Tuesday, September 10, 2019


This story is what happens when you don’t discipline your kids. First, I get called a pig by whoever the girl is that owns the Snapchat account in question. Let me start this off with telling you that I have no idea who she is, I just know it’s some female that added me on Snapchat from Juneau. After receiving her out of the picture, but the focus of the picture being on a stuffed animal that is a pig, I snapped her saying that she didn’t have to call me (Sheriff) a pig, that she didn’t know me. I later learned that she’s in the 9th grade so I asked her what her age was, because she was acting like an immature brat in her stories. Later on in the day I was flipping through recent replies I had gotten and saw that she had looked at the message, but did not reply, even though in her recent stories she repetitively called out plenty of people for not having the guts to say something to her face instead of anonymously, like she set up her yolo snap to do. This childish behavior was way below my IQ level, so I quit watching, and was thanking God that the drama I just witnessed was not my problem and was over with. But, little did I know what was about to even happen.

I moved on with my day – forgetting all about her – and then I got this messaged that simply said, “What” and I said “WYM what? You know what you did was wrong.” Hoping for an apology, but here’s what I got instead. I get a call from this snapchat, and there’s no one’s face in the little circle that’s supposed to be the person calling you. I answered and stayed absolutely silent with the camera pointed at the ceiling and just watching and listening. It was two guys on this girl’s phone and they were talking to each other, and saying things like, “he looks like a school shooter.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was absolute filth! What if I was some kid on the other end of this call? What if I was just a kid that heard this from these two foul-mouthed little freshmen boys?

I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to be a kid their age and hear that. And let me tell you that this is not the only time someone underage has used social media to somehow call a grown-man a school shooter. How messed up is that? Do you understand how infuriating this is? If my son or daughter came up to me and said that kids in her school were calling him or her a school shooter in class, I would not let the school officials ever hear the end of that. But I’m not a kid, I’m a grown man who has fought against school shootings and mass shootings all across the United States so hard that it has driven me into the poor-house trying to solve them all. Do you know how sad and confused this makes me to know that kids these days are just going around and making jokes about people and saying they “look like a school shooter” like it’s some kind of type of person? Or that someone can just say something as stupid as, “looks like a school shooter?”

If that was my kid talking all that mess, I’d ship that idiot off to a military academy in a heartbeat and they could beg me all they want to, but that would be the last straw. They would be flown to a military academy so fast that their head would never stop spinning. They’d have no choice but to come back from that military academy saying, “yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am, no ma’am” so much that you wouldn’t even recognize the kid anymore. They’d not only have manners, but they’d come back with an education that they’re obviously not getting in the local standard-education schools that they’re currently attending. They’d learn how to choose their friends better, and they’d know that their choices effect the outcomes of their lives and that they can’t go around telling grown men that they’d “smoke them” or “beat their ass.” Or that they can’t just go off stealing someone’s phone and harassing their contacts and sending them photos of them flipping off the camera. Are you kidding me? What if that girl got involved in this somehow and she got shot or hurt? Then what would those little punks say? They’d have to answer for that. That’s something that no one wants to have to explain!

I’m gonna tell you straight up, you need to binge watch your kids, because sooner or later, someone who really doesn’t play games is gonna show them what it’s like to be an adult really fast. You don’t want that, I don’t want that, and whoever these maggot punks are don’t want that either. You had better get a reign on your kids before they reign all over you. What if I was someone else and I hurt them kids? You as a parent, how would you feel? You’d be responsible for that situation. It’s up to you to discipline your kids. I can’t discipline your kids for you, even though I’d sure as heck like to. Do you approve of the way these kids are misbehaving?