Saturday, September 28, 2019


On March 26th 2019, Juneau PD Police Officer Patrick Vaughan showed up to Chance Trahan’s apartment on the 3800 block of Lee Court to arrest him on a previously non-extraditable warrant that was somehow turned extraditable. Las Vegas Municipal Court has picked up on a warrant for Chance’s arrest on a bogus charge. While the charge would be difficult for the court to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, the warrant was still enforced as extraditable. When Chance Trahan filed a grievance form with City and Borough of Juneau Risk Management, Risk Management Officer. Jennifer Mannix, had this to say:

“I was able to review the police report for the incident on 3/26/19, and I have determined that Juneau Police Department (JPD) staff acted reasonably; therefore, we are not responsible for repairing the damage to your door. Prior to the incident on 3/26/19, JPD officers verified with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department that the warrant was still outstanding and that extradition was approved. JPD acted on this warrant by attempting to contact you at your residence. From their description, they gave you a chance to come out of the apartment, but at some point you stopped communicating with them through the door. At that point, they reasonably forced entry to execute the warrant. Several days later, the Clark County Deputy District Attorney denied extradition, so you were then released. I am sorry that you have not been able to fix your door, but the City and Borough of Juneau is not responsible for repairing it.”

In the video below, someone who is assumed to be Juneau Police Department’s Officer, Patrick Vaughan, Badge 172 is heard knocking and ringing the doorbell frantically, making Chance Trahan reluctant to open the door. Once the visitor left, Chance checked his surveillance footage and saw that there were several cops circling his car and surrounding his apartment. Upon review of this incident, Chance Trahan spoke to dispatch and learned that Patrick Vaughan was the responding officer, but dispatch failed to mention that he was there to serve a warrant, along with Patrick Vaughan unable to show a copy of the warrant when showing up for the arrest. View the videos below to see for yourself.

Seems that Patrick Vaughan has a history of bothering someone whom was doing nothing wrong and trying to arrest them over a warrant. KTOO, A Juneau local news company previously reported about a case involved with Patrick Vaughan on March 12th, just earlier the same month when he showed up to arrest Chance without a copy of the warrant on–hand. The report is as follows:

A grand jury has indicted a Juneau man on charges related to allegedly dragging and injuring a police officer who was trying to take him into custody earlier this month.

Albert Mazon, 28, was indicted on March 7 with five felony counts of assault and two felony counts of failing to stop for a peace officer.

According to the Juneau Police Department, Officer Patrick Vaughan approached Mazon in his vehicle at the Fred Meyer store parking lot on March 2. Mazon had an outstanding warrant for violating parole. According to an account of the incident by Officer Ron Shriver, who was off-duty at the time, Vaughan opened the driver’s side door.

Mazon quickly put the vehicle in reverse and trapped Vaughan in the open door, dragging the officer over a curbed landscape area.

Mazon then accelerated forward, lost control and the vehicle went into a snow bank. He tried to flee the vehicle on foot, but he was subdued and taken into custody.

Vaughan went to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, but they were not serious.

Mazon appeared in Juneau Superior Court on March 11, and a public defender was appointed to represent him. He already entered a not guilty plea to the charges during an earlier hearing.

Trial is tentatively scheduled for May 28.


Questions arising in these aforementioned matters is: What did Officer Patrick Vaughan seemingly target these two individuals for? Why did he try to arrest a man minding his own business at Fred Meyer, where child trafficking is suspected of taking place at? Why is his Sarge, Matt DuBois, the one who lied to Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan after all of this about getting help in investigating people allegedly stealing his blood? And finally, who else was part of this alleged targeted harassment that went on unreported thus far?