Tuesday, August 11, 2020



Katelynn Shelhamer is an indigenous Alaskan born and raised child. She deserves a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!!! At the moment she is not safe, and this is not fair. She just turned 17 this April and has been exploited since she was at least 14. With the alarming number of missing native women and children in Alaska, we can’t afford to allow another one of our people go missing without us doing anything about it! We can’t turn our heads and pretend like this isn’t happening anymore. Wake up! We outnumber the ones with their clutches dug in on our way of life.


If we do not start protecting our youth, the cycle of abuse will continue to grow, the secondary effects will last a lifetime of generations.

Let’s find her! Let her be a success story of how Alaskans pulled together instead of being a victim of circumstances.

WE ARE ALASKA!! We are part of the fabric.

This is our land. Uou know what I’m talking about if you’re a true Alaskan. I am a survivor of human trafficking in the state of Alaska. When I was 13 years old I ran away. I ran away because I felt safer here in ALASKA than anywhere else. I had been moved from state to state, and from one city to the next. Moved around like a piece of meat for the meat grinder.

I felt safe here because my little mind at 13 years old truly believed and still does believe that this is GOD’S country! The mountains here are so beautiful. It’s like they’re part of my family. A part of me. They help me to find my way around. If I can’t see the mountains I feel claustrophobic.

Like many others that first move here, I thought that it was so beautiful in Alaska that nothing bad could happen here. We have some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Alaska also has the northern lights. I call them the angels dancing because that’s what it looked like to me when I was 13, so I stayed. It only took ONE Alaskan to help me. And now I ask you to be that one Alaskan to help this missing girl.

As Alaskans we can move both heaven and earth when we all come together. Because, we care about each other. This is the most magical place in the whole world. ALASKA is ALIVE in so many ways.

We have to stop the madness that goes on behind the closed doors and take back Alaska, and one of the first noteworthy things we can do is to protect our kids.

Kids need to stop going missing from State custody. So, remember that picture. Print it off, make flyers, and hand them out! Whatever it takes, let’s find this missing girl. She is still alive and she is here.


— J