimming pools. Movie stars. And, let me tell you, that California is everything they say it is here. You’re satanic? Cool, we’ve got whatever you need. No, not cool. Not cool at all. Want the joy of…. Nevermind, we’re not gonna go there. But, I will say that we do have lucifer’s pizza! Big whop. Who the hell names their establishment lucifer’s pizza? And on top of that? Who the hell uses that bullshit as their logo? My God? Hell no! My God does not.

My faith. I was attacked several times over for it. For the fact that I support ending murdering innocent babies. Imagine that. I’m attacked for not defending people’s right to sacrifice innocent babies. Uh, yeah…. that’s happening. That’s what they’re doing. That’s why the fight for their lives and for the mother’s lives and their collective safety is so important and critical right now! This Election proved not to just be about Politics, it proved to be a battle for your soul. And I am sorry to say that many of you are a lost cause. You have no soul. They took it. With every headline you sunk into, they stole it.

You became a walking zombie, hypnotized and programmed by the news, by word of mouth, by every single person, in every nook and cranny of your entire realm. Imagine that. They made a movie about Trump being in a tower, while the whole world went to hell in a handbasket, and everybody suddenly became zombies, and now it’s become reality. Hmm.  Humans VS Zombies. Never forget.

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