Monday, July 8, 2019


If you haven’t already checked out the latest podcast, check it out! This is a place where I often talk about the latest trends in politics and staying up to date with some of the latest news. May not be suitable for some ages, may contain language in some of the older podcasts that might offend others. The podcast covers things like music, headlines, opinions, politics, debates, social media trends, business, stories, and your host of “Sheriff Says Wassup” Chance Trahan.

In the video, I talk about my observations of the many points of views that make up the Las Vegas Shooting captured footage. When Law Enforcement started lying, the public started proving them wrong every step of the way. Thanks to my help, the public now knows a greater majority of the truth about what really happened in Vegas. I was able to compile my own report on the situation that involved a timeline and identifying of people involved in the footage, including the person on rooftop of the Mandalay Bay tram station. This was a tremendous effort on the account of the public willingly submitting information to our team.

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