Friday, April 24, 2020



Have you ever watched the Political News recently and wanted to understand what you’re seeing beyond the pale?

I’m going to explain this to you the best I can and make this as easy to digest as possible.

What you’re seeing in a nutshell is Political Extortion. That’s the easiest way to put this for you to get a grip on what’s being played out before our very eyes. However, allow me to elaborate so that you can truly understand the concept surrounding this mysterious power-play. I will give you examples and then explain their scenarios for you to fully understand things from a Politician’s perspective that knows exactly what’s going on and how the game is being played that other Politicians simply aren’t telling you the full story of, simply because it will destroy their credentials in the White House and the games they’re part of and guilty of playing…. Yes, what they’re doing is very illegal – but as I said, allow me to explain.

The White House drama is fake. It’s fraud on We The People. We want to believe what we’re seeing, and many “Average Joe’s” or “Zombies” if you will, will argue their points about what they’re seeing, and they’ll somewhat agree with what you’re telling them, but in the end, they really aren’t listening to what you’re saying because of the things the Mainstream Media has programmed them to believe.

“How could this all be fraudulent and fake?” you ask? Easy, this is the easy part, but what comes after this (Coronavirus deaths not being real AT ALL) is what’s hard for some people, or most people, to accept as fact, because as I said again, they’re programmed to be ready with false facts at hand to attempt to slap you in the face with.

Here’s the example, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are at odds. This is false. The easy thing to digest is that they’ve all got to live in the same house, so eventually they’re going to have to come to some sort of terms to get their mission accomplished. Do you understand what I just said? How mad have you stayed at your parents? Not long. You might feel bitter, you might even disagree with them completely, but eventually you’re going to come out of the room that you’ve stormed into and settle your arguments and apologize.

The difficult thing to digest is that they’re pulling an entire scam together without you ever knowing. You could easily see how they’d have to eventually get along, but you can’t believe that the White House residents are a well-oiled machine, and maybe you believe Trump is an idiot, or maybe you believe that Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. Not entirely true, because remember, they’re in on whatever the agenda for the day is together and they’re intelligently playing their parts. They sit in the situation room discussing their plan, they all agree on what the plan is, and then they part ways and act out their “diabolical scheme,” and you don’t know what they’re discussing in that room, because it’s a secured room, and what happens in that room is supposed to stay in that room, otherwise there could be national security compromising federal law breaking consequences.

So, here’s the REALLY difficult thing to digest, and you’ll agree. However, you’ll walk away convincing yourself it’s not true. I know, because I was once the same programmed Zombie those who don’t understand the full concept are. I even would go out of my way to Twitter–bash politicians, because I never fully understood what was going on, or how I was cryptically being called–to–action to do my favorite politician’s bidding without even realizing it. But then, one day I woke up and smelled the Political Extortion coffee. This is all for money…. that’s the hard part to fully grasp. You’ll see Pelosi with her gazillion dollar fridge and her outrageously priced ice cream, and you’ll probably even shame her for it, I would too. However, you won’t realize how she’s getting the money, because that’s the big secret that they don’t want you to figure out, and they’ll blast that droned MSM noise on the news until you forget all about what you started to comprehend. You’ll get sucked in, and by then, it’s already too late. Because they’re on to the next big idea. Cuz, remember, they’re meeting in that Situation Room (The Woodshed) for all hours of the day several times throughout the day and night until they’ve got it all figured out, and then boom, they hit you with everything they’ve got until you’re a complete and utter Zombie again.

Here’s the concept in grave detail.

Questions –

• Step one: Who are we going to extort?

• Step two: How are we going to get them to pay up?

• Step three: What if they don’t pay up?

• Step four: What are we going to do to keep the public from finding out?

Answers –

• Step one: Extort company X, Y and also Z.

• Step two: We present an issue they’ll firmly believe in and want to fund, it’ll be so intense that the public will believe it and unwittingly be in on the extortion too.

• Step three: If they don’t pay up, we treat them and their businesses unfairly, and treat the ones who do pay with unfair favoritism.

• Step four: Blast noise in the media so hard that everyone watching will get sucked in and start arguing profusely and pointlessly about it until they’re just about to kill each other just to prove their points. Trust me, they’ll never figure it out, and if they do, we blast the noise even harder and longer until they get in on the pointless arguments too.

Believe me, this works. Even if you contest it, you’ll get sucked in and start arguing with some fellow idiot Zombie online, or even worse, the people you’re living with.

Take “The Facebook Company” for example. “Hey, Mark…. we have a summons for you to appear in court because you disagreed with us extorting you of money.” And next thing you know, Ol’ Marky Mark’s playing ball because he’s not down for the ‘Facebook CEO is a douche’ memes being posted about him, because face it…. getting trolled SUCKS. Do you see the way they changed their name to The Facebook Company? That’s to create controversy to sideline you from figuring it out or even confronting them. And trust me when I say that all that weed you’re smoking ain’t helping you figure things out at all, it’s just distorting your thoughts even worse than the media is doing, hence the legality of it in some places. I do support the legalization of marijuana, but I trust everyone to do it at their own discretion and know how to practice healthy moderation if you will, we’ve been consuming it for years already anyways.

So, here you are, talking all about how stupid their business name–change is. It’s so dumb, look at how dumb it is. “I know it’s dumb because memes and comments people are posting on Twitter and Facebook told me they are.” That’s not what you’re going to openly admit to yourself or others, but my friends, that’s the reality of the situation. That’s how they play their Political mind-control games to distract you from what you’re seeing and hearing. They don’t want no witnesses.

And if you need one more example to show you what I’m explaining to you, take school mass shootings for example. Or mass spoofings, as I like to put it. Students are ran through school shooting drills just like we used to have fire drills when we were kids in school. The fire drills were meant to protect us, right? The school shooter drills are meant to protect our kids, right? Well, sort of. In the emergency of a fire, especially as a kid, I’m not standing in a single file line, and I’m not remembering what we were taught…. I’m bolting straight for the door and I’m leaving everything sacred to me behind, because, “IT’S A FIRE, GET OUT OF MY WAY, MOVE!” And only after I’m safe would I think about going back inside to try to save my poor cat’s life or whatever I forgot inside of the burning building. School shooter drills are mind blowing, in the sense that, they’re told to shut and lock the door. They’re told to black out all the windows with paper or some kind of makeshift–shading. They’re told to sit on the ground. And finally, they’re told not to look outside for any reason at all. And they’re told to definitely not open the door for anyone, nor any reason.

Why is the school shooter drills protocol important to all of this I’m explaining? Because, this creates an environment that leaves behind little to no credible witnesses. No one can argue with the narrative, because no one can tell you what happened in the hallways, or outside of the school. So, look at it this way. Let’s say they plan this at a vulnerable time where they have called all their underage sex trafficking victims outside of their classrooms, and now they’re in the lonely hallways walking to their destination, or, maybe they’re in the nurse’s office. They’re vulnerable, they have nowhere to run to, because all the doors are locked, and no one’s opening up their doors, and not only that, no one can see who’s outside trying to get in, and furthermore, they don’t know why they’re trying to get in, and finally, they don’t know if they can believe the person trying to get in for whatever reason, even if it means saving their life.

The “shooter” (spoofer) comes in with a very real gun with very fake bullets. They’re popping blank round after blank round, and to an insecure female student, this is all very life-like and the fear is extremely real to them. But they’re insecure, so how are they going to have the courage to fight back the bad boy, or girl in some cases, who’s pointing a gun at them and dressed in all black tactical–gear that would scare just about anybody at first sight?

With that said, do you know how much human trafficking and child sacrificing is profiting the big wigs at the top of this chain of command? Billions. Do you know how many victims they’re kidnapping each year? Millions, and the numbers are only growing by the boat loads.

So, how else are they doing this? Do you remember all those wildfires burning simultaneously all across the world? I do. I was living right next to one when I first got here in Los Angeles, California. And do you know what someone I know and trust with my life told me they witnessed as the wildfire here was coming to an end? A caravan of what they claim was hundreds of 18 wheelers coming from LA headed East towards San Bernardino. These are your kidnapped women and children being hauled away, never to be seen again, because face the facts that hardly any human trafficking victims are ever even saved. I should know, because I have an ex that these sickos kidnapped and faked the death of, claiming she had an overdose. And, I feel so guilty knowing what they did to her and knowing that I wasn’t able to do anything to save her because I didn’t fully understand what was going on at the time, but I do now, and believe me when I say that this hurts so much that all I want to do all day is cry sometimes.

The Coronavirus “cure” was patented, my friends. You patent products, not cures. What kind of sick person patents a cure to profit off of? Most cures can be made from natural home-remedies. The Eastern society has been doing it successfully for many years. They patented it because it features the “digital certificate” that Bill Gates mentioned before the video was taken down, that part was edited out, and then it was reposted. Bill Gates and friends have been planning this for at least 40 years or more, depending on how far down the chain of command and timeline it’s been kicked around. Movies have had predictive programming, like Demolition Man, or The Simpsons, for many years. Books, like one by Dean Koontz, were written, featuring the same exact storyline we’re seeing played out. A woman from Wuhan, bleh bleh bleh. But what you don’t understand is that this is why they want to give you the chip, to be able to track you, so they know when you’re most vulnerable, so they can control you, read your thoughts, and be able to act and plan accordingly based on what they know about you and can use against you. That last part is what they’re not telling you.

Bill Gates dumped what is probably billions of dollars into RFID chipping. That’s right, he invested into RFID chipping stocks, and probably even funded the research and development, just like he’s been funding the research and development for the cure for this fake virus that no scientist is able to prove exists. Recently, David Icke, who is constantly labeled as a wild conspiracy theorist, (mainly because he believes and preaches that lizard–people are secretly running the world. Maybe that’s true, maybe that’s not. But look how freakishly odd some of these people tend to look. Yeah, Mitch McConnell looks like a turtle. There’s memes showing hilarious similarities. Look at Donald Trump, it looks like his face is melting off at some points. Look at Michelle Obama, she looks like a wild creature. This list goes on and on and on. But what’s important to note is that….) has posted a video detailing how the Coronavirus has never been isolated in a petri-dish to prove it exists. I am not a certified laboratory scientist, so excuse me if my lingo is off, but it’s true. This virus hasn’t been verified to exist, you must isolate the virus to identify it, and it simply doesn’t exist, or just hasn’t even been proved to be what it is at all.

I asked several people I know of that work as a nurse, I’ve asked someone that works as a correctional officer, I even asked someone on LinkedIn that claims to know over (get this) 20 people that have the virus, with 5 of them being her family members, and they all told me that the virus is real. However, when I questioned them of the validity of their claims, they babble, repeat themselves, and say that what they saw proves that this is all “very real” and “not a joke.” I ask them what they saw and they just say they saw patients. I said okay, well what is going on with these patients, and they just say they’re sick, can hardly breathe, have tubes in their nose and mouth. And when I question someone too to–the–point (because I know for a fact that they’re lying), they block me, walk away, or immediately change the subject. But, here’s the deal, none of the people I mentioned are sick at all after being within close proximity of said-patients, they only see them ‘faking an illness’ (however, they’ll never admit this). Remember, “this virus is deadly,” “lethal,” and it’s taking out the elderly by the dozens. I’d even go as far to say, “it’s spreading like wildfire.” Pun utterly intended.

So, now that you know this, and I’m praying to YHVH that you too understand that this virus pandemic is a VERIFIED scam by several doctors and sources over and over again, I want to ask you a thing or two…. Are they sacrificing the elderly and kids while claiming “COVID-19” took their life? Is Donald Trump part of the elite devil worshipper freemason illuminati cult? Have you seen Trump with a baby? He has absolutely no idea how to hold a baby, and handles them in very, VERY strange ways.

And one more thing…. watch how they try to cover this up in the news once the wind ends up falling in whispers behind closed doors of me posting this masterpiece.

– PS, there is no literal translation for the word “it” in Spanish.