Tuesday, August 20, 2019



5150 – Detention of Mentally Disordered Persons for Evaluation and Treatment. When a person, as a result of a mental health disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, a peace officer, professional person in charge of a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment, member of the attending staff, as defined by regulation, of a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment, designated members of a mobile crisis team, or professional person designated by the county may, upon probable cause, take, or cause to be taken, the person into custody for a period of up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention, or placement for evaluation and treatment in a facility designated by the county for evaluation and treatment and approved by the State Department of Health Care Services. –California Legislative Information

On 8/18/2018, I was tackled by Juneau police officers Dallas and Smith after stating that I thought that my diehard Cowboy’s fan of an ex-stepdad was of the devil and that he might possibly be implicated in murder and human trafficking, and also by stating that my mom quite obviously had blood stains on her pants that were hastily thrown into the laundry, only to be found and assessed by me later on. When confronting my mom about her blood-stained pants, she became hostile, cussed at me, and I felt as if she was about to become physically violent. She denied seeing the bloodstains when confronted, and to which I suggested that I would get a blacklight and prove her wrong. That’s when she said she would get me one, without my accompaniment, only to return two whole hours later with the previously mentioned police officers who then invaded my privacy and kept aggressively questioning me, all while slowly approaching me in an effort to force me to be 5150′d against my will. When I felt uncomfortable and went to walk away from them, I was tackled as soon as I turned my back. The officers put me in cuffs before giving me any type of explanation as to why they had just tackled me. I had to ask repeatedly what they were doing to me and why they both had suddenly tackled me. The chest seatbelt was not even administered by the transporting officer.

Upon entering the Bartlett Hospital ER, I was approached by several mysterious people that I did not know, one of which was a male named Peter who threatened me with physical violence, which led me to flee the hospital. But when this all began, the female Dr that was appointed to my stay in the ER had demanded my blood at least three times, saying that she needed to perform bloodwork in order to correctly assess my mental health, to which I said that it’s against my religion and that I knew that she was full of crap. This female doctor was advised of my rights several times over, and even though, she still continued on to threaten me with injecting me with debilitating medication against my will. When Peter said that he would put hands on me if I refused to be admitted, I no longer felt safe under his supervision, and that was when I chose to flee. When I did leave their supervision, I did so safely, without making a scene, and without harming or touching anyone, including myself. The cops who had brought me back to the ER the next day said I was extremely cooperative.

Cops had suggested that I said that I was best friends with Donald Trump when I had said no such thing to them. My mom falsely stated that I had prevented her from leaving. I would rather not be in her presence. Dr Burns had been privy to alleged info about my mental capacity, and I am unaware how this person might have gotten this information. Judge Louis Menendez was appointed to my case and was a direct conflict of interest and was removed from the case per my request. I believe that Judge Menendez and his entire career as a judge needs to be audited on a case-by-case basis.

Even though Scott Heaton from JAHMI agreed with everything I said about being mentally healthy, his actions later contradicted his statements by saying that I was experiencing a flight of ideas, that I had been tangential and that I was bipolar because of this. However, when speaking to staff at Bartlett Regional Health – Mental Health Unit, they had called me a model patient and said that they failed to see why I was even admitted in the first place. The doctors on the other hand clearly had a narrative to spin and stated that I was experiencing manic episodes. However, when you look up PTSD mistaken as bipolar, you can see that anxiety causes what can be and often is mistaken as manic episodes. Furthermore, I’d like to mention that just because you do not agree with someone does not make them delusional. Tangential means; rapidly bouncing from one idea or subject, to another, never finishing the first thing. Keep in mind that I said rapidly, and also keep in mind that someone who was assessed with this unfair assessment was quite possibly bombarded with questions with no way to finish statements in the first place in order to try to make them look crazy to other people.

If someone demanded your blood against your will several times over like an insane person would do, told you that you were bipolar when you and everybody else knows that you aren’t, are surrounded by people who are trying to attack you with unfair assessments, and are threatened with injected meds and violence if you didn’t comply, you’d probably seem a tiny bit off your rocker too. There are just too many inconsistencies for their cases to hold water. Even though I had already been assessed by a Dr in another state as having PTSD, Dr Lederer joined suit with Heaton, claiming bipolar over PTSD. It was an obvious agenda being placed against me. Even a psych I previously went to see to test me for being within the Autistic Spectrum had also fabricated that I was bipolar, and for no reason too. Her report had many errors in it as well, but we will not discuss that any further in order to protect what little privacy that I do have left. Every single person in this scenario all had the same speech prepared, saying that I would benefit from stabilizer meds. I could tell them no and tell them exactly why I won’t until I am blue in the face, and they would still try to give me this speech anyways. Officer Taylor is also one of the ones suggesting the same type of meds, and keep in mind that this is an entire year later.

While in the Mental health Unit, I had asked about my phone so that I could get a phone number in order to call someone from my phone contacts. Security lies to staff and says they can’t find it, and then hours later, lies again by saying that my mom had been given my possessions, even though I had not authorized such a thing and my mom had said they refused to do so because of her having a different last name than me. When I finally did get my phone back after their collective whirlwind of lies, it had a crack in the glass that had not previously been there. When I was leaving Bartlett, I had asked to speak to someone about the cracked phone to no avail. By the time I had finally spoken to a director, I found out that a lady named Mary would perform an investigation into the situation for me, she had promised me that she would look into this and resolve this issue for me. However, she ceased investigation and told me that security claims that I threw my phone against the wall when I was upset and had asked me if I remembered that. I told her no, because no such thing ever happened. She became upset with me claiming that this was a false accusation and asking her to look into this further and rudely hung up on me when she realized that I would not become upset at her and would keep my cool even though I was being lied to.

On 8/21/18 Francis, a male who works in BRH MHU, had approached me in the day room, then secretively and crudely asked me if I wanted any drugs. I told him no and immediately walked away from him. I later woke up the next day with what I would describe as a needle hole in my left traps muscles.

Why did they want me on drugs so bad? Why did people who do not know me at all keep offering me drugs? Why did they keep violating my rights & religious boundaries? Why was I having to explain to these people my religious preferences, boundaries and my rights over and over and over again? No means no! I should only have to say this to these people one time! Was no one even looking at my file before speaking to me, or did they just not care?

The public defender said that I am not considered a threat to others and myself. Said that I didn’t require forced medication or anything of that nature. Also said that I’m nothing like someone bipolar who has and would hurt someone, or themselves. So that leaves me to question why they wanted me deemed as bipolar so badly.

My room was constantly walked into by the nurses named Geraldine, Francis, and Mary. At one point in my stay at the MHU facility, I was checked up on 4 times in the span of about 10 minutes. Why? I was fine, I didn’t need to be harassed in such a way. I told the last person that I would like time alone and Geraldine came in again right after she left.

Debra shore who was a court-appointed person was steadily talking me into a circle that kept leading back to force medications and a bipolar diagnosis. She would not listen to anything I said. Our conversation began to feel hostile towards me and interrogated. I asked to no longer continue the conversation until I have spoken with my lawyer. I felt completely violated. She said Dr Lederer wanted me on meds and told me the meds that she wanted, I advised Deborah that what Lederer has said about me is completely fabricated.

On 8/22/18 a nurse by the name of Jordan had left a handprint on the side of my bed closest to the door to the room and I am under the impression that she was looking for my journal that I was keeping. Again, I felt extremely violated. There was another occasion on this same date where I was checked up on three times in the span of 15 minutes. Why? I had done nothing wrong and had not shown any signs stating so.

Much to my surprise, Dr Lederer had already knew about the letter that I had sent out about her from me where I was complaining about her, she had confronted me and wanted to know more about it. So she started viciously prying for personal info about my dad and siblings, and also about other things pertaining to my personal life that is none of her business and is not at all substantial nor pertinent to her case that only consisted of and also never strayed from a bipolar diagnosis. Basically, a bipolar diagnosis means that you are typically forced to administer drugs to diagnose victim with or without their consent, in other words: tranquilized. This can result in physical altercations to the utmost extreme as victims no longer would like to be treated as a vicious animal, and would rather be treated fairly as a human with basic human rights. I now understand how they are misdiagnosing other people that were in the Mental Health Unit also. One person that they had gotten away with this with had been injected with the drug that they were trying to inject me with, and he was hardly able to walk and concentrate, and he was shaking is if he was of old age or had multiple sclerosis. He was an indigenous man. He had asked me if I would forget about him, to which I told him I would never.

Upon giving my official letter of complaint about Dr Lederer to a man named Robert from the graveyard shift, I was not even given a grievance form, instead I was given an official Bartlett regional health letterhead. after Robert had received my written letter, I returned to the dayroom only to look into their office to see Robert reading my two sided paper to the entire staff and their control room. The entire control room staff was laughing out loud has my letter was read to them. Upon receiving my letter, Robert places it on top of the fax machine and says here, I’ll put it on top of the copiers just so you know I’m not just, to which I finished his statement by saying, “blowing me off?” And he confirmed.

The entire time my mom was after a release of my records, but please, keep in mind at the time I was 38 years old and that she had no business trying to get copies of my records whatsoever. Who knows what she would have used it for had I given her the rights to my personal information.

Whenever I was in my room Jordyn, the nurse, had to use a key to open the door to my room, and up on asking her why, she said that using the key was an accident. However, the next nurse that came in to check on me use her key to. I asked the second nurse if I was locked in, she said no.

that concludes the report of what had happened to me and Bartlett regional health whenever I was 5150′d. Thank you for understanding why I’m doing this, and thank you for respecting my privacy after reading this.