Thursday, June 27, 2019


What are the odds that three people would target me in one day to be subjected to affirmative action from my boss at my job back to back to back? Yesterday started out nice, but as the day progressed, more and more people started doing more and more things to try to entrap me into some kind of situation that I obviously didn’t belong in in the first place.

First thing is first, when you call back and say that you have recorded audio of someone hanging up on you, you should probably factor into your fabricated story that you were the first to hang up, and also that our phones at work are sometimes malfunctioning, or even the fact that you called from an anonymous number (to book a party reservation) – before you go saying what you’re saying about someone and trying to get someone fired over it. Look, people call my job all day long and have 0 issues with me on the regular, so for someone to suddenly have this big dramatic situation could make you typically look like quite the oddball, and in my personal opinion, this does not look good on you at all.

I do a great job at my work, and would appreciate it if all of the local harassment would stop. I understand that you may not like me, but you’re starting to effect my work life, and that’s not going to look good on you if I start to expose each and every one of you for everything you’re trying to do. One of you even ordered to a place I’m not supposed to go, and that’s okay, you an do that…. but this order to the place I’m not supposed to go happened pretty much at the exact same time that this anonymous phone call came in.

To make the situation with the anonymous party planner even more asinine, she wanted to speak to the manager about it afterwards, spoke ill of me to one of my fellow employees, but did not even talk to the manager. (So, how big was the problem really?) I get it, you guys can’t stand me. However, much to your (possible) surprise, the greater majority of customers love me, my boss loves my work…. So, why don’t you just focus on your job and leave me and the business that I work for alone? You want what we offer at work? Cool, order something from the business. You want to come in? Great, come visit the store. But the moment you start acting up, or the moment you start trying to close in on me or my coworkers with something evil, I will know, and I will do what I have to do to protect my own. (Which usually consists of making sure that I still have a job.) Also, I will not be giving you your order if you do not present your ID and Debit card to prove they match. If you don’t show me the two cards, then I cannot give you what you ordered. As much as I don’t want waste, I value my job even more. Thank you for understanding. However, I would rather perform my duties to someone who appreciates the fact that I’m trying to protect you from fraud.

Do you disagree with my online reviews? So do I. I’m in the process of taking them down and reflecting how I really feel about the places I visit instead of reviewing from the point of view that the stress of having to live with my mother had put me under. Do you think I’m a bad person just because someone said something or showed you something? Why haven’t you asked me for my side of the story instead of jumping all over me and trying to get me fired? Why are you taking things out on me when I’m just trying to do my job? Either way, two wrongs don’t make a right. And you don’t get to just harass me at my job, or I will take my own affirmative actions against you in order to protect myself and my job.

What are the odds that 3 different people would do 3 different things on the same day to try to get me fired? That’s not even counting the lady that did a California roll stop in front of me and didn’t look out for all possible cars and pulled out in the street in front of me even though I was already in the road. She called and complained for no reason– even though she was clearly in the wrong on all fronts. If you want to count her impatience, then we can make this a four instead of a three – but we won’t count her, even though. People make mistakes. But, hopefully you won’t continue to make the mistake of trying to get me fired.

It’s another beautiful day in the Alaskan Capital. Bright, sunny, no clouds…. I’m going to go out, and I’m going to have an excellent day. I encourage you to have an awesome day too (that doesn’t include victimizing or extorting others).