Sunday, February 7, 2021


When I first started looking into this whole “pandemic,” as some have obsessively called this thing, I kept getting the feeling that it was all a lie. Turns out that I was right! There was a Freedom Of Information Act filed and sued for in Dublin, Ireland that proved that this whole “pandemic” thing is fake. The deaths attributed to “Covid 19” were forged, and every person whom passed away from said “virus” actually died of something else. Hospitals were given a cache of ventilator systems, and loads of cash for every “covid 19” diagnosis they administered. In fact, hospitals and staff were making up to 3 times the amount of payouts that a normal patient would bring in. Next thing you know, hospitals were empty, and most still are to this day. And at the same time, several people were put on ventilators and were dying from the unsafe and toxic practices of intubation.

Meanwhile, many people in the medical industry were up in arms towards anyone whom claimed that the virus that they clung to didn’t exist in the first place. People were at odds, because many people had an idea that this was a mass media hype, but didn’t know how to speak their mind on the matter, and then I came along, making things easily digestible and articulating myself in well thought out ways. I’ve been thinking about this and watching everything that’s gone on for quite some time now, and putting things in an easily understandable way has never been a challenge for me. It’s not hard to see or understand that we are being lied to, but to put it in a way to where people can clearly see how and why we are being lied to was the challenge for some. And it certainly didn’t help that any time they did, loads of people would come out of the woodwork thwarting their claims at all costs.

Now that companies have started manufacturing and distributing the vaccine, doctors and other healthcare professionals have shouted from the rooftops about those administering the vaccines would later be charged for war crimes. People are starting to ask the question I’ve been asking since this all started…. Has anyone seen someone drop dead from Covid 19? No, no one has. It just isn’t going to happen, because the virus that they claim exists just doesn’t. The behavior of the mask pushers in public businesses and of the rabid healthcare industry “professionals” have also begged the question of what type of world are we living in that people would actually behave this way in public and online. One person online that I had an exchange with on LinkedIn claimed that exactly 20 of her family and friends had died or gotten sick from the alleged virus. Exactly 20. Although she could not give me any names nor put me into contact with any of the victims, she managed to abruptly block me when she realized that she could not successfully lie to me at all and that I wasn’t buying the proverbial snake oil that she was selling.

And while all of this controversial behavior is and/or was going on, the vaccine is still being administered to people desperate enough to keep their job opportunities, and are reporting sickness after taking the second vaccine. But in the media, they were showing people who weren’t even getting the shot, but portraying it as if they were actually getting it. Much like the virus, the vaccine trial participants were faked. And no one cares to admit that this is even going on, however, they will stand by their reporting and say that the vaccine is causing death when they won’t even admit to their patrons that the virus was fraud to begin with. I’m not here to shame anyone for this, I’m just saying that the two go hand in hand, and publicly denouncing said “virus” needs to be done if you’re going to go out on a limb and say that the patented “vaccines” are killing these unsuspecting or desperate folks whom are willing to be first in line to be administered their poison.

The days of poisoning the watering hole are seemingly through. Now, they have poisoned the minds of others. They seem to think that it’s more effective. And who’s to say that anyone has really been injected with this patented TECHNOLOGY? I know I haven’t, and I don’t trust those that say that they have. To me, it’s all controversy until I have seen this all happen myself, which I won’t and don’t care to because I already know that this is a psyop to boot. The PCR tests are not reliable, Coca-Cola and Applesauce tests positive for Covid 19, and all the while, there are separate tests that are labeled differently. What I mean is that there are “positive tests” and there are “negative tests,” and the positive tests are labled as biohazard and bear a red biohazard symbol a labeling, and the negative tests are labeled with a green label to show that they are safe to handle. That shows that it’s potentially up to the test admin to decide if you’re going to be given a positive or negative diagnosis. This is not okay. People cannot play God and think that they’re just going to get away with it.

Plenty of people, including me, have blamed the brunt of this on an allegedly dead entity named Bill Gates. Ancestry shows that Bill and Melinda Gates are listed as deceased since 2013. Whether this is all just sales tactics to get controversy going about their products or not is to question. Who owns stock in these companies is another question. Donald Trump has been consistently caught promoting the vaccine and has also been caught saying that the virus was a hoax. It’s all controversy, and thankfully, people are starting to catch on. It’s become a war of who’s right and who’s wrong, when the big wigs couldn’t care less what’s right and wrong in this world, just as long as their bank accounts stay afloat, while the lower classes struggle just to make ends meet. It’s a major power play by the powers that be, and frankly, I’m tired of it and I’m not putting up with this any longer. The whole world is involved. This is treason committed by freemasons on a mass scale. Order out of chaos is their motto, and it’s exactly what’s going on.

Travel restrictions have also been put into place. You cannot travel to certain countries without getting tested for the “virus” and regardless of whether you have it or not, you are still forced to quarantine for a two week period. Airlines have enforced a strict mask policy, and if you were caught refusing to mask up, then you are put on a no-fly list with their airline. This has not become the new normal as people are rising up and dismissing accepting this outright tyranny as the new norm. People have become very outspoken against their governors and other political officials all over the world. Some countries have Covid Marshalls that take their jobs far too seriously for a virus that does not even exist. Stores like Sprouts have hired social distancing enforcers that stick out like a sore thumb, lingering about and putting their hands on products that they don’t intend to buy. This has all become far too much, and this isn’t even mentioning the rise in suicide rates and cases of domestic violence. Enough is enough and it’s time we take a stand against the agenda based tyranny underway.