Tuesday, August 20, 2019


It was post Hurricane Katrina, Chance was feeling horrible about the damage caused of the hurricane and wanted nothing but to volunteer to help the victims. This was not an option, because at the time he was in Houston and people were being ushered out of Louisiana, not allowed to enter the state. Not even to volunteer. This put a damper on Chance’s whole mood because he heavily advocates in volunteering to help other people. He wanted nothing more but to help others so bad, and he just couldn’t. That news just about crushed him. He was living in Las Vegas at the time and his cousin had come to visit him, and they had so much fun that he decided that he was going to live with Chance in Las Vegas. The reason they were in Houston together was to pick up his cousin’s belongings for him to move back to Las Vegas with Chance and his mom. This was a really rough time in life for Chance. Everyone was selling him out, no one seem to care about whatever happened to him, and still to this day he feels like the black sheep of his family.

When Chance was driving, his cousin had fallen asleep in the passenger seat of the car. Next thing you know, someone in a silver car catches up with Chance, pulls in from of him, and then slows down. At the time, this annoyed Chance, so he tried getting the point across that the person in front of him should get out of his way while in the fast lane, but the driver refused to comply, and instead maintained a speed above the speed limit just enough to where this caught the attention of Arizona Department Of Transportation officers. Only then is this when the silver car had pulled off to the side, and Chance continued driving hoping that this was the driver that the cops had wanted, however, this ended up not being the case. The cops let the driver of the silver car free and chased Chance instead.

Trahan got scared of what might happen, and he chose to flee. His tags were expired, and he didn’t want to go to jail or have any trouble with the police, so he tried to speed away. After about a mile or so, Chance decides to pull over onto an offramp, only to have a load of cops exit their vehicles and pull guns on him all while yelling viciously for him to get out of the vehicle with his hands up. Chance got scared and slammed on the gas. This is when his cousin Sean woke up from his peaceful slumber and asked what was going on. He looked back and saw the cops and then started experiencing a meltdown, telling Chance to pull over. Chance had explained to him that he had tried to, and that the first time he pulled over that it didn’t go so well. Sean continued to tell him to pull over again, but by this time an officer had pulled up next to Chance and mouthed out the words, “It’s okay.” This is when Chance had felt comfortable enough to do so, and he then complied.

This time, when the cops got out of their vehicles, they were much nicer. They demanded a shirtless Chance lay on the hot Arizona asphalt, to which he explained that he couldn’t and wouldn’t, and that he would sit down with his legs crossed and his hands on top of his head instead. The cops were perfectly fine with this and took this as a form of cooperation. Chance admitted to the police that he had an empty weed–pipe in his car as to avoid any kind of confusion and to maintain integrity with the police seeing his willingness to cooperate. This ended up getting Chance another felony charge, which would be later forgiven as his rights were restored. He spent 14 days in jail with credit for time served, was released to return home to Las Vegas on his own recognizance, and then after sentencing, satisfied his probation requirements without a hitch.

Chance had become scared to leave his house in an effort to not screw up the opportunity that was given to him. He stayed indoors as much as he could and started working on his Myspace online presence, and much to his surprise, he ended up dominating the MySpace music charts with a 50,000+ fan base. Years later he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and with the help of his then girlfriend, he successfully had his rights restored. This would not be the end of Chance’s run–ins with the law, as he ended up becoming a victim of domestic violence where his supposed baby-momma had viciously manipulated the police and the courts into convicting him of charges that he was not even guilty of committing. He had been as respectful to her as he possibly could, but Chance would later describe living with her to be just like the psycho from the Stephen King movie Misery.