Thursday, June 27, 2019

Being in Juneau for almost 2 years now, I’ve been adjusting to how different way of life here is. One thing right off the bat I want to tell you is that we have day and night all year long. In the summer is longer days, and in the winter is longer nights. For example, right now as I write this we’re enjoying the longer hours of the summer time daylight. The sun comes up at about 3am and goes down around 10pm. What you’re looking at in these photos is Lena Beach at 8:30pm and 9:11pm. And nevermind that there’s nobody in the photos, because plenty of people are there. I walked to spots where I could get isolated shots of the view I was seeing. Plenty of people out on the water paddle boarding, one guy in a tube fishing, sitting in the water, and plenty of boats out there fishing too. Was a lot of fun. I was trying to get nature shots in these, and don’t worry, I took plenty photos of everything. Lena Beach is awesome.

And to think, this is only one of the stretches of beach. Everywhere you look, you’re pretty much waterfront in this town. One thing coming from the lower 48 that someone needs to know about Alaska is that people who live in Alaska don’t typically move as fast as someone from the lower 48, and this means decision making too. But, that’s good though, because when you’re here, you are given the gift of the opportunity to just let go of the lower 48 rush mindset. It’s something like being in a small town, but still having Downtown. With how many areas Juneau Alaska has, it’s almost a fully functioning metro here.

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What are the odds that three people would target me in one day to be subjected to affirmative action from my boss at my job back to back to back? Yesterday started out nice, but as the day progressed, more and more people started doing more and more things to try to entrap me into some kind of situation that I obviously didn’t belong in in the first place.

First thing is first, when you call back and say that you have recorded audio of someone hanging up on you, you should probably factor into your fabricated story that you were the first to hang up, and also that our phones at work are sometimes malfunctioning, or even the fact that you called from an anonymous number (to book a party reservation) – before you go saying what you’re saying about someone and trying to get someone fired over it. Look, people call my job all day long and have 0 issues with me on the regular, so for someone to suddenly have this big dramatic situation could make you typically look like quite the oddball, and in my personal opinion, this does not look good on you at all.


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The engine in one of the Juneau Valley local tour buses burned out and left travelers stranded where they had to walk from the bus that was broke down and smoking in the turning lane on Egan coming from downtown on down to Mendenhall backloop towards Mendenhall Mall RD. Where their final destination was, I’m not sure. Could have just been the local church to wait for a new bus, perhaps. Either way, there’s this cute mall they could always stop at to spend money at. Just saying. Right there on Mendenhall Mall RD. All types of local businesses. Just saying. :)


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Town Hall was actually a personal success. Here’s why…. I confronted one of my local stalkers. Also, one person I had a disagreement with confronted me, gave me political advice, then we actually shook hands at the end of it. Plus, there were a handful of spectators. Thank you for tonight! It was a lot more than I had hoped it would be. Keep reading for the details — READ MORE


Monday, June 3, 2019

Alaska, your resident Presidential Candidate (Chance Trahan) is holding a Town Hall at the Mendenhall Valley Public Library this Tuesday on June 4th starting at 6:30PM where he will be answering your questions about his campaign and what issues he plans to face while elected as president.

Chance is often called Chance the Rapper because he actually does rap, and he performs rap music quite well. He’s built a core of followers that don’t even follow him at all, simply because he just won’t let them. That’s no concern to Chance, or even to the friends who surf onto his every digital media post. If he posts it online, they will find it. And don’t let the numbers of downloads or views on his content fool you, because even though it tends to look bleak in some places, he posts his content across several platforms and most people just download the video without ever watching, or they just find other ways to steal the content. If you ask Chance what he thinks about that, he actually encourages it. He doesn’t care about views or how much airtime his content gets, he just doesn’t have enough time in the day to do so.

You would think, someone with such a passion for creativity would be more upset about people not giving him ratings, likes, or even comments, but to someone like Chance, he just can’t be bothered with the notifications. Basically, according to him, he suggests that you should only be contacting him in case of emergency. And with his specialized training along with the case of PTSD that he’s overcome, we can clearly see why.

Trahan received personalized and private military training geared for NAVY SEAL recruiting preppers. He’s also taken on several forms of Law Enforcement training, specialized weapons training, READ MORE