Monday, April 8, 2019



I’m not even sure how to start this one off, but it’s something you’re not going to believe a politician is doing while serving in office. The following video definitely gives you a backseat view into the limo of politics while driving the whip (assuming you’re the chauffeur and you’re sneaky enough to have installed a one-way tinted mirror, like the ones you see in the police questioning rooms).

Thanks to The Guardian for providing this video so that way it could be passed around the internet like some kind of misled trafficking victim convinced that this is playtime and not child–rape. (Trying to prove a point here) You can’t tell me that she actually was legally voted into office, because there’s no way that anyone that isn’t busy typing one–handed on the internet all the time would have even ever voted for her– right? Do one–handed internet typers even get outside and vote? Who knows, but, we’re going crazy trying to understand her level of intelligence, because she can articulate herself rather well– when she’s not like–you–knowing, babbling senseless nonsense, and pushing policies that flat–out economically just do NOT make any sense– whatsoever. :rolls eyes: Even The Next News Network describes her as “being off her rocker” and being “totally wasted”.

Plus, I– myself have even tweeted to her to check in on her mental stability by simply saying: Hey, @AOC…. have you heard the term Hot Mess? You know what your drunken rambling reminds me of? David Hasselhoff’s drunkscapade when he ate a sandwich from on the floor while hammered AF. Are you okay? I’m legit concerned for your safety & mental health status RN. Can we talk?

Just watch the video below to see what I mean (it’s rather hilarious)– and yes, this is an opinion article for sure.