Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Nic Cage’s son, Weston, has been popping up a lot lately. A few weeks back he did a radio show interview where he revealed his dad, actor Nicolas “Not The Bees” Cage, dug Darkthrone and Satyricon when Weston played them for him.

I guess they have been bonding over metal a lot lately, as they were spotted in Vegas on Sunday night at the Motley Crue show. After the show, Nic and Weston were hanging out backstage, when things got heated.

TMZ “reports” that Nic and Weston were backstage hanging out with frontman Vince Neil. Drummer Tommy Lee was unable to enter the room, as Weston was inadvertently blocking the entrance.

I guess Tommy Lee doesn’t believe in excuse-me’s, rather going for “get the fuck out of my way.” Being a rational adult, Weston decides to flip out instead, challenging Tommy Lee to a fight. Tommy then became “unhinged” and started screaming at, what TMZ reports is “ear-piercing levels.” So it was a scream-fight??

Anyway, Nic and Vince Neil had to break up the scuffle, and the two Cages were escorted out of the dressing room and they all lived happily ever after.

And here, we have a Noisey/Metal Insider interview with the son of actor – Nic Cage: Wes Cage.
First thing to note is what he says about “ghost metal”, second thing to note is testimony that he allegedly sacrificed fans on stage.

Five years ago, we noted that Nicolas Cage’s son Weston was the vocalist of a black metal band called Eyes of Noctum. Since then, the band’s gone on to… well, not much. They put an album out in 2009, but the band’s official web site is yours for the taking, and since then, he’s gotten arrested and fought with Tommy Lee. At any rate, with Eyes of Noctum behind him, he’s stepped out on his own as Wes Cage. Described as “ghost metal” by his Soundcloud page, his sound “twists symphonic, blackened progressive metal with cutting edge orchestrations.” That sounds like it might be pretty good, like Opeth, or maybe Xerath, right? Nah, not exactly.

Cage recently released a song called “Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery),” and it doesn’t sound blackened, or particularly progressive. It sounds like something that might be a little too heavy to be on an active rock station, but not by much. “Some have said he sounds like a young David Bowie with the distinction of Marilyn Manson,” his bio claims. Who are these “some?” At any rate, this song is apparently from Cage’s debut solo album, Prehistoric Technology, which is due out in 2015.

Built like the high-school wrestler he once was, Weston Coppola Cage is a big dude. When he rolls into the lobby of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills with his publicist and his wife Danielle, he’s pushing a stroller containing the couple’s three-month old son. The kid is fast asleep. “He can sleep through anything,” Cage tells us. “We went to an event the other day and the DJ was playing super loud techno, but this little guy didn’t even flinch.”

At just 23 years old, Cage is already on his second wife. Which may or may not put him on pace with his dad, Nicolas Cage—yeah, that Nicolas Cage—who has gone through three and counting. Like father, like son, right? Sort of. While the elder Cage is known for his bug-eyed histrionics in films like Raising Arizona, Wild Aa Heart, and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Cage the younger has a completely different set of eccentricities. As a teenager, Wes started a band called Eyes of Noctum, which wouldn’t be unusual for a Hollywood scion with unlimited resources except for the fact that they played black metal, easily one of the least-accessible musical genres one could possibly choose to play. Taking full advantage of the family bank account, Wes flew his band to Sweden so they could record with legendary producer Fredrik Nordström, the man who helmed albums by massive Scandinavian extreme-metal acts like At The Gates, Opeth and Dimmu Borgir. Back in L.A., Wes regularly wore eyeliner or full-on “corpsepaint” to red-carpet events, making even his dad look “normal” by comparison.

Before the year is out, Wes plans to unveil his first solo record, which combines metal and industrial music into something he calls “ghost metal.” He hopes it will help him reconcile with his estranged mother, actress Christina Fulton. But he’s also not holding his breath.
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Swearing in on no Bible? Suspicious.

Swearing in on Quran with idol? Offensive.

Are you playing hide the book cover…. What are you doing?

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Thursday, April 11, 2019



A little over an hour ago you could hear a siren going off in the Valley of Auke Bay. “What kind of siren was this,” I was thinking, “That doesn’t sound like a police siren,” I told myself. I took just a moment to ponder & listen for which type of siren that was, “That’s a fire truck siren,” I said to myself, and what’ll you know– my instincts served me correctly. But, that’s not even the story here.

You’re interested in this story because the title tells you that there was a structure fire in Alaska’s Capital and dispatch said it wasn’t newsworthy in their opinion. If you ask me, (which you didn’t) any type of incident where Fire & Rescue has to be dispatched is not only newsworthy, but some kind of emergency. Otherwise, why are they blaring their siren and responding to a call? There’s no reason to keep you waiting any longer for the deets, so let’s just jump right into the call that was placed. Click play on the media player below to listen.

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Sunday, April 7, 2019


A stranger knocks on your door on a Saturday at 7AM sharp after you just got out of a wrongful incarceration (the charges were dropped by the state, and you haven’t even committed any crimes whatsoever). It’s cold out, you’re not expecting anyone– and you’re definitely not in the mood for company. What do you do? Do you answer the door? The guy that’s legally changing his name to Sheriff in Juneau Alaska sure didn’t.

What was this unofficial Sheriff of Las Vegas to do? Answer the door to some seemingly creeping stranger that he’s never even met before who’s wearing a strange highlighter yellow shirt or vest– or ignore the rude awakening and go on about his business since he’s now up for the day anyways due to this unwanted wake–up calling? Checking the surveillance cams sounded like a great idea as the thought crossed his mind, so he did– and saw what seems to be a UAS employee standing on the other side of his front door.

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Monday, March 25, 2019


Loud sounds pop off after 10PM near Auke Bay, and people with PTSD report to Alaskan Capital dispatch. Police investigate the sounds, and find out that it’s just some dumbass with fireworks.

Dispatch also reports back to ACAP that other gunshot like sounds went off elsewhere in town, but these were not inquired about as intensely just yet.

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