Tuesday, September 8, 2020


This 2020 Election is a bunch of bullshit…. here’s why.
From attacking my campaign’s assets, to attacking my campaign’s people, to attacking the candidate (yours truly), to attacking the general public, to attacking the entire world, I’d say that everything in this entire world is riding on this one little campaign that everyone’s so godamned tired of hearing about.

Nobody gives a flying fuck about the election. I don’t even give a fuck about the election. I never did. It’s bullshit. Every election ever is 100% bullshit. Everyone is tired of this shit. Day in and day out, being controlled and programmed to vote this way, believe that way, inform this person, blabber to that person. Dude, nobody gives a shit and it clearly shows. Everyone has cried wolf so godamned much and screamed that the sky is falling every 5 seconds that nobody gives a fucking shit about you, your election jive turkey bullshit talk, the he—said she—said jargon garbage, the fucked in the head prognosis’ of whatever clever bullshit terminology of the day you made up that nobody thought was worth a damn in the first place. So, fuck you, fuck this election, and fuck your godamned farced feigned death of a salesman word salad of the day. Nobody gives a fuck. Holy shit, that feels good to say.

For real, nobody gives a fuck anymore. Ask the poor kids that have to deal with their fucktard parent flying a dumbass Tramp 2020 flag, they’ll tell you in the most obscene way possible. And if you think what I’m saying is jacklegged and libertine, you ought a get a load of what some of your demoralized and unprincipled kids’ asses are posting on their snapchats. I feel sorry for how horribly parented these kids are that they think this type of behaviour is perfectly okay to do, because in real life, they’d get their asses kicked for talking shit.

The whole election is being overthrown by dictators in office, and not in a good way. You think you’re voting for the good guy who turns out to be the bad guy that just does a great job at looking like the good guy who’s out there doing terrible things just to keep you entertained while Presidential Candidates never get their turn to debate their predecessors in any form whatsoever. But, hey. I’m perfectly fine with that. Being on TV ain’t my thing. Next thing you know, I’ve gotta fake my death like Paul Walker, because every dumb bitch with daddy detachment issues thinks they’ve got a shot at fucking me like my name is Mick Jagger and I’ve got a loose zipper that’s as liberal as Richard Pryor is with his nasty jokes.

Just look at all this bullshit going on. I mean, really look at this shit. Fake virus, fuckboy police, racist asshats, bum lives matter, federal fuckwads, pornstar politicians, hobag Hollywood, ignorant investors, baby part planned parenthood, pussy grabbing president, hotdog humping Obama in a pear tree type of bullshit everywhere you look. Freak this, fear that, fuck this, fan that. It’s a bit much and none of us can take this shit anymore. And this isn’t even the half! If you disagree with any of this 50 ring circus of bullshit marxist propaganda, then you’re fucking delusional. You heard me right. Yeah, you’re fucking delusional. And don’t even think to toss tantrum throwing Trump into the mix, because if you disagree with him or any of the slicker than thou bullshit fuckery he’s doing, no matter how fucking stupid and dimwitted it may be, you’re fucking deranged. You got that? Fucking deranged!

I’ve had about enough. Haven’t you? If not, then you’re a lot more stupid than we all give you credit for.