Friday, February 12, 2021



I had recently visited a local store and quickly became appalled at the behavior exhibited by a passive-aggressive employee that didn’t respect my boundaries I had set with her upon our brief interaction. She was disrespectful, rude and condescending when she spoke with me in her passive-aggressive tone. Her attitude was charged with negative energy as she asserted the store’s masking mandate to me. Her interaction was unnecessary as she barged her way into the front of the store behind the counter and continued to engage with me when it was extremely uncalled for.

She spoke to the cashier that was already handling the transaction the best way that she possibly could. The cashier offered me a mask, I said that I was good. She repeated to herself what I had said, but continued to finalize the transaction. This was right before the other employee decided to come to the front of the store and assert herself as she pushed the mandated mask policy in an aggressive way that left my hands shaking as I was trying to control my feelings after she had gravely violated my peace and happiness. In the podcast above, I speak on this in-store interaction, and on other topics to do with Alaskan Politics and more. Just press play to listen.