Sunday, August 16, 2020


Freemasons believe in and call God the Grand Architect Of The Universe or GAOTU. These are so called intelligent people who have access to all the top science, mathematics and all historic scriptures.

They believe this because our reality is observed on a fundamental level in mathematics and geometry. The geometric and mathematical shapes in nature are undeniable. Sacred geometry or the geometric shapes in molecules, like the Oxygen molecule crystal is a cube and Nitrogen molecule is a hexagon etc… this along with Cymatics symmetrical geometrical patterns in frequencies, and the Golden ratio and Golden rectangle, pretty much prove a supreme intelligence created this reality.

That begs the question of an afterlife, and your next journey in it. The crimes of this life hit you in the next one, that’s called Karma. This isn’t about religion this is about spirituality. They believe in God but worship the serpent or Hu Serpent or Satan, the animalistic baser instincts of human nature and demonic entities. Ask yourself why they don’t promote this, teach it in schools, or in their religions. This is because they don’t want you to know it, and because they have control over you and can make you commit crimes for them when you no longer fear the consequences of your actions of this life in an afterlife.

God’s laws are that you do no harm to others or yourself, live a life of moderation and equality, look after the home God gave you for free, enjoy the talents God gave you for free! Don’t profit from or impose your will on others. Look after and defend the innocent and most vulnerable. Truth over lies and defend your rights and the rights of others against the most wicked and evil.

It’s not hard, just imagine a tree house your father built and think about many people living in it equally, caring and sharing not poisoning and polluting, raping and pillaging or satanic channeling of demonic spirits!

We are in a spiritual war, good God versus evil Devil, and the elite have been in control for centuries.

The elite call themselves wizards of Chaldean Oz, the Babylonian Magi, Magicians or illusionists, they also performed Witchcraft.

The Chaldean numerology number 7 is OZ ie: 7 days a week, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 Continents, 7 Chakras, 7 Angels, 7 wonders, 7 TRUMPets in revelations, you walk 7 times around the Kaaba, G in masonry is also the 7th letter, 7 stars in plieades etc… No coincidence.

You also have the Skull and Bones Society, 322 3+2+2=7 or 322bc this probably represents the take over of Athens, and the death of democracy by the Oligarchs.

The Skull and Bones also represents pirates and also the Nazi SS S=19 1+9=10 or 1 so SS is 11 in numerology, the two pillars in Freemasonry, just like the two towers on 9/11 9+1+1=11. Lord of the rings, the trilogy is, the fellowship (as in Freemasonic fellows) the twin or two towers and the return of the King Saturn, Satan.

It’s a big year for Saturn as on July 20 2020 at 22.22 Saturn was at it’s closest to Earth, and is also in constellation Capricorn the Goats head Baphomet. Also on the winter solstice, 21st December 2020 Saturn and Jupiter are in the great conjunction. Saturn from Earth also looks like an eye.

The Romans worshiped it and called the celebration Saturnalia, it also represents Cronos who ate his kids. The El elite worship many Pagan God’s. 9.11 in the book of revelations ” and they worship the King or Angel of the Abyss called Apollyon aka Apollo” hence the reason why the fake Moon landings were called Apollo 11. As for NASA well the serpent tongue in it’s logo speaks for itself.

The Mars Rover, supposed to last for 6 months lasted for years, even after it is claimed Mars has dust storms covering it’s entirety for weeks. They claim that the solar panels were cleaned by the Devil, Yes the Devil in a cloud of dust cleaned them? If you believe that bs you must be mad.

My personal belief is the Earth is flat, you may disagree but the evidence says, density not Gravity. Gravity has never been proved. Stand on a roundabout and spin it, you would soon fly off.

The Constellations stay the same for thousands of years, hence the Orion’s belt matching up with the Pyramids, never mind all the mythologies regarding them.

The Sun and Moon are exactly the same size as eclipses prove that, and the odds of that are astronomical.

Evolution is explained by adaptation, and a species physically adapting to it’s environment, no species has been found to turn into another one. This along with the Horizon being level and a horizontal line. Just lay a triangle flat and you have 2 parallel lines joining up at the point of infinity, where objects merge with the horizon. Put an eye in that triangle and you have the Freemasonic Illuminati, the eye is just perception along with other symbolic meanings.

The elite have set up all the systems we were born under and live in today, education, military, banking, healthcare etc… they control all the industries, media manufacturing, weapons, food, agriculture, chemical, biological etc…

They have been doing this for centuries and now govern through the UNELECTED one world Government the United Nations. They control all puppet Governments across the whole of Earth no matter what country you live in or what president or Prime Minister represents it. These were chosen from birth and mentored by the elite families in their secret organizations all their lives.

There are no countries just places on a map that the elite who developed cities, then states became their rulers. Then created armies conquered the rest of the land and the sea divided them up and invented systems, religions and laws to control them centuries ago. The only borders are the ones they placed in our minds along with all their systems we were born into. This has been going on for thousands of years and our true history, and the history of Earth has been completely covered up and hidden.

It’s time we stood together and took Earth back for good or God! The great Architect who created paradise and we let them kick him out of it. All secret societies should be exposed and all their filthy secrets revealed! Learn by the mistakes of our past so we and generations to come aren’t doomed to repeat them. That’s the true awakening, the spirit they have enslaved controlled, and abused in their corrupt unbalanced unequal systems!

Think it’s survival of the fittest? Nope if that was the case children wouldn’t be totally dependent on their parents for the first few years of their lives. It’s nurture truth and true wisdom humans need, not wars and usury in debt slavery banking systems, or killing each other and crawling over each other for survival or success! Wealth is measured by health and happiness and our will to be free, the rest just leads to madness.

The elite have been corrupted by the puny demons, and pagan Gods, that want worship and demand sacrifices. The elites addiction to power, wealth and control are a sickness that must be wiped from the face of the Earth, the more they get, the more they want, the more they think they need, it’s total insanity. I also believe that the Earth is surrounded by a Torus field, not covered by a glass dome, it would explain the Auroras, and we also have auras. The electromagnetic Universe University.

- Anonymous