Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It’s no secret, the cat’s out of the bag (or is the bag out of coke?), the Koch bros are out to destroy what’s good in “America”.

But, now that I know how to truly pronounce their name, “coke”, I immediately came up with a video game idea…. and you’re going to love it (or your money back).

When coming up with this video game idea, it just hit me (like a bag of coke), Koch Bros (pronounced Coke Bros), and boy was I dying laughing. This is quite possibly the most hilarious idea I have ever come up with (for there are many).

Quite simply, the video game idea goes like this…. (BRACE YOURSELVES, THIS IS ABOUT TO GET RIDICULOUS)

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

When it comes to Social Media site owning douchebags, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg (or Suckaturd as we like to call him), takes the flippin’ cake. However, Kevin Systrom comes in a hard second, and Jack Dorsey isn’t really a douche (HE’S A GODAMNED TERRORIST). WTF am I even talking about in this one? (HELLO, DID YOU EVEN READ THE TITLE YET?) Facebook and Instagram just banned the wrong motherf**ker. Just read–on to see what I mean….

In this photo you can clearly see where my ACAP NEWS banner used to be, and is now replaced by a prompt for me to upload a new banner (AND IT BETTER NOT LINK TO ACAP NEWS OR YOU’RE A DEAD MF). You can see the photo of Auke (pronounced Ahh–k), which is Tlingit (pronounced klink-it) for “Lake”. I had tried to reupload the same photo using the photo that was already there and asking to be replaced, however, using the already provided photo Facebook was showing me as the placeholder was just not allowed– WHAT THE ZUCK?

With this photo, plain as day, you can tell that someone definitely has a bad attitude about the updates that I’m posting to Facebook, and you can guess that every single one is an ACAPNEWS update. It’s obvious to me at least that this “mystery” person does NOT want you to see ACAP NEWS at all…. You can also see one of the many fake accounts that come out of the woodwork to troll anything I post on political Facebook “business” pages (they absolutely have no life).

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Heavens Open Ornate Gates
Shinmon means God Gate. It is the gate to your spirit world– ready for you to access at any time.

To become a Shinmon master takes a lot of training, and most of us didn’t even know we had this available to us. But it’s there, and it is indeed within you. The Shinmon (God Gate) is all accessible to you at the blink of an eye (or the pull of an ear). It’s easier than you would think to tap into the power of God. Some might not believe in God, but God does exist. YHVH (God) is within you, all around you and running through you. Some might call this “spirit” and yes, they are right– though there is but one all divine source, and it is within you.

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Here’s your original message:
You said my last review wasn’t realistic, so I fixed the rating to an even more realistic one. You are a buggy developer on purpose so people have to ask you for support if they are not a developer. You only care about yourself and this shows. Good luck, I’m out. I’ll never update your script again from the old version, you screwed it up too many times with your updates. THIS SCRIPT IS NOT OPEN SOURCE TO ANYONE WHOM IS WONDERING BEFORE BUYING. This developer obvs has his head in the clouds if he thinks this is a quality product. It just looks pretty, there is nothing fantastic or original about it. It’s just a copy of all the worst features from other social networks, and he does not listen to developer feedback of what people are really looking for. He is rude and nasty towards you for no reason, and he thinks you’re a problem to have to deal with if he’s helped you and you are still not happy. I should have listened to all his negative reviews, because I even switched to the same server as him, and the script still isn’t logging in the first time I click login with a correct password, and I have to login twice. He blames everything and everyone except for himself, and he’ll blame you and your server before ever holding himself accountable. Oh well, at least I have the open source version of this script still. It’s worth more than this latest update ever will be. Mustafa will be upset about this review and he will defend himself and his script that is buggy in a comment reply, but he is only doing it so you will buy from him, and he will keep lying to you the entire time about everything. I feel sorry for this developer. It would be nice if you would change your mind about taking everything people say so personally. The first time I left a bad review he got pissed off and reported my review. Whatever…. I’m over this whole entire thing altogether. No matter what you say, dude, I’m out. I’ll hire a developer that doesn’t act as childish as you do. Sorry, not sorry.



mstfoztrk, the author of oobenn Instagram Style Social Networking Script, has replied to your review:

Hello :)

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Friday, March 15, 2019


State Attorneys General: Donald Trump’s National Emergency Declaration is Constitutional

“President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration is a proper use of executive power to protect our country’s borders and keep Americans safe,” state Attorneys General Ken Paxton (R-TX), Curtis Hill (R-IN), and Jeff Landry (R-LA) write in USA Today.

“Unfortunately, the crisis at the southern border is one that only the federal government may truly solve. With no solutions coming from Congress, the president is faithfully executing the duties of his office by invoking a law Congress already passed: the National Emergencies Act.”

Click here to read more about the National Emergency Declaration.


Police in the San Francisco Bay Area arrested a criminal illegal immigrant for the brutal slaying of a 59-year-old woman, NBC Bay Area reports. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents tried to deport the suspect “nine times before, but their detainer requests were not honored in Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties, both so-called ‘sanctuary cities.’”


“United States Customs and Border Protection said a human smuggler dropped two children over the U.S.-Mexico border wall and created a diversion that allowed 10 others to cross illegally,” Rafael Avitabile reports for NBC San Diego. “The agency said a human smuggler dropped two El Salvadorian girls, ages 6 and 9, near a bank of concertina wire in U.S. territory Monday night. According to the CBP, as agents vacated their patrol posts to respond, 10 people crossed the border illegally at another location and eluded agents.”


“The U.S. trade deficit for goods hit a record high in 2018, but critics wrongly blame this on a failure of President Donald Trump’s trade policies,” White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro writes in USA Today. “Gross domestic product growth of 3 percent in 2018, coupled with a rapid rise in real wages and the lowest unemployment in 50 years, boosted import demand even as slower growth in markets like Europe suppressed U.S. exports. The robust Trump economy is one of the deficit’s biggest drivers.”


A year long investigation into the Las Vegas False Flag Event.